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  • Book: The emotive theory of ethics
  • Author: J. O. Urmson
  • Bnb Id: GB6811596
  • Publication Date: 1968
  • Books on this subject: 1,787
  • Editions on this subject: 2,023
  • Authors on this subject: 1,303
  • Books in this series: 22
  • Authors in this series: 22

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The main authors on Philosophy by number of books and editions:


There are the 1,787 books on the Philosophy subject with a total 2,023 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The works of William James William James 5
A treatise of human nature David Hume 4
Philosophy : the classics Nigel Warburton 4
Philosophy Mel Thompson 4
Beyond good and evil : prelude to a philosophy of the future Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 4
Thinking of answers : questions in the philosophy of everyday life A. C. Grayling 4
The middle works, 1899-1924 John Dewey 4
Philosophy : history & problems Samuel Enoch Stumpf 4
An outline of philosophy Bertrand Russell 4
The crooked timber of humanity : chapters in the history of ideas Isaiah Berlin 4
Against the current : essays in the history of ideas Isaiah Berlin 4
The complete idiot's guide to philosophy Jay Stevenson 4
Semantics and social science Graham Macdonald 3
Heidegger and Aristotle : philosophy as praxis Michael J. Bowler 3
The aristos John Fowles 3
About philosophy Robert Paul Wolff 3
An intelligent person's guide to philosophy Roger Scruton 3
The challenge of things : thinking through troubled times A. C. Grayling 3
Fact and fiction Bertrand Russell 3
The little book of philosophy André Comte-Sponville 3
Parerga and Paralipomena : short philosophical essays Arthur Schopenhauer 3
Unpopular essays Bertrand Russell 3
The pig that wants to be eaten : and ninety-nine other thought experiments Julian Baggini 3
The theory and practice of philosophy Abraham Edel 3
Confessions of a philosopher Bryan Magee 3
The third city : philosophy at war with positivism Borna Bebek 3
Between existentialism and Marxism Jean-Paul Sartre 3
The philosophical imaginary Michèle Le Dœuff 3
Towards the definition of philosophy : 1. The idea of philosophy and the problem of worldview : 2.Phenomenology and transcendental philosophy of value : with a transcript of the lecture course "On the nature of the university and academic study" Martin Heidegger 3
Philosophical essays Bertrand Russell 3
Philosophy Karl Jaspers 3
Philosophy in process Paul Weiss 2
East of existentialism : the Tao of the West Ray Billington 2
The natural order and other texts Asger Jorn 2
The oracle of change : how to consult the 'I ching' Alfred Douglas 2
The passion of the western mind : understanding the ideas that have shaped our world view Richard Tarnas 2
The philosopher at the end of the universe Mark Rowlands 2
The philosopher's way : thinking critically about profound ideas John Chaffee 2
Philosophical papers Hilary Putnam 2
Early Socratic dialogues Plato 2
The meaning of things : applying philosophy to life A. C. Grayling 2
The philosophy of living experience : popular outlines A. Bogdanov 2
Doing philosophy Gerald Rochelle 2
The philosophy of philosophy Timothy Williamson 2
Do philosophers talk nonsense? : an inquiry into the possibility of illusions of meaning Ian Dearden 2
Dimensions of the sacred : an anatomy of the world's beliefs Ninian Smart 2
Philosophy and Political Economy : In Some of Their Historical Relations James Bonar 2
Philosophical papers David K. Lewis 2
Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it : wisdom of the great philosophers on how to live Daniel M. Klein 2
Die Philosophie bei "The Walking Dead" Joachim Körber 2
Everyday examples : an introduction to philosophy David Cunning 2
The manuscripts of Adam Ferguson Adam Ferguson 2
Philosophy and literature : a book of essays M. W. Rowe 2
Philosophy and mystification : a reflection on nonsense and clarity Guy Robinson 2
The joy of philosophy : thinking thin versus the passionate life Robert C. Solomon 2
Fanged noumena : collected writings 1987-2007 Nick Land 2
Philosophical investigations Ludwig Wittgenstein 2
Farewell to reason Paul Feyerabend 2
Figuring space : philosophy, mathematics and physics Gilles Châtelet 2
The idealist illusion and other essays Maurice Blondel 2
The ideal world Peter Myllent 2
First principles Herbert Spencer 2
The heart of William James William James 2
Formative writings, 1929-1941 Simone Weil 2
The philosophy of the social sciences Vernon Pratt 2
Philosophy : principles and problems Roger Scruton 2
The gods Alain 2
Theoretical philosophy, 1755-1770 Immanuel Kant 2
The unpublished essays of Adam Ferguson Adam Ferguson 2
The use of philosophy : Californian addresses John H. Muirhead 2
The verge of philosophy John Sallis 2
The whys of a philosophical scrivener Martin Gardner 2
The wisdom of lived experience : views from psychoanalysis, neuroscience, philosophy and metaphysics Maxine K. Anderson 2
Philosophical writings Isaac Newton 2
Classic questions and contemporary film : an introduction to philosophy Dean A. Kowalski 2
The portable Nietzsche Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 2
Philosophy : a very short introduction Edward Craig 2
Think : a compelling introduction to philosophy Simon Blackburn 2
Thinking things through : an introduction to philosophical issues and achievements Clark Glymour 2
Philosophy : a complete introduction Sharon M. Kaye 2
Thus spoke Zarathustra : a book for everyone and no one Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 2
Toward a philosophical theory of everything : contributions to the structural-systematic philosophy Alan White 2
The unfinished system of nonknowledge Georges Bataille 2
Comments on the society of the spectacle Guy Debord 2
Philosophical works, including the works on vision George Berkeley 2
Philosophy : key texts Julian Baggini 2
Philosophy : key themes Julian Baggini 2
The spirit of Utopia Ernst Bloch 2
The sociology-philosophy connection Mario Bunge 2
The shorter Leibniz texts : a collection of new translations Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 2
Country path conversations Martin Heidegger 2
Creative experiencing : a philosophy of freedom Charles Hartshorne 2
The science of philosophy F. H. George 2
The reason of things : living with philosophy A. C. Grayling 2
The psychology of philosophers Alexander Herzberg 2
The principles of the most ancient and modern philosophy Anne Conway 2
The powers of pure reason : Kant and the idea of cosmic philosophy Alfredo Ferrarin 2
The post card : from Socrates to Freud and beyond Jacques Derrida 2
The possible present Ugo Perone 2
Philosophy and philosophers : an introduction to western philosophy John Shand 2

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