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  • Book: Fortune's Pawn : Book 1 of Paradox
  • Author: Rachel Bach
  • Bnb Id: GBB376592
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Books on this subject: 72
  • Editions on this subject: 80
  • Authors on this subject: 67
  • Books in this series: 4
  • Authors in this series: 1


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There are the 72 books on the Paradox subject with a total 80 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Paradoxes from A to Z Michael Clark 4
Paradoxes R. M. Sainsbury 3
The knowability paradox Jonathan L. Kvanvig 2
Strategy : the logic of war and peace Edward Luttwak 2
Building bridges : the negotiation of paradox in psychoanalysis Stuart A. Pizer 2
Reflexive paradoxes T. S. Champlin 1
The Yablo paradox : an essay on circularity Roy T. Cook 1
Sleight of mind : 75 ingenious paradoxes in mathematics, physics, and philosophy Matt Cook 1
Semantic singularities : paradoxes of reference, predication, and truth Keith Simmons 1
Secrets of the paradox : solving the Liar and other logical problems Micheal D. Winterburn 1
Saving truth from paradox Hartry H. Field 1
Physics, a quandary past. 2d volume, Philosophy of science William Wilkinson 1
Puzzles and paradoxes in economics Mark Skousen 1
The empty raincoat : making sense of the future Charles B. Handy 1
Peter of Ailly : concepts and insolubles : an annotated translation Cardinal d'Ailly Pierre 1
Paradoxical life : meaning, matter, and the power of human choice Andreas Wagner 1
Paradoxical life : meaning, matter, and the power of human choice Andreas Wagner 1
Paradoxes shallow and deep Laurence Goldstein 1
The empty raincoat Charles B. Handy 1
10 moral paradoxes Saul Smilansky 1
Paradoxes of group life : understanding conflict, paralysis, and movement in group dynamics Kenwyn K. Smith 1
This book does not exist : adventures in the paradoxical Gary Hayden 1
Vicious circles and infinity : an anthology of paradoxes Patrick Hughes 1
Vicious circles and infinity : a panoply of paradoxes Patrick Hughes 1
Understanding death as life's paradox Brayton Polka 1
Truth, probability and paradox : studies in philosophical logic J. L. Mackie 1
Truth and paradox : solving the riddles Tim Maudlin 1
This sentence is false : an introduction to philosophical paradoxes Peter Cave 1
The uses of paradox : (religion, self-transformation, and the absurd) Matthew C. Bagger 1
The paradox of human nature and religious faith Christopher G. Smith 1
The shape of paradox : an essay on 'Waiting for Godot' Bert O. Slates 1
The protean leader : leading in uncertain times : the power of paradox Nina Rosoff 1
The power of paradox : harness the energy of competing ideas to uncover radically innovative solutions Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier 1
The paradoxicon : a collection of contradictory challenges, problematical puzzles and impossible illustrations Nicholas Falletta 1
The paradoxical self : toward an understanding of our contradictory nature Kirk J. Schneider 1
The paradoxes of Zeno J. A. Faris 1
Paradoxes of knowledge Elizabeth Hankins Wolgast 1
Paradoxes in probability theory William Eckhardt 1
Paradoxes in probability theory and mathematical statistics Gábor J. Székely 1
Elegy & paradox : testing the conventions W. David Shaw 1
Gravity and levity Alan McGlashan 1
Eureka : an ancient riddle unravelled Ush Light 1
Essays on paradoxes Terry Horgan 1
Epistemes, language and information technology John Grover 1
Empirical paradox, complexity thinking and generating new kinds of knowledge Bruce J. West 1
Elgar introduction to organizational paradox theory Marco Berti 1
Diamond : a paradox logic N. S. Hellerstein 1
A brief history of the paradox : philosophy and the labyrinths of the mind Roy A. Sorensen 1
Conversations with the Sphinx : paradoxes in physics Étienne Klein 1
Conrad and the paradox of plot Stephen K. Land 1
Complexification : explaining a paradoxical world through the science of surprise J. L. Casti 1
Approaching infinity Michael Huemer 1
Aha! gotcha : paradoxes to puzzle and delight Martin Gardner 1
A matter of life and death Niel Micklem 1
How the public sector got its contradictions : the tale of the paradoxical primate Colin Talbot 1
Infinity, causation, and paradox Alexander R. Pruss 1
John Buridan on self-reference : chapter eight of Buridan's Sophismata Jean Buridan 1
Language-paradox-poetics : a Chinese perspective James J.-Y. Liu 1
Logic without gaps or gluts : how to solve the paradoxes without sacrificing classical logic Ben Burgis 1
Masks, transformation, and paradox A. David Napier 1
Mixed metaphors : their use and abuse Karen Sullivan 1
Opposition and paradoxes : philosophical perplexities in science and mathematics J. L. Bell 1
Paradox Doris Olin 1
Paradox Margaret Cuonzo 1
Paradox and contradiction in the biblical traditions : the two ways of the world Brayton Polka 1
Paradox lost : logical solutions to ten puzzles of philosophy Michael Huemer 1
Paradoxes Justin Leiber 1
Paradoxes Piotr Łukowski 1
Paradoxes Roy T. Cook 1
Paradoxes : a study in form and predication James Cargile 1
Paradoxes and inconsistent mathematics Zach Weber 1
What can't be said : paradox and contradiction in East Asian thought Yasuo Deguchi 1


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