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Critical tools for the study of the New Testament 1995
The discourse analysis of Hebrew prophetic literature : determining the larger textual units of Hosea and Joel 1995
Paul's use of ethos, pathos, and logos in 2 Corinthians 10-13 1995
Perfection in New Testament theology : ethics and eschatology in relational dynamic 1995
The binding (aqedah) and its transformations in Judaism and Islam : the lambs of God 1995
Five problems in the interpretation of the Shepherd of Hermas : authorship, genre, canonicity, apocalyptic, and the absence of the name 'Jesus Christ' 1995
Lazarus and the Fourth Gospel community 1996
Narrative irony in Luke-Acts : the paradoxical interaction of prophetic fulfillment and Jewish rejection 1996
The making of Mark 1996
Augustinian and Pauline rhetoric in Romans five : a study of early Christian rhetoric 1996
An exegetical and theological study of Paul's understanding of new creation and reconciliation in 2 Cor. 5:14-21 1996
Simile and prophetic language in the Old Testament 1996
A theology of inclusion in Jesus and Paul : the God of outcasts and sinners 1996
The seventieth week of Daniel 9:27 as a literary key for understanding the structure of the Apocalypse of John 1996
The Psalms of lamentation and the enigma of suffering 1996
The believer's participation in the death of Christ : 'corporate identification' and a study of Romans 6:1-14 1996
An investigation of koimaomai in the New Testament : the concept of eschatological sleep 1996
Jude : a structural commentary 1996
The author of the Apocalypse : a review of the prevailing hypothesis of Jewish-Christian authorship 1997
The office of Christ and its expression in the church : prophet, priest, king 1997
The gathering of the Gospels : from papyrus to printout 1997
Matthew's narrative use of Galilee in the multicultural and missiological journeys of Jesus 1998
Rabbinic views of Qohelet 1999
An inner-biblical exegetical study of the Davidic covenant and the dynastic oracle 2000
John's gospel and the history of biblical interpretation 2002

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