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  • Book: Ultimates
  • Author: Robert C. Neville
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  • Publication Date: 2013
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The main authors on Philosophical theology by number of books and editions:


There are the 288 books on the Philosophical theology subject with a total 331 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Metaphysics and transcendence Arthur Gibson 3
The mechanics of divine foreknowledge and providence : a time-ordering account T. Ryan Byerly 3
Theological science Thomas F. Torrance 3
The call of the Holy : Heidegger, Chauvet, Benedict XVI Hal St John Broadbent 2
Theological philosophy : rethinking the rationality of Christian faith Lydia Schumacher 2
Lyotard and theology : beyond the Christian master narrative of love L. Boeve 2
Destiny and deliberation : essays in philosophical theology Jonathan L. Kvanvig 2
Baudrillard and theology James Walters 2
God in the act of reference : debating religious realism and non-realism Erica Appelros 2
Kantian reason and Hegelian spirit : the idealistic logic of modern theology Gary J. Dorrien 2
John Hick : an autobiography John Hick 2
Bonhoeffer's theological formation : Berlin, Barth, and protestant theology Michael P. DeJonge 2
Jewish philosophy in the middle ages : science, rationalism, and religion Tamar Rudavsky 2
Aquinas and radical orthodoxy : a critical inquiry Paul J. DeHart 2
Christ and the hiddenness of God Don Cupitt 2
Christian philosophical theology Stephen T. Davis 2
Edwards on God Sebastian Rehnman 2
Divine intervention : metaphysical and epistemological puzzles Evan Fales 2
The monstrosity of Christ : paradox or dialectic? Slavoj Žižek 2
Creation, evolution and meaning Robin Attfield 2
Discourse in dialogue : reflections in fundamental philosophical theology Pat F. Rossi 2
The realist hope : a critique of anti-realist approaches in contemporary philosophical theology Christopher J. Insole 2
The philosophical question of Christ Caitlin Smith Gilson 2
Faith in honesty : the essential nature of theology Andrew Shanks 2
Simone Weil and theology A. Rebecca Rozelle-Stone 2
No God, no science : theology, cosmology, biology Michael Hanby 2
Neopragmatism and theological reason G. W. Kimura 2
The critique of theological reason James P. Mackey 2
On Christology, anthropology, cognitive science and the human body Martin Claes 2
Animals in Tillich's philosophical theology Abbey-Anne Smith 2
Virtue ecclesiology : an exploration in the good church John Fitzmaurice 2
Ultimates Robert C. Neville 2
Free will in philosophical theology Kevin Timpe 2
A brief inquiry into the meaning of sin and faith : with "on my religion" John Rawls 2
Plato's Gods Gerd van Riel 2
Rationality as virtue : towards a theological philosophy Lydia Schumacher 2
Philosophy of religion : thinking about faith C. Stephen Evans 2
A modern introduction to theology : new questions for old beliefs Philip Kennedy 2
Analysis of existing : Barry Miller's approach to God Elmar J. Kremer 2
The domain of the word : scripture and theological reason John Webster 2
Speaking of God : theology, language, and truth D. Stephen Long 1
Soren Kierkegaard Matthew D. Kirkpatrick 1
The art of theology : Hans Urs von Balthasar's theological aesthetics and the foundations of faith Stephan van Erp 1
The bonds of freedom : vows, sacraments and the formation of the Christian self Garry J. Deverell 1
The agnostic inquirer : revelation from a philosophical standpoint Sandra Lee Menssen 1
Soulless clones can't tell time : a theory from philosophy, theology and science Timothy Hunter 1
The God who may be : the hermeneutics of religion Richard Kearney 1
Speaking of a personal God : an essay in philosophical theology Vincent Brümmer 1
The adventure of weak theology : reading the work of John D. Caputo through biographies and events Stefan Stofanik 1
Speculative grace : Bruno Latour and object-oriented theology Adam Miller 1
Spinoza on God Luisa Simonutti 1
Spirit's gift : the metaphysical insight of Claude Bruaire Antonio López 1
Stricken by sin, cured by Christ : agency, necessity, and culpability in Augustinian theology Jesse Couenhoven 1
The Nicene option : an incarnational phenomenology James K. A. Smith 1
Synesius of Cyrene : philosopher-bishop Jay Bregman 1
The McCabe reader Herbert McCabe 1
The God relationship : the ethics for inquiry about the divine Paul K. Moser 1
Talking about God : the concept of analogy and the problem of religious language Roger M. White 1
A John Hick reader John Hick 1
Signs & wonders : theology after modernity Ellen T. Armour 1
Selected essays Nicholas Wolterstorff 1
Philosophy and the burden of theological honesty : a Donald MacKinnon reader Donald M. MacKinnon 1
Philosophy for understanding theology Diogenes Allen 1
Postmodern apologetics? : arguments for God in contemporary philosophy Christina M. Gschwandtner 1
Praeambula fidei : Thomism and the God of the philosophers Ralph McInerny 1
Radical orthodoxy : an introduction Simon Oliver 1
Radical orthodoxy in a pluralistic world : desire, beauty, and the divine Angus M. Slater 1
Realist Christian theology in a postmodern age Sue M. Patterson 1
Reason and religion : essays in philosophical theology Anthony Kenny 1
Recovering Bishop Berkeley : virtue and society in the Anglo-Irish context Scott Breuninger 1
Reimagining the Analogia entis : the future of Erich Przywara's Christian vision Philip John Paul Gonzales 1
Religion Robert C. Neville 1
Religion : philosophical theology. Volume three Robert C. Neville 1
Religion in late modernity Robert C. Neville 1
Religious imagination and the body : a feminist analysis Paula M. Cooey 1
Religious naturalism today : the rebirth of a forgotten alternative Jerome Arthur Stone 1
Religious pluralism in Christian and Islamic philosophy : the thought of John Hick and Seyyed Hossein Nasr Adnan Aslan 1
Religious truth and religious diversity Nathan S. Hilberg 1
Remythologizing theology : divine action, passion, and authorship Kevin J. Vanhoozer 1
Renovatio : Martin Luther's Augustinian theology of sin, grace and holiness Phil Anderas 1
The broken whole : philosophical steps toward a theology of global solidarity Thomas E. Reynolds 1
René Girard, unlikely apologist : mimetic theory and fundamental theology Grant Kaplan 1
Returning to reality : Christian platonism for our time Paul Tyson 1
Richard Baxter and the mechanical philosophers David S. Sytsma 1
Sacramental presence after Heidegger : onto-theology, sacraments and the mother's smile Conor Sweeney 1
Sacred language, sacred world : the unity of biblical and philosophical hermeneutics Joshua D. Broggi 1
Sacred language, sacred world : the unity of scriptural and philosophical hermeneutics Joshua D. Broggi 1
Satan and Apocalypse : and other essays in political theology Thomas J. J. Altizer 1
Schleiermacher on religion and the natural order Andrew Dole 1
Scripture and metaphysics : Aquinas and the renewal of Trinitarian theology Matthew Levering 1
René Girard and secular modernity : Christ, culture, and crisis Scott Cowdell 1
The god of Spinoza : a philosophical study Richard Mason 1
The call to radical theology Thomas J. J. Altizer 1
The continuing legacy of Simone Weil David Pollard 1
Theological biology : the case for a new modernism Kenneth Cauthen 1
Theological poverty in continental philosophy Colby Dickinson 1
Theological radicalism and tradition : the limits of radicalism with appendices H. E. Root 1
Theological reflection and the pursuit of ideals : theology, human flourishing and freedom Dale Wright 1
Theology and Marxism in Eagleton and Žižek : a conspiracy of hope Ola Sigurdson 1
Theology and philosophy Ingolf U. Dalferth 1


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Robert C. Neville 4


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Ultimates 2013
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Existence 2014
Religion 2015

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