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The main authors on Monsters in art-Juvenile literature by number of books and editions:


There are the 32 books on the Monsters in art-Juvenile literature subject with a total 33 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Monsters in my house Colin M. Drysdale 2
1-2-3 draw cartoon monsters : a step-by-step guide Steve Barr 1
101 monsters Dan Green 1
The monster book of zombies, spooks and ghouls Jason Ford 1
The art of drawing manga monsters David Antram 1
Super scary art Emily Kington 1
Origami monsters Steve Biddle 1
Monsters and robots Paul Gamble 1
Monsters : the step-by-step way to draw creeps, superheroes, demons, dragons, nerds, ghouls, giants, vampires, zombies and other scary creatures Lee J. Ames 1
Monsters Peter Gray 1
Monsters Jon Eppard 1
Mean 'n' Messy Monsters Dave Garbot 1
Mangamon T. Beaudenon 1
Manga monster madness David Okum 1
Kid's draw manga monsters Christopher Hart 1
It's fun to draw monsters Mark Bergin 1
It's fun to draw creepy spooks Mark Bergin 1
If Monet painted a monster Amy Newbold 1
I can draw creepy creatures Yuri Salzman 1
How to draw monsters with Calvin Innes Calvin Innes 1
How to draw monsters Cheryl Evans 1
How to draw magical, monstrous & mythological creatures Merrie Destefano 1
How to draw funny monsters Barbara Soloff-Levy 1
How to draw fantasy art : warriors, heroes and monsters Mark Bergin 1
Ed Emberley's drawing book of weirdos Ed Emberley 1
Drawing the Minotaur and other demihumans Steve Beaumont 1
Drawing monsters Carolyn Franklin 1
Draw super manga! monsters David Okum 1
Draw monsters : a step-by-step guide Damon J. Reinagle 1
Draw manga monsters Christopher Hart 1
Draw 50 beasties : the step-by-step way to draw 50 beasties and yugglies and turnover uglies and things that go bump in the night Lee J. Ames 1
You can draw monsters : a step-by-step guide to drawing monstrous beasts Martin Ursell 1



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