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  • Book: Focus on the strange
  • Author: Bob Fingerman
  • Bnb Id: GBB493678
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Books on this subject: 27
  • Editions on this subject: 34
  • Authors on this subject: 25
  • Books in this series: 2
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There are the 27 books on the Minimum wage subject with a total 34 editions:

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Title Author Editions
The Precariat : the New Dangerous Class Guy Standing 4
Statutory minimum wage controls : a critical review of their effects on labour markets, employment, and incomes Lewis F. Abbott 3
A precariat charter : from denizens to citizens Guy Standing 2
Minimum wages David Neumark 2
Punishment without crime? : prison as a worker-discipline device Marcus Miller 1
The minimum wage and labor market outcomes Christopher J. Flinn 1
The minimum wage and hours per worker /. Eric Strobl 1
The living wage : lessons from the history of economic thought Donald Stabile 1
The living wage Donald Hirsch 1
The economics of human rights : using the living income/fair price approach to combat poverty Ruud Bronkhorst 1
The economic effects of minimum wage laws : a survey of the evidence Patrick T. Geary 1
The ambiguous effect of minimum wages on workers and total hours Eric Strobl 1
Steps towards a living wage in global supply chains Rachel Wilshaw 1
Setting adequacy standards : how governments define minimum incomes John H. Veit Wilson 1
Optimum taxation and monopsonistic labour market : does monopsony justify the minimum wage? Pierre Cahuc 1
A study on the minimum wage J. Henry Richardson 1
North-south technology transfer in unionised multinationals Kjell Erik Lommerud 1
Myth and measurement : the new economics of the minimum wage David E. Card 1
Myth and measurement : the new economics of the minimum wage David Card 1
Monopsony, efficiency wages and minimum wages Felix FitzRoy 1
Minimum wages and employment : a critical appraisal of two theoretical frameworks Eithne Murphy 1
Minimum wages and employment M. Keil 1
Minimum wage and tax evasion: theory Mirco Tonin 1
Measuring the equilibrium effects of unemployment benefits dispersion Aico Van Vuuren 1
Living wage : regulatory solutions to informal and precarious work in global supply chains Shelley Marshall 1
International welfare and employment linkages arising from minimum wages Hartmut Egger 1
Wage rigidity and job creation Christian Haefke 1


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Bob Fingerman 2


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