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Title Author Editions
Dental laboratory technology Nicholas Martinelli 3
Contemporary fixed prosthodontics Stephen F. Rosenstiel 3
A colour atlas of preprosthetic oral surgery Russell Hopkins 2
Dental implant prosthetics Carl E. Misch 2
Prosthodontics at a glance Irfan Ahmad 2
Prosthetic treatment of the edentulous patient R. M. Basker 1
Implant prosthodontics : a patient-oriented concept : planning, treatment procedures, longevity, esthetics, function, dental technology Stefan Wolfart 1
Inspiration : truly natural tooth restoration David Korson 1
Journal of prosthodontics on dental implants Stephen M. Parel 1
Modern practice in dental ceramics John Francis Johnson 1
Natural ceramics David Korson 1
Out of the mouth J. N. Swallow 1
Partial dentures : a textbook for the practitioner Fritz Singer 1
Preclinical manual of prosthodontics S. Lakshmi 1
Preprosthetic oral and maxillofacial surgery Thomas J. Starshak 1
Prosthodontics : principles and management strategies Bengt Öwall 1
Full mouth restoration in daily practice Elliot Feinberg 1
Prosthodontics for the elderly : diagnosis and treatment Ejvind Budtz-Jørgensen 1
Prosthodontics in clinical practice Robert S. Klugman 1
Protocols for predictable aesthetic dental restorations Irfan Ahmad 1
Reconstructive preprosthetic oral and maxillofacial surgery Raymond J. Fonesca 1
Removable denture construction John F. Bates 1
Removable orthodontic appliances Artur Martin Schwarz 1
Removable prosthodontics at a glance James Field 1
Restorative procedures for the practising dentist F. J. Harty 1
Sears' new teeth for old Victor Hugo Sears 1
Teeth for life for older adults P. Finbarr Allen 1
Treatment planning in restorative dentistry and implant prosthodontics Antonio, H. C. Rodrigues 1
Immediate loading of dental implants : theory and clinical practice Mithridade Davarpanah 1
Fenn, Liddelow and Gimson's Clinical dental prosthetics A. Roy MacGregor 1
Fixed prosthodontics : principles and clinics H. W. Anselm Wiskott 1
Clinical problem solving in prosthodontics David W. Bartlett 1
Advanced restorative dentistry : modern materials and techniques Lloyd Baum 1
Aesthetic dental strategies : art, science, and technology Stefano Inglese 1
Aesthetic design for ceramic restorations David Korson 1
Application of the neutral zone in prosthodontics Joseph J. Massad 1
Atlas of cosmetic dentistry : a patient's guide Mark Landau 1
Attachments in the laboratory Frank Kaiser 1
Challenging nature : wax-up techniques in aesthetics and functional occlusion Paulo Kano 1
Change your smile Ronald E. Goldstein 1
Clinical dental prosthetics Harold Robert Blackwell Fenn 1
Clinical efficiency of materials and technologies for fixed prosthodontics Dejan Drakul 1
Color in dentistry : a clinical guide to predictable esthetics Stephen J. Chu 1
Adhesive restoration of endodontically treated teeth Francesco Mannocci 1
Complete denture prosthetics D. J. Neill 1
Complete denture prosthetics : a clinical and laboratory manual D. J. Neill 1
Dental laboratory prosthodontics Morris Mac Hudis 1
Dental materials and their clinical applications H. J. Wilson 1
Dental mechanics for students John Osborne 1
Dental technology and materials for students John Osborne 1
Dentin and pulp in restorative dentistry Martin Brännström 1
Diagnosis and treatment in prosthodontics William R. Laney 1
Esthetic approach to metal ceramic restoration for the mandibular anterior region Klaus Müterthies 1
Esthetic rehabilitation in fixed prosthodontics Mauro Fradeani 1
Wheeler's atlas of tooth form Russell C. Wheeler 1


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The 2 books in this series in our database:

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