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Stratagems and spoils : a social anthropology of politics F. G. Bailey 3
Power, politics, and society : an introduction to political sociology Betty A. Dobratz 3
Contentious politics Charles Tilly 3
Politics and power Warren Kidd 3
Foundations of political sociology Irving Louis Horowitz 3
Introduction to political sociology : the social anatomy of the body politic Anthony M. Orum 3
Desolation and enlightenment : political knowledge after total war, totalitarianism, and the Holocaust Ira Katznelson 3
Place and politics : the geographical mediation of state and society John A. Agnew 3
Political sociology : oppression, resistance, and the state Davita Silfen Glasberg 3
People count! : networked individuals in global politics James N. Rosenau 2
Revolution and counterrevolution : change and persistence in social structures Seymour Martin Lipset 2
Politics and social theory : the inescapably social, the irreducibly political Will Leggett 2
Theory of societal constitutionalism : foundations of a non-Marxist critical theory David Sciulli 2
Eurocentrism : a Marxian critical realist critique Nick Hostettler 2
Social mobility and political change Ioan Davies 2
On the state : lectures at the Collège de France, 1989-1992 Pierre Bourdieu 2
Opting out of the European Union : diplomacy, sovereignty and European integration Rebecca Adler-Nissen 2
Strong constitutions : social-cognitive origins of the separation of powers Maxwell A. Cameron 2
On political means and social ends Ted Honderich 2
Predisposed : liberals, conservatives, and the biology of political differences John R. Hibbing 2
Private and public : individuals, households, and body politic in Locke and Hutcheson Daniela Gobetti 2
Contemporary political sociology : globalization, politics, and power Kate Nash 2
Introduction to politics and society Shaun Best 2
Social theory and political economy : a critique of social and political life in neo-liberal times Antonino Palumbo 2
Redefining politics : people, resources and power Adrian Leftwich 2
Fear of enemies and collective action Ioannis D. Evrigenis 2
Lifestyle politics and radical activism Laura Portwood-Stacer 2
Persuasions and prejudices : an informal compendium of modern social science 1953-1988 Irving Louis Horowitz 2
Massively parallel globalization : experiments in self-organization and world politics David C. Earnest 2
Political identity W. J. M. Mackenzie 2
A short counter revolution : Towards 2000 revisited Raymond Williams 2
Runaway world : how globalisation is reshaping our lives Anthony Giddens 2
Academic conferences as neoliberal commodities Donald J. Nicolson 2
Robert Michels, political sociology, and the future of democracy Juan J. Linz 2
Talcott Parsons : an intellectual biography Uta Gerhardt 2
Caesarism, charisma, and fate : historical sources and modern resonances in the work of Max Weber Peter Baehr 2
Political sociology Robert E. Dowse 2
What does the ruling class do when it rules? : state apparatuses and state power under feudalism, capitalism and socialism Göran Therborn 2
Political sociology : a critical introduction Keith Faulks 2
Plasticity into power Roberto Mangabeira Unger 2
Max Weber and the theory of modern politics David Beetham 2
The myth of the rational voter : why democracies choose bad policies Bryan Douglas Caplan 2
Individual interests and collective action : selected essays James Samuel Coleman 2
The politics of small things : the power of the powerless in dark times Jeffrey C. Goldfarb 2
Critical theory, politics and society : an introduction Peter M. R. Stirk 2
Social movement campaigns on EU policy : in the corridors and in the streets Louisa Parks 1
Social and political bonds : a mosaic of contrast and convergence F. M. Barnard 1
Social ends and political means Ted Honderich 1
Sociability and its enemies : German political theory after 1945 Jakob Norberg 1
Small voluntary organisations in the 'age of austerity' : funding challenges and opportunities Pauline McGovern 1
Signaling goodness : social rules and public choice Phillip J. Nelson 1
Social principles and the democratic state S. I. Benn 1
Social psychology as political economy W. Peter Archibald 1
Social science and the idea of process : the ambiguous legacy of Arthur F. Bentley Paul Frederick Kress 1
A Sociology of postmarxism Richard Howson 1
Social structure and party choice in western Europe : a comparative longitudinal study Oddbjørn Knutsen 1
Support-bargaining : the mechanics of democracy revealed Patrick Spread 1
The Paris Agreement : climate change, solidarity, and human rights Judith R. Blau 1
The Ellen Meiksins Wood reader Ellen Meiksins Wood 1
The Arab uprisings in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia : social, political and economic transformations Andrea Teti 1
The 2015 UK general election and the 2016 EU referendum : towards a democracy of the spectacle Ian R. Lamond 1
Teenage citizens : the political theories of the young Constance A. Flanagan 1
Talking about politics : informal groups and social identity in American life Katherine J. Cramer 1
Takedown : from communists to progressives, how the Left has sabotaged family and marriage Paul Kengor 1
Symbolic power, politics, and intellectuals : the political sociology of Pierre Bourdieu David Swartz 1
Studies in social organization : ethnicity, class, and politics George A. Kourvetaris 1
Social structure and voting in the United States Robert B. Smith 1
Stuart Hall's voice : intimations of an ethics of receptive generosity David Scott 1
Strangers at the gates : movements and states in contentious politics Sidney G. Tarrow 1
Stories of peoplehood : the politics and morals of political membership Rogers M. Smith 1
State, politics, and social classes : theory and history Armando Boito 1
State and society : a reader in comparative political sociology Reinhard Bendix 1
Siegfried Kracauer, or, The allegories of improvisation : critical studies Miguel Angel Vedda 1
Social theory : its situation and its task : a critical introduction to politics, a work in contructive social theory Roberto Mangabeira Unger 1
Social theory : its situation and its task Roberto Mangabeira Unger 1
Society and politics : uniformity and diversity in modern democracy David R. Segal 1
Reflections on a politically skeptical era Dennis Hume Wrong 1
Shaping history : narratives of political change Molly Andrews 1
Political sociology for a globalizing world Michael S. Drake 1
Politics, social theory, utopia and the world-system : arguments in political sociology Chamsy El-Ojeili 1
Politics and society : an introduction to political sociology Michael Rush 1
Politics and social insight Francis G. Castles 1
Politics & society Michael Rush 1
Political tolerance in the global south : images of India, Pakistan and Uganda Sten Widmalm 1
Political theory in search of the political S. N. Eisenstadt 1
Political sociology in a global era : an introduction to the state and society Berch Berberoglu 1
Political sociology in India : contemporary trends Dipankar Gupta 1
Political sociology : approaches, concepts, hypotheses Philo C. Wasburn 1
Powers of freedom : reframing political thought Nikolas Rose 1
Political sociology Tom Bottamore 1
Political society : a macrosociology of politics Edward William Lehman 1
Political settlements : issues paper Jonathan DiJohn 1
Political science and political behaviour Dennis Kavanagh 1
Political reason and interest : philosophical legitimation of the political order in a pluralistic society Herman van Erp 1
Political protest and social change : analyzing politics Charles F. Andrain 1
Political peoplehood : the roles of values, interests, and identities Rogers M. Smith 1
Political man Robert E. Lane 1
Power and politics Ivor Morgan 1
Principles of social & political theory Ernest Barker 1
Seeing politics differently : a brief introduction to political sociology Karen Stanbridge 1


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