Rainbow magic

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Rainbow magic is a series of 208 books by 1 authors between 2003 and 2022

  • Books: 208
  • Authors: 1
  • Period: 2003 - 2022


There are 208 books on Rainbow magic published between 2003 and 2022 in our database:


The 1 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Daisy Meadows 208


The 208 books in this series in our database:

Here are 100 of them:

Title Year
Heather the violet fairy 2003.0
Inky the indigo fairy 2003.0
Sky the blue fairy 2003.0
Saffron the yellow fairy 2003.0
Amber the orange fairy 2003.0
Ruby the red fairy 2003.0
Holly the Christmas fairy 2004.0
Goldie the Sunshine Fairy 2004.0
Summer the Holiday Fairy 2006.0
Stella the star fairy 2005.0
Holly the Christmas fairy 2005.0
Holly the Christmas fairy 2005.0
Hannah the happy ever after fairy 2006.0
Kylie the carnival fairy 2006.0
Megan the Monday Fairy 2006.0
Tallulah the Tuesday fairy 2006.0
Willow the Wednesday Fairy 2006.0
Thea the Thursday fairy 2006.0
Freya the Friday fairy 2006.0
Sienna the Saturday fairy 2006.0
Sarah the Sunday fairy 2006.0
Ruby the red fairy 2006.0
Amber the orange fairy 2006.0
Saffron the yellow fairy 2007.0
Fern the green fairy 2007.0
Kylie the carnival fairy 2007.0
Sky the blue fairy 2007.0
Izzy the indigo fairy 2007.0
Flora the fancy dress fairy 2007.0
Heather the violet fairy 2007.0
Chrissie the wish fairy 2007.0
Paige the pantomime fairy 2007.0
Holly the Christmas fairy 2007.0
Storm the lightning fairy 2004.0
Flora the fancy dress fairy 2008.0
Shannon the ocean fairy 2008.0
Summer the Holiday Fairy 2008.0
Ruby the red fairy 2008.0
Amber the orange fairy 2008.0
Saffron the yellow fairy 2008.0
Fern the green fairy 2008.0
Sky the blue fairy 2008.0
Inky the indigo fairy 2008.0
Heather the violet fairy 2008.0
Gabriella the Snow Kingdom fairy 2008.0
Chrissie the wish fairy 2008.0
Lara the black cat fairy 2009.0
Erin the firebird fairy 2009.0
Leona the unicorn fairy 2009.0
Caitlin the ice bear fairy 2009.0
Activity book 2009.0
Colouring book 2009.0
Mia the bridesmaid fairy 2009.0
Shannon the ocean fairy 2009.0
Ruby and Kylie's fairy time 2009.0
Ruby the red fairy 2009.0
Hannah the happy ever after fairy 2009.0
Nicole the Beach Fairy 2009.0
Isabella the Air Fairy 2009.0
Edie the garden fairy 2009.0
Coral the Reef Fairy 2009.0
Lily the Rainforest Fairy 2009.0
Carrie the Snow Cap Fairy 2009.0
Milly the river fairy 2009.0
Destiny the pop star fairy 2009.0
Gabriella the Snow Kingdom fairy 2009.0
Weather fairies treasury 2009.0
Katie and the missing kitten 2010.0
Juliet the Valentine fairy 2010.0
Ally the Dolphin Fairy 2010.0
Pia the Penguin Fairy 2010.0
Tess the sea turtle fairy 2010.0
Belle the birthday fairy 2010.0
Ava the Sunset Fairy 2010.0
Lexi the Firefly Fairy 2010.0
Morgan the Midnight Fairy 2010.0
Yasmin the Night Owl Fairy 2010.0
Sabrina the Sweet Dreams Fairy 2010.0
Trixie the Halloween fairy 2010.0
The party fairies treasury 2010.0
Cheryl the Christmas tree fairy 2010.0
Florence the Friendship Fairy 2011.0
Rainbow magic weather fairies treasury 2011.0
Emma the Easter fairy 2011.0
Summer 2011.0
Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy 2011.0
Honor the Happy Days Fairy 2011.0
Demi the Dressing-Up Fairy 2011.0
Anya the Cuddly Creatures Fairy 2011.0
Selena the sleepover fairy 2011.0
Elisa the Adventure Fairy 2011.0
Lizzie the Sweet Treats Fairy 2011.0
Maddie the Playtime Fairy 2011.0
Eva the enchanted ball fairy 2011.0
Natalie the Christmas stocking fairy 2011.0
Keira the film star fairy 2012.0
Olympia the Games Fairy 2012.0
Adele the singing coach fairy 2012.0
Vanessa the dance steps fairy 2012.0
Miley the stylist fairy 2012.0
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