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  • Book: Forests : more than just trees
  • Author: Julie Kerr Casper
  • Bnb Id: GBA794493
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Books on this subject: 204
  • Editions on this subject: 240
  • Authors on this subject: 187
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There are the 204 books on the Natural resources subject with a total 240 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Environmental and natural resource economics Thomas H. Tietenberg 9
Environmental and natural resources economics : theory, policy, and the sustainable society Steven C. Hackett 5
Environmental economics and management : pollution and natural resources Finn R. Førsund 3
Earth resources and the environment James R. Craig 3
Environmental and natural resource economics : a contemporary approach Jonathan M. Harris 3
Exploitation, conservation, preservation : a geographic perspective on natural resource use Susan L. Cutter 3
The end of growth : adapting to our new economic reality Richard Heinberg 2
Environmental resources Alexander S. Mather 2
The secret life of stuff : a manual for a new material world Julie Hill 2
Only one Earth : living for the future Lloyd Timberlake 2
The economics of natural resource use John M. Hartwick 2
Scarcity and modernity Nicholas Xenos 2
The ecology of natural resources I. G. Simmons 2
Resources of the earth : origin, use, and environmental impact James R. Craig 2
Modern world development : a geographical perspective Michael Chisholm 2
Natural Capital : Valuing the Planet Dieter Helm 2
Climate change biology Lee Jay Hannah 2
Ecological economics : energy, environment and society Juan Martinez-Alier 2
Policy instruments for environment and natural resource management Thomas Sterner 2
World resources D. S. Scott 2
Winner take all : China's race for resources and what it means for us Dambisa Moyo 2
Beyond natural resources to post-human resources : towards a new theory of diversity and discontinuity Peter Baofu 2
Primary exergy cost of goods and services : an input-output approach Matteo Vincenzo Rocco 1
The 2030 spike : countdown to global catastrophe Colin Mason 1
The Earth's resources Brian J. Knapp 1
Resource and environmental economics Anthony C. Fisher 1
The Economics of Global Allocations of the Green Climate Fund : An Assessment from Four Scientific Traditions of Modeling Adaptation Strategies S. Niggol Seo 1
Raw materials Robin Kerrod 1
Prospects for alternative energy development in the U.S. West : tilting at windmills? John C. Pierce 1
The Indian Mesozoic chronicle : sequence stratigraphic approach Jai Krishna 1
Resource resilient UK : a report from the Circular Economy Task Force Dustin Benton 1
Practical conservation : site assessment and management planning Joyce Tait 1
Syngas Production : status and potential for implementation in Russian industry Vladimir Litvinenko 1
The Political Economy of Agricultural Booms : Managing Soybean Production in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay Mariano Turzi 1
Our developing world L. Dudley Stamp 1
The Southern energy corridor : Turkey's role in European energy security Vedat Yorucu 1
The blue economy version 2.0 : 200 projects implemented, US$ 4 billion invested, 3 million jobs created : a report to the Club of Rome Gunter A. Pauli 1
The challenge of man's future : an inquiry concerning the condition of man during the years that lie ahead Harrison Brown 1
The creation of the East Timorese economy. Volume 2, Birth of a nation Mats Lundahl 1
Technology, natural resources and economic growth : improving the environment for a greener future Shunsuke Managi 1
Sustainability performance evaluation of renewable energy sources : the case of Brazil João F. G. Oliveira 1
Resource efficiency : potential and economic implications : summary for policy-makers Paul Ekins 1
Resources, energy and development Neil Punnett 1
Resource economics : selected works of Orris C. Herfindahl Orris Clemens Herfindahl 1
Resource systems I. G. Simmons 1
Resource wars Michael T. Klare 1
Resource economics : selected works of Orris C. Herfindahl Orris C. Herfindahl 1
Resources Tony Ghaye 1
Resources and environment Michael Raw 1
Resources and power Paul Guinness 1
Resource constraints and global growth : evidence from the financial sector Efundem Agboraw 1
Resources, society and environmental management Gareth E. Jones 1
Sovereign wealth funds in resource economies : institutional and fiscal foundations Khalid Alsweilem 1
The debate on natural resources and the fate of humanity, or, Do we need economists? Alessandro Cigno 1
Rethinking economic growth theory from a biophysical perspective Blair Fix 1
Scarcity and growth : the economics of natural resource availability Harold J. Barnett 1
Resource and environmental economics : modern issues and applications C. A. Tisdell 1
Scarcity, energy and economic progress Ferdinand E. Banks 1
Self-governance and Sami communities : transitions in early modern natural resource management Jesper Larsson 1
Separation technologies for minerals, coal & earth resources Manoj Kumar 1
Simple methods to study pedology and edaphology of Indian tropical soils D. K. Pal 1
The curse of natural resources : a developmental analysis in a comparative context Sevil Acar 1
A green history of the world Clive Ponting 1
The earth environment John James Fagan 1
The real cost Richard North 1
The resource curse Syed Mansoob Murshed 1
The resource curse revisited Paul Stevens 1
The resource economics proposition : a pictorial thesis Farel Bradbury 1
The rise of green extractivism : extractivism, rural livelihoods and accumulation in a climate-smart world Natacha Bruna 1
The role of natural resources in the development process : a survey Sola Kasim 1
The role of resources in global competition John Fahy 1
The ultimate resource 2 Julian L. Simon 1
The use of economic measures in national biodiversity strategies and action plans : a review of experiences, lessons learned and ways forward L. Emerton 1
Third generation biofuels P. Bajpai 1
Toward a political economy of the commons : simple rules for sustainability Meina Cai 1
Towards a global map of natural capital : key ecosystem assets Barney Dickson 1
Towards a political economy of resource-dependent regions Greg Halseth 1
Using energy crops for biofuels or food : the choice Annoula Paschalidou 1
Using the earth Lee Bryant 1
Wars of plunder : conflicts, profits and the politics of resources Philippe Le Billon 1
Waste-age man Jonathan Holliman 1
Water security, justice and the politics of water rights in Peru and Bolivia Miriam Seemann 1
Who owns the earth James Ridgeway 1
Winner take all : China's race for resources and what it means for the world Dambisa Moyo 1
The real wealth of nations Samuel Robert Eyre 1
The race for what's left : the global scramble for the world's last resources Michael T. Klare 1
The earth's resources Don Radford 1
The prodigal human James R. Ozinga 1
The economic growth debate : are there limits to growth? Laurence Pringle 1
The economic metabolism Willem Heijman 1
The economics of forestry and natural resources Per-Olov Johansson 1
The economics of natural resources Richard Lecomber 1
The energy transition : an overview of the true challenge of the 21st century Vincent Petit 1
The environmental crisis : man's struggle to live with himself Harold W. Helfrich 1
The environmental revolution : a guide for the new masters of the world Max Nicholson 1
The geography of rural resources Christopher Bull 1
The global economy : resource use, locational choice, and international trade Brian J. L. Berry 1
The green world dossier Stephen Rabley 1
The holy earth L. H. Bailey 1
The holy earth : the birth of a new land ethic L. H. Bailey 1


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