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Sūkṣmādvaita : an interpretation of Advaita Vedānta and Mādhyamika Buddhism M. A. Cherian 6
Metaphysics : a contemporary introduction Michael J. Loux 5
Metaphysics Peter Van Inwagen 4
The god of the left hemisphere : Blake, Bolte Taylor, and the myth of creation Roderick Tweedy 3
Nietzsche and the clinic : pyschoanalysis, philosophy, metaphysics Jared Russell 3
The problems of philosophy Bertrand Russell 3
Advaita epistemology and metaphysics : an outline of Indian non-realism Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad 3
Metaphysics and transcendence Arthur Gibson 3
What is this thing called metaphysics? Brian Garrett 3
Analysis of existing : Barry Miller's approach to God Elmar J. Kremer 3
Riddles of existence : a guided tour of metaphysics Earl Brink Conee 3
Appearance and reality : a metaphysical essay F. H. Bradley 3
Perception : a formulation of the nature of things Peter Kinane 3
The metaphysics of ping-pong : Table tennis as a journey of self-discovery and the spinning ball as our planet earth Guido Mina Di Sospiro 3
The view of life : four metaphysical essays with Journal aphorisms Georg Simmel 2
Belief in God in an age of science J. C. Polkinghorne 2
The wisdom of lived experience : views from psychoanalysis, neuroscience, philosophy and metaphysics Maxine K. Anderson 2
Metaphysics and grammar William Charlton 2
The question of being : a reversal of Heidegger Stanley Rosen 2
Reality? knowledge? philosophy! : an introduction to metaphysics and epistemology Stephen Cade Hetherington 2
Aristotle's metaphysics : form, matter, and identity Jeremy Kirby 2
The metaphysical presuppositions of being-in-the-world : a confrontation between St. Thomas Aquinas and Martin Heidegger Caitlin Smith Gilson 2
Mind-energy Henri Bergson 2
Metaphysics as Christology : an odyssey of the self from Kant and Hegel to Steiner Jonael Schickler 2
Metaphysics as a guide to morals Iris Murdoch 2
Aristotle's modal logic : essence and entailment in the Organon Richard Patterson 2
The vindication of absolute idealism T. L. S. Sprigge 2
Fiction and metaphysics Amie L. Thomasson 2
For the love of perfection : Richard Rorty and liberal education René Vincente Arcilla 2
The logical foundations of Bradley's metaphysics : judgment, inference, and truth James W. Allard 2
Metaphysik bei Thomas von Aquin : eine Einführung Walter Patt 2
The metaphysics of creation : Aquinas's natural theology in Summa contra gentiles II Norman Kretzmann 2
The trespass of the sign : deconstruction, theology, and philosophy Kevin Hart 2
Gerard Manley Hopkins and the spell of John Duns Scotus John Llewelyn 2
Prolegomena to any future metaphysics that will be able to come forward as science : with selections from the Critique of pure reason Immanuel Kant 2
The Metaphysics of terror : the incoherent system of contemporary politics Rasmus Ugilt 2
The universe as we find it John Heil 2
The problem of metaphysics Donald M. MacKinnon 2
Substance, form and psyche : an Aristotelean metaphysics Montgomery Furth 2
The dramatic universe John G. Bennett 2
The world-time parallel : tense and modality in logic and metaphysics Adriane Rini 2
Doing worlds with words : formal semantics without formal metaphysics Jaroslav Peregrin 2
Space, time and the ethical foundations Robert E. Allinson 2
Spinoza's metaphysics : substance and thought Yitzhak Y. Melamed 2
Metaphysical horror Leszek Kołakowski 2
The metaphysics within physics Tim Maudlin 2
Descartes' cogito : saved from the great shipwreck Husain Sarkar 2
Sketch for a systematic metaphysics D. M. Armstrong 2
Metaphysics Aristotle 2
Selves : an essay in revisionary metaphysics Galen Strawson 2
Critique of Western philosophy and social theory David Sprintzen 2
Creative evolution Henri Bergson 2
Metaphysics Richard Taylor 2
Engagement and metaphysical dissatisfaction : modality and value Barry Stroud 2
Matter and spirit : the battle of metaphysics in modern Western philosophy before Kant James M. Lawler 2
Epistemology and metaphysics for qualitative research Tomas Pernecky 2
Metaphysics : an introduction Alyssa Ney 2
The metaphysics of knowledge Keith Hossack 2
The metaphysics of hyperspace Hud Hudson 2
The possibility of metaphysics : substance, identity, and time E. J. Lowe 2
Complicated presence : Heidegger and the postmetaphysical unity of being Jussi Backman 2
Substance and individuation in Leibniz J. A. Cover 2
Essays on metaphysics and the theory of knowledge Jonathan Harrison 2
Essential difference : toward a metaphysics of emergence James Blachowicz 2
The primacy of metaphysics Christopher Peacocke 2
Metaphysics : the basics Michael C. Rea 2
Aristotle's Metaphysics : Books [Mu] and [Nu] Aristotle 2
Art as the absolute : art's relation to metaphysics in Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel and Schopenhauer Paul Gordon 2
All the power in the world Peter K. Unger 2
The energy of life P. F. Robson 2
Negative dialectics Theodor W. Adorno 2
The construction of logical space Agustín Rayo 2
An essay on metaphysics R. G. Collingwood 2
Unity and development in Plato's Metaphysics William J. Prior 2
Modal logic as metaphysics Timothy Williamson 2
The face of God : the Gifford lectures 2010 Roger Scruton 2
Nietzsche and metaphysics Peter Poellner 2
Physics and metaphysics Alexander Mitjashin 2
Heidegger and philosophical atheology : a neo-scholastic critique Peter S. Dillard 2
Aesthetics after metaphysics : from mimesis to metaphor Miguel de Beistegui 2
Nietzsche on ethics and politics Maudemarie Clark 2
The event universe : the revisionary metaphysics of Alfred North Whitehead Leemon B. McHenry 2
The epistemological spectrum : at the interface of cognitive science and conceptual analysis David K. Henderson 2
A theory of identification Peter Kinane 2
On exceeding determination and the ideal of reason : Immanuel Kant, William Desmond and the noumenological principle Christopher David Shaw 2
Nature's metaphysics : laws and properties Alexander Bird 2
Introduction to metaphysics Martin Heidegger 2
Why there is something rather than nothing Bede Rundle 2
On the origin of objects Brian Cantwell Smith 2
Wittgenstein's 'Investigations' 1-133 : a guide and interpretation Andrew Lugg 2
Wittgenstein's metaphysics John W. Cook 2
Ontology revisited : metaphysics in social and political philosophy Ruth Groff 2
A metaphysics for scientific realism : knowing the unobservable Anjan Chakravartty 2
Writing the book of the world Theodore Sider 2
A critical introduction to the metaphysics of time Benjamin L. Curtis 2
A critical introduction to the metaphysics of modality Andrea Borghini 2
A critical introduction to fictionalism Fred Kroon 2
Immediacy and meaning : J.K. Huysmans and the immemorial origin of metaphysics Caitlin Smith Gilson 2
Yes, but not quite : encountering Josiah Royce's ethico-religious insight Dwayne A. Tunstall 2
Persian metaphysics and mysticism : selected treatises of ʿAzīz Nasafī ʿAzīz al-Dīn ibn Muḥammad Nasafī 2


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