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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 197
  • Editions on this subject: 197
  • Authors on this subject: 193
  • Companies: 2,426
  • Revenue: 88,551 m$
  • Employees: 443,310
  • Books in this series: 3
  • Authors in this series: 3


Top Authors

The main authors on Public policy by number of books and editions:


There are the 197 books on the Public policy subject with a total 197 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
A Bias Radar for Responsible Policy-Making : Foresight-Based Scientific Advice Lieve Van Woensel 1
Re-sizing psychology in public policy and the private imagination Mark Furlong 1
Regional governance and policy-making in South America Anne Marie Hoffmann 1
Reimagining Administrative Justice : Human Rights in Small Places Margaret Doyle 1
Reproductive rights in the age of human rights : pro-life politics from Roe to Hobby Lobby Alisa Von Hagel 1
Rescuing EU emissions trading : the climate policy flagship Jørgen Wettestad 1
Resilient by design : creating businesses that adapt and flourish in a changing world Joseph R. Fiksel 1
Rethinking fisheries governance : the role of states and meta-governance Việt Thăng Hoàng 1
Rethinking think tanks in contemporary China Silvia Menegazzi 1
Risk analysis and governance in EU policy making and regulation : an introductory guide Bernardo Delogu 1
Science culture, language, and education in America : literacy, conflict, and successful outreach Emily Schoerning 1
Security and human right to water in Central Asia Miguel Ángel Pérez Martín 1
Sentencing: A Social Process : Re-thinking Research and Policy Cyrus Tata 1
Shaping global health policy : global social policy actors and ideas about health care systems Alexandra Kaasch 1
Social justice, human rights and public policy Hugh V. McLachlan 1
Social movement campaigns on EU policy : in the corridors and in the streets Louisa Parks 1
Social security and the politics of deservingness Susanne N. Beechey 1
Social welfare functions and development : measurement and policy applications Nanak Kakwani 1
Soft governance, international organizations and education policy convergence : comparing PISA and the Bologna and Copenhagen processes Tonia Bieber 1
Spatial planning in Ghana : origins, contemporary reforms and practices, and new perspectives Ransford A. Acheampong 1
Statistical tools for program evaluation : methods and applications to economic policy, public health, and education Jean-Michel Josselin 1
Subversion in institutional change and stability : a neglected mechanism Jan Olsson 1
Surviving dementia : a clinical and personal perspective Carol W. Berman 1
Redesigning regionalism : leadership and accountability in England's regions Chris Leslie 1
Re-imagining government : public leadership and management in challenging times Barry Quirk 1
Outsourcing border control : politics and practice of contracted visa policy in Morocco Federica Infantino 1
Quantified : redefining conservation for the next economy Joe Whitworth 1
Philanthropic foundations, public good and public policy Diana Leat 1
Plan prediction : which policy is preferred by which people? Ray Wyatt 1
Policy-making in a transformative state : the case of Qatar M. Evren Tok 1
Political Aspects of Health Care : Navigating the Waters of Conflicting Policy Donald F. Lavanty 1
Political Confidence and Democracy in Europe : Antecedents and Consequences of Citizens' Confidence in Representative and Regulative Institutions and Authorities Christian Schnaudt 1
Political social work : using power to create social change Shannon R. Lane 1
Politicizing European integration : struggling with the awakening giant Dominic Hoeglinger 1
Politics of favoritism in public procurement in Turkey : reconfigurations of dependency networks in the AKP era Esra Çeviker Gürakar 1
Populist parties in Europe : agents of discontent? Stijn Van Kessel 1
Precedents and judicial politics in EU immigration law Marie De Somer 1
Presidential healthcare reform rhetoric : continuity, change & contested values from Truman to Obama Noam Schimmel 1
Producing health policy : knowledge and knowing in government policy work Jo Maybin 1
Public Sector Reform in Ireland : countering crisis Muiris MacCarthaigh 1
Public management : performances, professionalism and politics Mirko Noordegraaf 1
Public management : theory and practice Konrad Raczkowski 1
Public management and administration : an introduction Owen E. Hughes 1
Public policy and the public interest Lok-sang Ho 1
Public policy, philanthropy and peacebuilding in Northern Ireland Colin Knox 1
Public sector employment regimes : transformations of the state as an employer Karin Gottschall 1
Public sector performance and development cooperation in Rwanda : results-based approaches Stephan Klingebiel 1
Public spheres and mediated social networks in the western context and beyond Petros Iosifidis 1
Sustainable city management : informal settlements in Surakarta, Indonesia Christian Obermayr 1
The 21st century public manager Zeger van der Wal 1
The EU's policy on the integration of migrants : a case of soft-Europeanization? Pierre Georges Van Wolleghem 1
The European Commission, expert groups and the policy process : demystifying technocratic governance Julia Metz 1
The politics of judicial review : supranational administrative acts and judicialized compliance conflict in the EU Christian Adam 1
The politics of online copyright enforcement in the EU : access and control Trisha Meyer 1
The politics of policing in Greater China Shiu Hing Lo 1
The regional politics of welfare in Italy, Spain and Great Britain Davide Vampa 1
The role of economic advisers in Israel's economic policy : crises, reform and stabilization Daniel A. Schiffman 1
The state and the transnational politics of migrants : a study of the Chins and the Acehnese in Malaysia Sheila Murugasu 1
The war power in an age of terrorism : debating presidential power Michael A. Genovese 1
Trade-offs : an introduction to economic reasoning and social issues Harold Winter 1
Transgressive Citizenship and the Struggle for Social Justice : The Right to the City in São Paulo Lucy Earle 1
Transnational activism, global labor governance, and China Sabrina Zajak 1
Transnational advocacy networks in the information society : partners or pawns? Derrick L. Cogburn 1
US defense budget outcomes : volatility and predictability in army weapons funding Heidi Brockmann Demarest 1
Understanding Public Administration Michiel S. de Vries 1
Understanding smart cities : a tool for smart government or an industrial trick? Leonidas G. Anthopoulos 1
Urban transportation planning in the United States : history, policy, and practice Edward Weiner 1
Volunteering and society in the 21st century Colin Rochester 1
Welfare Doesn't Work : The Promises of Basic Income for a Failed American Safety Net Leah Hamilton 1
Westminster, governance and the politics of policy inaction : 'do nothing' Stephen Barber 1
Why capitalists need communists : the politics of flourishing Charles Seaford 1
Widerstand gegen Großprojekte : Rahmenbedingungen, Akteure und Konfliktverläufe Jonas Gobert 1
Wohnungen für Flüchtlinge : aktuelle sozial- und integrationspolitische Herausforderungen in Deutschland Eberhard von Einem 1
The politics of health policy reform in the UK : England's permanent revolution Calum R. Paton 1
The politics of evidence-based policy making Paul Cairney 1
The politics of austerity : a recent history Michael Burton 1
The creation of the human development approach Tadashi Hirai 1
The Political Economy of Devolution in Britain from the Postwar Era to Brexit Nick Vlahos 1
The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey Volkan Yılmaz 1
The Washington State Census Board and its demographic legacy David A. Swanson 1
The World Bank and transferring development : policy movement through technical assistance Adrian Robert Bazbauers 1
The World of Open Data : Concepts, Methods, Tools and Experiences Yannis Charalabidis 1
The architecture of Russian markets : organisational responses to institutional change Bruno Grancelli 1
The challenge of migration in a janus-faced Europe Laura Zanfrini 1
The constitution of the city : economy, society, and urbanization in the capitalist era Allen John Scott 1
The coordination of European public hospital systems : interests, cultures and resistance Sorin Dan 1
The digital galactic complex Trevor Brown 1
The political ethics of public service Vera Vogelsang-Coombs 1
The evolution of intermediary institutions in Europe : from corporatism to governance Eva Hartmann 1
The impact of networks on unemployment J. M. Hurst 1
The language of fear : communicating threat in public discourse Piotr Cap 1
The making of a European President Nereo Peñalver García 1
The ministry of public input : integrating citizen views into political leadership Jennifer Lees-Marshment 1
The new US security agenda : trends and emerging threats Brian Fonseca 1
The organization of cities : initiative, ordinary life, and the good life John R. Miron 1
The policy-making process and social learning in Russia : the case of housing policy Marina Khmelnitskaya 1
The political economy of microfinance : financialising poverty Philip Mader 1
Pastures of change : contemporary adaptations and transformations among nomadic pastoralists of Eastern Tibet Gillian G. Tan 1
Organized crime, fear and peacebuilding in Mexico Mauricio Meschoulam 1
A call to action for the common good Neil Crowther 1


Sizing of the Public policy market:

Number of companies 2,426
Total revenues (m$) 88,551
Total employees 443,310
Total market cap (m$) 343
Total assets (b$) 0
Total profits (m$) 34

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 2,426 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Education Nationale estimate 35,565
Etat De Genève estimate 2,529
Ministère Des Affaires Étrangères Et Du Développement International estimate 2,230
Assemblée Nationale estimate 1,706
Government Of Punjab estimate 1,692
Department Of Social Services (dss) estimate 1,159
Prefeitura Municipal De Curitiba estimate 978
City Of Vienna estimate 803
Gemeente Almere estimate 743
Ministère De La Culture Et De La Communication estimate 686
Oulun Kaupunki - City Of Oulu estimate 627
Ocmw estimate 569
Horizon Jeugdzorg En Onderwijs estimate 569
Metropolitan Council Of The Twin Cities estimate 505
The Pregnancy Pause estimate 501
Frederikssund Kommune estimate 492
Gemeente Súdwest-fryslân estimate 489
Mathematica Policy Research estimate 484
Italia Lavoro estimate 468
Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Israel estimate 464
The National Academies Of Sciences, Engineering, And Medicine estimate 447
Bmc Implementatie estimate 430
Department Of Premier And Cabinet (vic) estimate 412
Provincia Autonoma Di Bolzano estimate 400
Hoogheemraadschap Van Rijnland estimate 387
Barnsley Council estimate 383
Valqua actual 383
Iclei estimate 383
Gobierno Regional La Libertad estimate 366
Ministry Of Education, Culture, Sports, Science And Technology estimate 352
Provincie Groningen estimate 351
Gemeente Woerden estimate 333
Société Du Grand Paris estimate 318
National Association Of Insurance Commissioners (naic) estimate 311
Nincsen estimate 311
Child Care Resource Center estimate 307
Asamblea Nacional Del Ecuador estimate 295
National Academy Of Sciences estimate 294
Ministry Of Finance, Planning And Economic Development estimate 292
City Of Vaasa estimate 284
Center For Court Innovation estimate 282
Acumen estimate 280
Office Of Management And Budget estimate 279
Conseil Général De Seine-saint-denis estimate 276
Afl Cio estimate 259
Provincie Flevoland estimate 250
The Fortune Society estimate 246
Gemeente Soest estimate 236
Legislatura De La Ciudad De Buenos Aires estimate 230
Lillehammer Kommune estimate 227
Centre For Economic Development, Transport And The Environment estimate 216
Health Care For All estimate 212
Gemeente Gorinchem estimate 210
Italian Ministry Of Economic Development estimate 206
Municipalidad De San Antonio estimate 195
Honorable Cámara De Diputados De La Nación estimate 192
Provincie Oost-vlaanderen estimate 181
Ministère De L'enseignement Supérieur Et De La Recherche (france) estimate 181
Gemeente Best estimate 178
Skatteministeriet estimate 173
Clackmannanshire Council estimate 171
Royal Academy Of Engineering estimate 166
Barcelona Activa estimate 162
Direction Régional De La Jeunesse, Des Sports Et De La Cohésion Sociale (drjscs) estimate 159
Interaction estimate 156
Wvi estimate 154
Ser: Sociaal-economische Raad / Social Economic Council estimate 153
Senado De La República estimate 150
Civil Service Bureau estimate 150
Ministry Of Employment And The Economy estimate 150
Servicio Valenciano De Empleo Y Formación (servef) estimate 150
Gemeente Voorst estimate 147
Vejen Kommune estimate 145
Nice - National Institute For Health And Care Excellence estimate 145
Corporación Nacional Forestal estimate 144
Menpet estimate 144
Avalere Health estimate 142
Government Actuary's Department estimate 140
Gemeente Wijdemeren estimate 137
The Competition Commission South Africa estimate 131
Bappenas estimate 130
Ministry Of Public Administration estimate 129
Anpal - Agenzia Nazionale Per Le Politiche Attive Del Lavoro estimate 128
Din Deutsches Institut Für Normung E. V estimate 127
Nuclear Energy Institute estimate 126
Stad Mechelen estimate 123
Gemeente Wierden estimate 123
Southern Regional Education Board estimate 122
Alcaldía De Santa Marta D.t.c.h estimate 119
Public Sector Consultants estimate 118
Ayuntamiento De Oviedo estimate 118
Gemeente Heerde estimate 110
National Conference Of State Legislatures estimate 109
Assemblée Nationale Du Québec estimate 109
Ministry Of Transport (new Zealand) estimate 104
Massachusetts Teachers Association estimate 101
Gezinsbond Vzw estimate 101
Centre National Du Cinéma Et De L'image Animée (cnc) estimate 100
Ministry Of Economic Affairs And Communications For Estonia estimate 100
National League Of Cities estimate 98


The 3 authors in this series in our database:



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