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Qatar is a book subject adressed in 51 books and 63 editions by 46 authors

  • Books: 51
  • Editions: 63
  • Authors: 46
  • Period: -


There are 51 books and 63 editions on Qatar between 1977 and 2022

Top Authors

The main authors on Qatar by number of books and editions:


There are the 51 books on the Qatar subject with a total 63 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Qatar : development of an oil economy Ragaei El Mallakh 4
Economic and social development in Qatar Zuhair Ahmed Nafi 3
The creation of Qatar Rosemarie Said Zahlan 3
Jassim the leader : founder of Qatar Mohamed A. J. Althani 2
Qatar : small state, big politics Mehran Kamrava 2
Qatar : the business traveller's handbook David Chaddock 2
Qatar : a modern history Allen James Fromherz 2
Qatar : residents' guide Mike Crosby 2
Suckling : kinship more fluid Fadwa El Guindi 1
Qatar : the practice of rented power Diana Galeeva 1
Qatar : the rise to power and influence Allen James Fromherz 1
Qatar and the 2022 FIFA World Cup : politics, controversy, change Paul Michael Brannagan 1
Qatar and the Arab Spring Kristian Ulrichsen 1
Qatar and the Gulf crisis Kristian Ulrichsen 1
Rivals in the Gulf : Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Abdullah Bin Bayyah, and the Qatar-UAE contest over the Arab Spring and the Gulf Crisis David H. Warren 1
A line in the sea : the Qatar v. Bahrain border dispute in the World Court Jawad Salim Al-Arayed 1
The Dolphin project : the development of a Gulf gas initiative Justin Dargin 1
The Gulf monarchies and climate change : Abu Dhabi and Qatar in an era of natural unsustainability Mari Luomi 1
The Ottoman Gulf : the creation of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar Frederick F. Anscombe 1
The current Arab situation and future prospects : a lecture given in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford on 23 May 2011 Ḥamad ibn ʻAlī ibn Jabr Āl Thānī 1
The emergence of Qatar H. Rahman 1
The emergence of Qatar : the turbulent years, 1627-1916 H. Rahman 1
The heritage of Qatar Peter Vine 1
The making of the modern Gulf states : Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman Rosemarie Said Zahlan 1
The position of the moon and stars Xiaodong Liu 1
Turkey and Qatar in the tangled geopolitics of the Middle East Birol Başkan 1
Qatar : securing the global ambitions of a city-state David B. Roberts 1
Qatar : energy & development Ragaei El Mallakh 1
Qatar : realm of the possible Hossein Amirsadeghi 1
Jassim : a study in the psychosocial development of a young man in Qatar Levon H. Melikian 1
An archival journey through the Qatar Peninsula : elusive and precarious Sue-Ann Harding 1
Arabian time machine : self-portrait of an oil state Helga Graham 1
Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar Gordon Robison 1
Bedouins of Qatar Klaus Ferdinand 1
Changing Qatar : culture, citizenship, and rapid modernization Geoffrey Victor Harkness 1
Hamid & Zahra : a love story and a political dream Robert Sahran 1
Here is my secret Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Al Thani 1
In defiance of the elements John Moorehead 1
Inside Qatar : hidden stories from the world's richest nation John McManus 1
Let's visit Qatar Maureen Rickman 1
Qatar : politics and the challenges of development Matthew Gray 1
Masters of the pearl : a history of Qatar Michael Quentin Morton 1
Nation-branding in practice : the politics of promoting sports, cities and universities in Kazakhstan and Qatar Kristin Anabel Eggeling 1
Oil and politics in the Gulf : rulers and merchants in Kuwait and Qatar Jill Crystal 1
Political reforms in Qatar : from authoritarianism to political grey zone Cihat Battaloğlu 1
Qatar Matt Jones 1
Qatar P. T. H. Unwin 1
Qatar : a little local difficulty? Mohammed El-Katiri 1
Qatar : a pictorial tour Giuseppe Masci 1
Al-Jazeera's "double standards" in the Arab Spring : a peace journalism analysis (2011-2021) Zainab Abdul-Nabi 1
Turkish-Qatari relations : from past to present in a turbulent geopolitical landscape Özgür Pala 1
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