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The main authors on Qi gong by number of books and editions:


There are the 135 books on the Qi gong subject with a total 143 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Chinese shamanic cosmic orbit qigong : esoteric talismans, mantras, and mudras in healing and inner cultivation Zhongxian Wu 2
The way of healing : Chi Kung for energy and health Kam Chuen Lam 2
Eternal spring : Taiji quan, Qi gong, and the cultivation of health, happiness, and longevity Michael W. Acton 2
The complete idiot's guide to t'ai chi & qigong Bill Douglas 2
Chi kung for health and vitality : a practical approach to the art of energy Kiew Kit Wong 2
T'ai-chi chi kung : fifteen ways to a happier you Peter Chin Kean Choy 2
Chi kung : cultivating personal energy Eleanor McKenzie 2
Chi kung Robert Parry 2
The Chi Kung way : alive with energy James MacRitchie 1
The Chi Kung year : a seasonal guide to movement, breathing, and visualization Michael Burney 1
The Qigong bible Katherine Allen 1
10-minute primer qigong Qingjie Zhou 1
The Tai Chi Club : Qi gong & form introduction Neil Bradley 1
Taoist qigong for health and vitality : a complete program of movement, meditation, and healing sounds Sat Chuen Hon 1
The big book of ch'i Paul Wildish 1
The book of soft martial arts Howard Reid 1
The chi revolution : harness the healing power of your life force Bruce Kumar Frantzis 1
The chinese medicine companion : A Modern Guide to Ancient Healing Misha Ruth Cohen 1
The complete idiot's guide to T'ai Chi and QiGong : illustrated Bill Douglas 1
The creative art of living and dying : your journey of renewal through stories, Qigong meditation, journaling, and art Elise Dirlam Ching 1
The art of chi kung : making the most of your vital energy Kiew Kit Wong 1
Tai chi chuan and chi kung : for health and wellbeing : cheng man-ch'ing short form Glyn Williams 1
Tao of sustainability : cultivate yourself to heal the earth Gregory Ripley 1
Taiji Qigong Chris Jarmey 1
The essence of chi-gung : a handbook of basic forms for daily practice Daniel P. Reid 1
Tai chi ch'uan & qigong : techniques & training Manfred Grosser 1
Simple chi kung : exercises for awakening the life-force energy Mantak Chia 1
Shaolin chi kung : 18 exercises to help you live a longer healthier and happier life Marcus Santer 1
Secrets of energy work Paul Brecher 1
Secrets of Qigong Angus Clark 1
Seated tai chi and qigong : guided therapeutic exercises to manage stress and balance mind, body and spirit Cynthia Quarta 1
Returning from Qingcheng Mountain : melding Daoist practices into daily life Yun Wang 1
Restoring your life energy : simple chi gung practices to reduce stress and enhance well-being Waysun Liao 1
Reflections on Qi : tuning your life to the world's hidden energy Gary Khor 1
Qigong through the seasons : how to stay healthy all year with Qigong, meditation, diet and herbs Ronald H. Davis 1
Qigong through the seasons : how to stay healthy all year long with Qigong, meditation, diet, and herbs Ronald H. Davis 1
Qigong meditation : small circulation Jwing-Ming Yang 1
The energy arts Charlie Fox 1
The four dragons : clearing the meridians and awakening the spine in Nei Gong Damo Mitchell 1
The everything Tai chi and Qigong book Ellae Elinwood 1
The way of Qigong : the art and science of Chinese energy healing Ken Cohen 1
You are how you move : experiential chi kung Ged Sumner 1
Women's Qigong for health and longevity : a practical guide for women forty and over Deborah Davis 1
Vital breath of the Dao : Chinese shamanic tiger Qigong : laohu gong Zhongxian Wu 1
Vital breath of the Dao Zhongxian Wu 1
Tranquil sitting : a Taoist journal on meditation and Chinese medical qigong Yin Shi Zi 1
Traditional Chinese exercises Jianmei Qu 1
Thirteen movements to stretch the body and make it more supple, and guiding and harmonising energy to regulate the breath Zhang Guangde 1
The way of walking : Eastern strategies for vitality, longevity, and peace of mind Jacques MoraMarco 1
The way of power : reaching full strength in body and mind Kam Chuen Lam 1
The way of healing : chi kung for energy and life Kam Chuen Lam 1
The way of energy : mastering the Chinese art of internal strength with Chi Kung exercises Kam Chuen Lam 1
The way of energy : mastering the Chinese art of internal strength with Chi Kung exercise Kam Chuen Lam 1
The way of energy Kam Chuen Lam 1
The theory and practice of Taiji Qigong Chris Jarmey 1
Qigong massage for your child with autism : a home program from Chinese medicine Louisa Silva 1
The tao of tarot : the way to health, happiness and illumination through Qigong dreaming Christina Bjergo 1
The tai chi manual : a step-by-step guide to the short yang form Robert Parry 1
The qigong year Michael Bruney 1
The qigong rejuvenation diet with breathing and 14 movements : an integrated method for health and wellness Keiko Murakumo 1
The principles of Ba Gua : an explanation of Bagua, the mysterious circle walking, martial, healing and meditation art of ancient China Paul Brecher 1
The new Chinese medicine handbook : an innovative guide to integrating Eastern wisdom with Western practice for modern healing Misha Ruth Cohen 1
The master key : the qigong secrets for vitality, love, and wisdom Robert Peng 1
The luo collaterals : a handbook for clinical practice and treating emotions and the Shen and the six healing sounds David Twicken 1
The key to the Qigong meditation state : Rujing and still Qigong Tianjun Liu 1
The intelligent warrior : command personal power with martial arts strategies Steve Jones 1
The healing promise of Qi : creating extraordinary wellness through Qigong and Tai Chi Roger Jahnke 1
The great stillness Bruce Kumar Frantzis 1
The gateway to qigong meditation Tianjun Liu 1
Qigong meditation : embryonic breathing Jwing-Ming Yang 1
Qigong illustrated Christina J. Barea 1
Qigong journey: nine-five maintenance of Qi : protect your life with nine palaces Daoist qigong Baolin Wu 1
Qigong in yoga teaching and practice : understanding Qi and the use of meridian energy Joo Teoh 1
Eight movements to make the tendons and muscles supple, strengthen the bones : shu jin zhuang gu gong : first form Zhang Guangde 1
Earth qi gong for women : awaken your inner healing power Tina Chunna Zhang 1
Dragon and tiger medical qigong. Volume 2 : Qi cultivation principles and exercises Bruce Kumar Frantzis 1
Dragon and tiger medical qigong : develop health and energy in 7 simple movements Bruce Kumar Frantzis 1
Developing internal energy for effective acupuncture practice : Zhan Zhuang, Yi Qi Gong and the art of painless needle insertion Ioannis Solos 1
Daoist Nei Gong for women : the art of the lotus and the moon Roni Edlund 1
Dahnhak Kigong : using your body to enlighten your mind Ilchi Lee 1
Cultivating qi : an introduction to Chinese body-mind energetics Jun Wang 1
Craniosacral chi kung : integrating body and emotion in the cosmic flow Mantak Chia 1
Contact chi healing : an introduction to the art Tony Hardiman 1
Clouds over Qingcheng Mountain : a practice guide to Daoist health cultivation Yun Wang 1
Chinese healing exercises : a personalized practice for health & longevity Steven Cardoza 1
Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong : embody the power of emptiness Master Zhongxian Wu 1
Chi-gung : harnessing the power of the universe Daniel Reid 1
Chi nei ching : internal muscle, tendon, and meridian massage Mantak Chia 1
Chi kung for women's health and sexual vitality : a handbook of simple exercises and techniques Mantak Chia 1
Chi kung : cultivating personal energy James MacRitchie 1
Chi kung James MacRitchie 1
Chi gong : the ancient Chinese way to health Paul Dong 1
Chi fitness : a workout for body, mind, and spirit : movements and meditations for enhancing the power of your life force energy Sue Benton 1
Chi and creativity : vital energy and your inner artist Elise Dirlam Ching 1
Chi Kung for beginners : master the flow of Chi for good health, stress reduction & increased energy Scott Shaw 1
Chi Kung : reclaim your power : the secret art of maximizing your potential Kaleghl Quinn 1
Chi Kung : increase your energy, improve your health Wei Yue Sun 1
Chi Kung : energy for life James MacRitchie 1
Breathing spaces : qigong, psychiatry, and healing in China Nancy N. Chen 1
Back pain relief : Chinese Qigong for healing and prevention Jwing-Ming Yang 1



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