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  • Book: Hamsters
  • Author: Michaela Miller
  • Bnb Id: GB97Y5828
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Books on this subject: 113
  • Editions on this subject: 124
  • Authors on this subject: 100
  • Books in this series: 8
  • Authors in this series: 2


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The main authors on Pets by number of books and editions:


There are the 113 books on the Pets subject with a total 124 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Tales from the animal hospital David Grant 3
Dog Psalms : prayers my dogs have taught me Herbert Brokering 2
The illustrated practical guide to small pets & pet care : hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, reptiles, fish David Alderton 2
Keeping pets Maxwell Knight 2
The complete idiot's guide to choosing a pet Betsy Sikora Siino 2
Companion animals : their biology, care, health, and management Karen L. Campbell 2
Bond for life Josephine Wills 2
Psychic pets : the secret life of animals Joseph Edward Wylder 2
What the animals tell me : the secrets of communicating with your pet Sonya Fitzpatrick 2
Exotic pets David Manning 2
Pleasing pets Phil Drabble 1
Raining cats and ponies Valerie Bickers 1
Picking your pet Claudia Martin 1
Pick of the pets Penny Lloyd 1
Phil Drabble's book of pets Phil Drabble 1
Pets in particular James Allcock 1
Pets handbook Arthur Butterfield 1
Pets gone green Eve Adamson 1
'Blue Peter' book of pets Biddy Baxter 1
Pets for keeps Dick King-Smith 1
Small pet health care and breeding Susan Fox 1
Pets for children Stephanie Denham 1
Pets and their people Bruce Fogle 1
Pets and personalities on Coronation Street Kevin Horkin 1
Pets : when human friendship is not enough Sam Jordison 1
Pets : 300 small animals Claudia Martin 1
Pets Valerie Brayden 1
Pets Josephine Hunter 1
Pets Anne Mountfield 1
Pet photography now! Paul Walker 1
Pet care : a straightforward guide to keeping pet animals A. T. B. Edney 1
Pampering your pooch : discover what your dog needs, wants, and loves Jason Rich 1
Scrapbooking your pets : 200 page designs Stacey Panassidi 1
Smaller pets : amphibians, reptiles and mammals Shirley M. Knibb 1
Small pets David Alderton 1
The new observer's book of pets Tina Hearne 1
Who wants pets? Alison Prince 1
Vet John Speer 1
Using cows for work Timothy Simalenga 1
Two hundred years of British farm Livestock Stephen J. G. Hall 1
The widget steps : escalators of cat care Gay Rose 1
The small animals question and answer manual David Alderton 1
The right way to keep hamsters and other rodents Roy Robinson 1
The pet-friendly garden : how to create the perfect environment for you and your pet Richard Barrett 1
The other end of the leash : the American way with pets Berkeley Rice 1
The observer's book of pets Tina Hearne 1
The illustrated veterinary guide Chris Pinney 1
Small pets Joan Palmer 1
The exotic pet handbook : a guide to caring for caged and aviary birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish David Alderton 1
The complete guide to pet care John Nichol 1
The comparative efficiency of Friesians and Holsteins for milk and beef production J. B. Hitchings 1
The cat's meow Greer Lawrence 1
The Tellington touch : a holistic approach to training, healing and communicating with animals Linda Tellington-Jones 1
The Pant Glas story Elma Mary Williams 1
The Hamlyn family pet care encyclopedia : a practical guide to choosing and caring for your pets David Alderton 1
Starting from scratch Jeanette Travers 1
Nutkins on pets Terry Nutkins 1
Small pets of your own James Allcock 1
Oh no! Harvey? : a whippet's tale K. Smith 1
My pet chicken handbook Lissa Lucas 1
No Pet Left Behind : the Sherpa Guide For Traveling With Your Best Friend Gayle Martz 1
Dog basics : the essential guide to caring for your dog Caroline Davis 1
Collins small pet handbook David Taylor 1
Collins exotic pet handbook : a guide to buying, caring for and breeding unusual pets David Manning 1
Churchill's bestiary : his life through animals Piers Brendon 1
Choosing your pet W. Simister 1
Choosing a small mammal Dennis Kelsey-Wood 1
Caviar dogs : the essential guide to heavy petting William Davis 1
Caring for small pets David Alderton 1
Bridging the bond : the cultural construction of the shelter pet Tami L. Harbolt 1
Breeding dairy cows for health and fertility traits and the recording systems needed to achieve this Mike Madders 1
Beware of the Pog! Kees Moerbeek 1
Beg : a radical new way of regarding animals Rory Freedman 1
Beautiful beasties : a creative guide to modern pet photography Jamie Pflughoeft 1
Animals in the home and classroom Terry J. Jennings 1
Animals in school and home Tom Ravensdale 1
Animal friends : how to make homes for pets Marcel Everaere 1
Animal abuse and family violence : researching the interrelationships of abusive power Amy J. Fitzgerald 1
Angels come in all shapes & sizes Hevine Schmidt 1
Amazing pets & how to keep them Stewart McPherson 1
A zoo on your window-ledge Joy O. I. Spoczynska 1
A situational analysis of pastoralism in Simanjiro District, Tanzania Ann Muir 1
A practical book of pet keeping Alison Barnes 1
A pet owner's guide to keeping your best friend healthy and happy : top tips from an expert veterinarian Stephen Posnett 1
A child's first pet Suzanne Lieurance 1
Do unto animals : a friendly guide to how animals live, and how we can make their lives better Tracey Stewart 1
Dominance & affection : the making of pets Yi-fu Tuan 1
Natural healthcare for pets Richard Allport 1
Don't step on my tail Mariellē Sphakianakē-Manōlidou 1
101 chicken keeping hacks from Fresh eggs daily : tips, tricks, and ideas for you and your hens Lisa Steele 1
My book of pets Jim Fitzsimmons 1
My angels wear fur : animals I rescued and their stories of unconditional love Devon O'Day 1
Molly the pet detective dog : the true story of one amazing dog who reunites missing cats with their families Colin Butcher 1
Molly and me Colin Butcher 1
Man's best friends Anne E. Bone 1
Lost and found Dave Thelwell 1
Looking after small pets : an authoritative family guide to caring for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, jirds, rats, mice and chinchillas, with more than 250 photographs David Alderton 1
Kindred spirit, kindred care : making decisions on behalf of our animal companions Shannon Fujimoto Nakaya 1
Just like family : how companion animals joined the household Andrea Laurent-Simpson 1
Jim Crow and others Dorothy Oliver 1


The 2 authors in this series in our database:

Author Books
Michaela Miller 7
Shoo Rayner 1


The 8 books in this series in our database:

Here are 8 of them:

Title Year
Hamsters 1997
Cats 1997
Goldfish 1997
Guinea pigs 1997
Dogs 1997
Guinea pigs 1998
Rabbits 1997
Pickles' new home 2014

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