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An introduction to applied electromagnetics and optics V. V. Mitin 1
Optical design for LED solid state lighting : a guide Ching-Cherng Sun 1
Road lighting : fundamentals, technology and application Wout van Bommel 1
Provisioning, recovery and in-operation planning in elastic optical network Luis Velasco 1
Principles of optics for engineers : diffraction and modal analysis William S. C. Chang 1
Practical electronics for optical design and engineering Scott W. Teare 1
Physical optics : principles and practices Abdul Al-Azzawi 1
Photon Management Assisted by Surface Waves on Photonic Crystals Angelo. Angelini 1
Optomechanical systems engineering Keith J. Kasunic 1
Optical technology Jens Bliedtner 1
Optical systems design detection essentials : radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, noise, and measurements Robert M. Bunch 1
Optical materials. Volume 1 Soloman Musikant 1
Optical materials : an introduction to selection and application Solomon Musikant 1
Optical engineering science Stephen Rolt 1
Optical and optoelectronic instrumentation Amar K. Ganguly 1
Basic optical engineering for engineers and scientists Haiyin Sun 1
Network radar countermeasure systems : integrating radar and radar countermeasures Qiuxi Jiang 1
Multiband dual-function CMOS RFIC filter-switches Cam Nguyen 1
Manipulation of Near Field Propagation and Far Field Radiation of Surface Plasmon Polariton Lin Li 1
Lightwave engineering Y. Kokubun 1
Introduction to aberrations in optical imaging systems Jose M. Sasian 1
Introduction to Optical Components Roshan L. Aggarwal 1
Geometrical and trigonometric optics Eustace L. Dereniak 1
Evanescent waves in optics : an introduction to plasmonics Mario Bertolotti 1
Engineering optics with MATLAB Ting-Chung Poon 1
Engineering optics 2.0 : a revolution in optical theories, materials, devices and systems Xiangang Luo 1
Dynamic and stimuli-responsive multi-phase emulsion droplets for optical components Sara Nagelberg 1
Basics of laser physics : for students of science and engineering Karl F. Renk 1
Single frequency semiconductor lasers Zujie Fang 1

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