Organometallic chemistry

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Organometallic chemistry Gary O. Spessard 2
Organotin chemistry A. G. Davies 2
Organometallics Christoph Elschenbroich 2
Advances in organometallic chemistry. Vol. 44 Robert West 1
Principles of organometallic chemistry P. Powell 1
Preparation, characterisation and reactivity of low oxidation state d-block metal complexes stabilised by extremely bulky amide ligands Jaime Hicks 1
Organometallic reaction mechanisms of the nontransition elements Donald S. Matteson 1
Organometallic chemistry of five-membered heterocycles Alexander Sadimenko 1
Organometallic chemistry and catalysis D. Astruc 1
Organometallic chemistry R. C. Mehrotra 1
Organometallic chemistry John S. Thayer 1
Advanced practical inorganic and metalorganic chemistry R. J. Errington 1
NMR in organometallic chemistry P. S. Pregosin 1
Metallosurfactants : from fundamentals to catalytic and biomedical applications Surinder K. Mehta 1
Ligand platforms in homogenous catalytic reactions with metals : practice and applications for green organic transformations Ryohei Yamaguchi 1
Landmarks in organo-transition metal chemistry : a personal view Helmut Werner 1
Introduction to Reticular Chemistry : Metal-Organic Frameworks and Covalent Organic Frameworks Omar M. Yaghi 1
Elements of organometallic chemistry F. R. Hartley 1
Chemical synthesis using highly reactive metals Reuben D. Rieke 1
Basic organometallic chemistry : concepts, syntheses, and applications of transition metals B. D. Gupta 1
Applied organometallic chemistry and catalysis Robin Whyman 1
Supramolecular organometallic chemistry Ionel Haiduc 1

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