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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 25
  • Editions on this subject: 26
  • Authors on this subject: 22
  • Companies: 3,231
  • Revenue: 79,230 m$
  • Employees: 278,310


Top Authors

The main authors on Public Safety by number of books and editions:


There are the 25 books on the Public Safety subject with a total 26 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Stop global street harassment : growing activism around the world Holly Kearl 2
CBRN and Hazmat incidents at major public events : planning and response Dan Kaszeta 1
Pre-employment background investigations for public safety professionals Frank A. Colaprete 1
We See It All : liberty and justice in the age of perpetual surveillance Jon Fasman 1
Waiting to happen : the sociology of unexpected injuries Lorne Tepperman 1
The securitization of society : crime, risk, and social order Marc Schuilenburg 1
The right amount of panic : how women trade freedom for safety F. Vera-Gray 1
The public health significance of asbestos exposures from large scale fires K. R. Smith 1
Stakeholder involvement in risk governance Ortwin Renn 1
Security surveillance centers : design, implementation, and operation Anthony V. DiSalvatore 1
Securing mega-events : networks, strategies and tensions Chad Whelan 1
Risk and crisis communications : methods and messages Pamela Walaski 1
Policing in Hong Kong : history and reform Kam C. Wong 1
Comparative homeland security : global lessons Nadav Morag 1
Playing by the rules : how our obsession with safety is putting us all at risk Tracey Brown 1
Planning and evaluation for public safety leaders : a toolkit Shane Nordyke 1
Mobile broadband communications for public safety : the road ahead through LTE technology Ramon Ferrus 1
Men's intrusion, women's embodiment : a critical analysis of street harassment F. Vera-Gray 1
Maritime interception and the law of naval operations : a study of legal bases and legal regimes in maritime interception operations M. D. Fink 1
Interviewing Elites, Experts and the Powerful in Criminology Olga Petintseva 1
Intelligence, biosecurity and bioterrorism Patrick F. Walsh 1
In the interests of safety : how our obsession with safety is putting us all at risk Tracey Brown 1
Exploiting people for profit : trafficking in human beings Simon Massey 1
Coroners' recommendations and the promise of saved lives Jennifer Moore 1
We see it all : liberty and justice in an age of perpetual surveillance Jon Fasman 1


Sizing of the Public Safety market:

Number of companies 3,231
Total revenues (m$) 79,230
Total employees 278,310
Total market cap (m$) 13,529
Total assets (b$) 6
Total profits (m$) 3

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 3,231 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Ul estimate 6,491
Colerain Township Fire & Ems estimate 4,803
Overheid estimate 3,629
Falck estimate 3,280
Ministry Of Interior estimate 3,133
Dnv Gl estimate 2,889
Simplexgrinnell estimate 2,406
Lloyd's Register estimate 2,101
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department estimate 1,636
North Carolina Department Of Public Safety estimate 1,529
MSA Safety actual 1,453
Naffco Fzco estimate 1,322
Correctional Service Of Canada estimate 1,270
Nsf International estimate 1,261
Policia Militar estimate 1,069
Axon Enterprise actual 924
Cwb Group estimate 892
Verra Mobility actual 631
Queensland Fire And Emergency Services estimate 612
Veiligheidsregio Utrecht estimate 591
Fire & Emergency Services Authority estimate 559
Scottish Fire And Rescue Service estimate 451
Marksman Security estimate 426
Berliner Feuerwehr estimate 419
China Classification Society estimate 401
Lee County Sheriff's Office estimate 395
Feuerwehr estimate 371
National Food Authority estimate 367
Veiligheids- En Gezondheidsregio Gelderland-midden estimate 364
Veiligheidsregio Kennemerland estimate 360
Bi estimate 354
Galls estimate 352
Usar estimate 347
Cbr estimate 331
Orange County Fire Authority estimate 324
Beredskabsstyrelsen estimate 323
National Safety Council estimate 322
Department Of Corrective Services estimate 318
Philadelphia Fire Department estimate 317
Brandweer Midden En West Brabant estimate 300
Country Fire Authority (cfa) estimate 289
Dekra Certification B.v estimate 278
Veiligheidsregio Groningen estimate 274
Veiligheidsregio Brabant-zuidoost estimate 268
Health & Safety Institute (hsi) estimate 264
Scottish Prison Service estimate 246
Veiligheidsregio Ijsselland estimate 245
Pakistan Red Crescent Society (prcs) estimate 237
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission estimate 232
Smart Start estimate 228
Brigade De Sapeurs-pompiers De Paris (bspp) estimate 228
U.s. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimate 212
Mup Rh estimate 209
General Pharmaceutical Council estimate 194
National Transportation Safety Board estimate 193
Stichting Halt estimate 192
South Metro Fire Rescue estimate 191
Srl Traffic Systems estimate 187
Imss, Dromex estimate 182
Veiligheidsregio Noord-holland Noord estimate 182
Veiligheidsregio Haaglanden estimate 180
Alberta estimate 177
Rapid Response Monitoring estimate 174
West Yorkshire Fire And Rescue Service estimate 170
Lion estimate 169
Lifeline Ambulance Service estimate 166
Culpeper County Public Schools estimate 162
Veiligheidsregio Noord- En Oost-gelderland estimate 161
Redflex Traffic Systems estimate 157
Veiligheidsregio Hollands Midden estimate 155
Zentrale Polizeidirektion Niedersachsen estimate 149
Gemeente Nunspeet estimate 147
American Water Works Association estimate 141
General Dental Council estimate 141
Technical Standards & Safety Authority (tssa) estimate 140
Uscg Auxiliary estimate 139
Sos Alarm estimate 138
Code Red Safety estimate 136
Veiligheidsregio Fryslân estimate 133
Comune Di Siracusa estimate 132
Royal Cayman Islands Police Service estimate 131
East Sussex Fire And Rescue Service estimate 126
The Health And Care Professions Council estimate 124
West Midlands Fire Service estimate 122
Cuerpo General De Bomberos Voluntarios Del Perú estimate 120
Health Sciences Authority estimate 116
City Of Kenosha estimate 114
Life Saving Victoria estimate 113
Town Of Southbridge estimate 111
Falck Global Assistance estimate 111
Prince Georges County Fire Department estimate 109
Dorset & Wiltshire Fire And Rescue Service estimate 105
Kiwa Cermet Italia estimate 104
Veiligheidsregio Zuid-holland Zuid estimate 102
Gphc estimate 100
Rapidsos estimate 99
Veiligheidsregio Zaanstreek-waterland estimate 99
Ikwv - Intercommunale Kustreddingsdienst West-vlaanderen estimate 98
Hampshire Fire And Rescue Service (hfrs) estimate 98
Virginia Department Of Emergency Management estimate 98



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