Pop Art

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Key facts:
  • Art Movement Era: 20th century post-1945
  • Art Movement Era Covered: 1951 - 1991 (average: 1972)
  • Artworks: 247
  • Book: Pop art
  • Author: Michael Compton
  • Bnb Id: GB7029181
  • Publication Date: 1970
  • Artists: 17
  • Books on this subject: 43
  • Editions on this subject: 51
  • Authors on this subject: 39



There are 247 artworks within the Pop art movement between 1951 and 1991 in our database:


There are 1 museums with this movement in their collection:

Museum Artworks
Tate Museums 247


Gender distribution in represented artists:

Gender Artists Distribution
male 17 100.0%

Top Authors

The main authors on Pop art by number of books and editions:


There are the 43 books on the Pop art subject with a total 51 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Pop art Tilman Osterwold 4
Pop art : a colourful history Alastair Sooke 2
The pop art tradition : responding to mass-culture Eric Shanes 2
Pop art Martina Angelotti 2
The first pop age : painting and subjectivity in the art of Hamilton, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Richter, and Ruscha Hal Foster 2
Roy Lichtenstein 1923-1997 : the irony of the banal Janis Hendrickson 2
Andy Warhol Linda Bolton 1
Roy Lichtenstein Nathan Dunne 1
Pop as art : a survey of the new super realism Mario Amaya 1
Pop painting : inspiration and techniques from the pop surrealism art phenomenon Camilla D'Errico 1
Pop! : the world of pop art John Finlay 1
Rainbow children : the art of Camilla d'Errico Camilla D'Errico 1
Rock candy Femke Hiemstra 1
That lucky old sun Brian Wilson 1
Pop art in school Florian Merz 1
The late fauna of early North America : the art of Scott Musgrove Scott Musgrove 1
The long march of pop : art, music, and design, 1930-1995 Thomas E. Crow 1
The pop object : the still life tradition in pop art John Wilmerding 1
The pop revolution : the people who radically transformed the art world Alice Goldfarb Marquis 1
The story of pop art : culture, celebrity & controversy in 100 creative milestones Andy Stewart MacKay 1
Three studies in modern communication R. H. S. Crossman 1
Ultra pop textures. Vol. 2, Creative research in 80's pop culture Vincenzo Sguera 1
Pop artists Paul Mason 1
Pop art : a continuing history Marco Livingstone 1
Pop art : paintings - sculptures José Pierre 1
Pop Simon Wilson 1
Beautiful people with beautiful feelings Donny Miller 1
Come alive! : the spirited art of Sister Corita Julie Ault 1
Dharma delight : a visionary post pop comic guide to Buddhism and Zen Rodney Alan Greenblat 1
Happy! Romero Britto 1
Helmetgirls Camilla D'Errico 1
Living with Hattie Stewart : 32 removable art prints Hattie Stewart 1
P B Natalie Rudd 1
Pop art David McCarthy 1
Art & graphic design : George Maciunas, Ed Ruscha, Sheila Levrant De Bretteville Benoît Buquet 1
Pop art Eric Shanes 1
Pop art Flaminio Gualdoni 1
Pop art Flavia Frigeri 1
Pop art Klaus Honnef 1
Pop art Michael Compton 1
Pop art : 50 works of art you should know Gary Van Wyk 1
Pop art : a brief history Alastair Sooke 1
Zandra Rhodes : textile revolution : medals, wiggles, and pop, 1961-1971 Samantha Erin Safer 1

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