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Congress : a political-economic history of roll call voting Keith T. Poole 2
Ideology & Congress Keith T. Poole 2
For the common good? : American civic life and the golden age of fraternity Jason Andrew Kaufman 1
Making the empire work : London and American interest groups, 1690-1790 Alison Gilbert Olson 1
Roots of reform : farmers, workers, and the American state, 1877-1917 M. Elizabeth Sanders 1
Southern paternalism and the American welfare state : economics, politics and institutions in the South, 1865-1965 Lee J. Alston 1
Special interest groups in American politics Stephen Miller 1
Special interests and policymaking : agricultural policies and politics in Britain and the United States of America, 1956-70 Graham K. Wilson 1
The fluoride wars : how a modest public health measure became America's longest-running political melodrama R. Allan Freeze 1
The new Leviathan : how the left-wing money-machine shapes American politics and threatens America's future David Horowitz 1
The new Victorians : poverty, politics, and propaganda in two Gilded Ages Stephen Pimpare 1
The organization of political interest groups : designing advocacy Darren Halpin 1
The people's lobby : organizational innovation and the rise of interest group politics in the United States, 1890-1925 Elisabeth Stephanie Clemens 1
The rise of political action committees : interest group electioneering and the transformation of American politics Emily J. Charnock 1
This mighty dream : social protest movement in the United States Madeleine Adamson 1

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