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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 105
  • Editions on this subject: 118
  • Authors on this subject: 93
  • Companies: 11,454
  • Revenue: 121,335 m$
  • Employees: 473,857


Top Authors

The main authors on Printing by number of books and editions:


There are the 105 books on the Printing subject with a total 118 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The fundamentals of typography Gavin Ambrose 4
Production for graphic designers Alan Pipes 3
Print & finish : v. the process of producing printed material : v. complete the manufacture or decoration of printed material Gavin Ambrose 3
A survey of printing processes Ernest Alfred David Hutchings 2
Introduction to printing and finishing Hugh M. Speirs 2
An essay on typography Eric Gill 2
Techniques of typography Cal Swann 2
Type and typography Phil Baines 2
A guide to graphic print production Kaj Johansson 2
Printing on the iron handpress Richard-Gabriel Rummonds 1
Science of printing technology Raymond Richard Coupe 1
Successful publishing : nearly everything you need to know to get your book into print John Emmerson 1
Stop stealing sheep : & find out how type works Erik Spiekermann 1
Stanley Morison & D.B. Updike, selected correspondence Stanley Morison 1
Spellbound : rethinking the alphabet Craig McDaniel 1
Printing effects Wayne Robinson 1
Some odd characters Kenneth Hardacre 1
Semiotics and title sequences : text-image composites in motion graphics Michael Betancourt 1
Science dynamics and research production : indicators, indexes, statistical laws and mathematical models Nikolay K. Vitanov 1
Printing for pleasure John Ryder 1
Reinventing print : technology and craft in typography David Jury 1
Ready to print : handbook for media designers Kristina Nickel 1
Publishing & printing at home Roy Lewis 1
The British Library guide to printing : history and techniques Michael Twyman 1
Printing: basic science Charles Cyril Ammonds 1
Printing's excellencie : Claude Louis Thiboust's Latin poem Typographiae excellentia, 1718 in the 1754 version of his son Claude Charles Thiboust Claude Louis Thiboust 1
Printing science Frederick Pateman 1
Printing on the iron handpress : contemporary practices Richard-Gabriel Rummonds 1
'Fleuron' anthology Francis Meynell 1
The art of type and typography : explorations in use and practice Mary Jo Krysinski 1
The Pelican Press Ian Rogerson 1
The press Andrew Marvell 1
Typography, design and practice John Lewis 1
Typographics : a designer's handbook of printing techniques Michael Hutchins 1
Tumble hitch : a novel about life in science Pernille Rørth 1
Tips on type Bill Gray 1
The typography idea book : inspiration from 50 masters Gail Anderson 1
The typewriter finds favour in battle but the photo-copier will win the war Steve Wheatley 1
The typEncyclopedia : a user's guides to better typography Frank J. Romano 1
The trump card of the small printer Beatrice Warde 1
The stroke : theory of writing Gerrit Noordzij 1
The story of the typographical point system Christopher L. Vickers 1
The non-designer's type book : create professional-level type on your computer Robin Williams 1
The Scottish suffragettes and the press Sarah Pedersen 1
The new typography : a handbook for modern designers Jan Tschichold 1
The new typography Jan Tschichold 1
The invention of free press : writers and censorship in eighteenth century Europe Edoardo Tortarolo 1
The graphics of communication : typography, layout, design, production Arthur Thomas Turnbull 1
The graphics of communication : typography, layout, design Arthur Thomas Turnbull 1
The future of print II John Birkenshaw 1
The business of satirical prints in late-Georgian England James Baker 1
The brave new world of publishing : the symbiotic relationship between printing and book publishing Manfred H. Breede 1
The aspiring entrepreneurship scholar : strategies and advice for a successful academic career Dean A. Shepherd 1
Printing Alan Delgado 1
Printing W. R. Durrant 1
Printed electronics John Birkenshaw 1
Printed pattern : printing by hand from potato-prints to silkscreens Rebecca Drury 1
First impressions Francis Newing 1
Digital document processing H. S. Hou 1
Designing with type : a basic course in typography James Craig 1
Designing identity : graphic design as a business strategy Marc English 1
Design and print production workbook David J. Plumb 1
Cultural rights : technology, legality and personality Celia Lury 1
Correcting the scholarly record for research integrity : in the aftermath of plagiarism M. V. Dougherty 1
Close action off the Coromandel coast : a founders' library manuscript and the British fight for India John Morgan-Guy 1
Children's publishing and black Britain, 1965-2015 Karen Sands-O'Connor 1
Charles Holtzapffel's printing apparatus for the use of amateurs Charles Holtzapffel 1
Celebrity and the feminist blockbuster Anthea Taylor 1
Books Susan Bartlett 1
Austrian imperial censorship and the Bohemian periodical press, 1848-71 : the baneful work of the opposition press is fearsome Jeffrey T. Leigh 1
Art and reproduction : graphic reproduction techniques Raymond A. Ballinger 1
Anthony Froshaug Anthony Froshaug 1
An approach to print : a basic guide to the printing processes Roy Brewer 1
Alphabet Karel Teige 1
Against plagiarism : a guide for editors and authors Yuehong Zhang 1
A survey of printing processes Ernest A. D. Hutchings 1
A printbuyer's handbook Alan Delgado 1
A print buyer's handbook Alan Delgado 1
A new introduction to bibliography Philip Gaskell 1
Expanding adaptation networks : from illustration to novelization Kate Newell 1
Frances Burney's "Evelina" : the book, its history, and its paratext Svetlana Kochkina 1
Printed pattern : printing by hand from potato prints to silkscreen Rebecca Drury 1
Fundamentals and applications of hardcopy communication : conveying side information by printed media Joceli Mayer 1
Print style : hand-printed patterns for home decoration John Hinchcliffe 1
Print magic : the complete guide to decorative printing techniques Jocasta Innes 1
Photosetting Andrew Bluhm 1
Passion for print : an uncomplete glossary of print terms Jeff Willis 1
Onprint Laia Blasco 1
One hundred great books on typography : the ultimate typographic library Agata Toromanoff 1
Modern typography : an essay in critical history Robin Kinross 1
Make it personal - design and develop your own unique work. Book 1, Preparing your palette Hilary Beattie 1
Machine printing W. R. Durrant 1
Letterletter : an inconsistent collection of theories that do not claim any other authority than that of common sense Gerrit Noordzij 1
L'art du livre et la typographie = Typography and the art of the book Jacques Haumont 1
James Mosley : librarian, St Bride Printing Library, London : a checklist of the published writings 1958-95 James Mosley 1
Introduction to printing : the craft of letterpress Herbert Simon 1
Into print John Gough 1
Into print G. Terry Page 1
Hornschuch's 'Orthotypographia', 1608 Hieronymus Hornschuch 1
Hague and Gill on printing Eric Gill 1


Sizing of the Printing market:

Number of companies 11,454
Total revenues (m$) 121,335
Total employees 473,857
Total market cap (m$) 16,332
Total assets (b$) 28
Total profits (m$) 1,189

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 11,454 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Rr Donnelley estimate 15,682
Dai Nippon Printing actual 9,329
Quad/Graphics actual 2,998
Xiamen Hexing Packaging Printing actual 2,558
Formula Systems (1985) actual 2,489
Fastsigns® estimate 1,479
Sakata INX actual 1,299
Brady actual 1,284
Eastman Kodak Company actual 1,205
BOBST estimate 1,069
Cenveo estimate 985
Flint Group estimate 953
Several estimate 920
Standard Register estimate 869
Shenzhen Jinjia Group actual 758
Hickory Printing Solutions estimate 733
Multi Packaging Solutions (mps) estimate 713
Videojet Technologies estimate 704
Flyeralarm estimate 571
Pergamena estimate 571
Konica Minolta estimate 570
Stratasys estimate 563
Autajon Group estimate 489
Minuteman Press estimate 469
Iwco Direct estimate 462
Hung Hing Printing Group actual 449
Postnet estimate 425
Domino Printing Sciences estimate 419
CPI Card Group actual 397
Toppan Forms estimate 383
Prinovis Ltd. & Co. Kg estimate 362
Kornit Digital actual 339
KCOM estimate 332
American Solutions For Business estimate 317
Quad/graphics Europe estimate 299
Hugo estimate 294
The Bernard Group estimate 290
Durst Phototechnik estimate 282
Böttcher Systems estimate 278
Xeikon estimate 239
Spandex estimate 236
Yamagata estimate 235
Belmark estimate 234
Fujifilm Graphic Systems estimate 227
Technova Imaging Systems (p) estimate 223
Baldwin Technology Company estimate 217
Masterwork Group actual 215
Avt estimate 214
Dg3 - Diversified Global Graphics Group estimate 202
Safeguard Business Systems estimate 201
Huber Group India Pvt estimate 194
Fortis Solutions Group estimate 193
Anrh estimate 189
Circle Graphics estimate 189
Q P Group actual 185
Gh Imaging estimate 184
Adco estimate 181
Nosco estimate 181
Schreiner Group Gmbh & Co. Kg estimate 178
Sir Speedy estimate 174
Imagine! Print Solutions estimate 172
Moo estimate 171
Abc Printing , Longview , Tx estimate 170
Serigraph estimate 169
Wirmachendruck Gmbh estimate 167
Fry Communications estimate 166
Goverment Security Printing And Minting Company estimate 166
Vomela estimate 159
Abc Imaging estimate 158
Npc estimate 157
Cartamundi estimate 149
Sandy Alexander estimate 144
Gm Nameplate estimate 143
Innomark Communications estimate 142
The Printing House estimate 142
Grano estimate 141
B&b estimate 134
Wise estimate 133
Smart Source estimate 132
Customer Engineering Services estimate 131
Spgprints B.v estimate 129
Arandell estimate 128
Meridian estimate 127
Onetouchpoint estimate 127
Istituto Poligrafico E Zecca Dello Stato estimate 125
Onlineprinters Gmbh estimate 124
Shenzhen Chuangxinjia Smart Card estimate 123
Digiprint estimate 122
Primary Color estimate 120
Domino China estimate 120
Marketing Alliance Group estimate 118
Signs By Tomorrow estimate 117
Dnp Imagingcomm America Corporation|photo Imaging estimate 113
Janoschka estimate 113
Pixartprinting - A Cimpress Company estimate 113
Edica estimate 112
Meyers estimate 111
Emirates Printing Press (epp) estimate 110
4over estimate 109
Miller Graphics estimate 107



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