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There are the 947 books on the Meditation subject with a total 1,045 editions:

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Title Author Editions
How to meditate Paul Roland 5
Meditation Naomi Ozaniec 5
The quest of the overself Paul Brunton 4
Meditation für Dummies Stephan Bodian 3
Silent music : the science of meditation William Johnston 3
Meditation in a changing world William Bloom 3
The meditation experience : your complete meditation workshop in a book Madonna Gauding 3
You can conquer cancer Ian Gawler 3
Getting in the gap : making conscious contact with God through meditation Wayne W. Dyer 3
Meditation for dummies Stephan Bodian 3
Meditation made easy : with step-by-step guided meditations to calm mind, body, and soul Stephanie Brookes 3
Radical compassion : learning to love yourself and your world with the practice of RAIN Tara Brach 2
Real happiness : a 28-day programme to connect with the power of meditation Sharon Salzberg 2
Transmission : a meditation for the new age Benjamin Creme 2
Silence your mind Ramesh Manocha 2
The practice of Biblical meditation Campbell McAlpine 2
Practical meditation : quieten your mind and find serenity Giovanni Dienstmann 2
The practice of meditation Charles Bowness 2
Seven masters, one path : meditation secrets from the world's greatest teachers John Selby 2
Meditation : commonsense directions for an uncommon life Easwaran Eknath 2
Meditation : exercises and inspirations for well-being Bill Anderton 2
Seeking silence in a noisy world : the art of mindful solitude Adam Ford 2
Meditation for beginners Jack Kornfield 2
Meditation : self-regulation strategy and altered state of consciousness Deane H. Shapiro 2
Secrets of meditation : a practical guide to inner peace and personal transformation Davidji 2
The secret path : the classic work on meditation Paul Brunton 2
The silent path : a comprehensive introduction to the study of meditation Michal J. Eastcott 2
The power of meditation : a 28-day programme for real happiness Sharon Salzberg 2
The silent path : an introduction to meditation Michal J. Eastcott 2
Chakra meditation : transformation through the seven energy centers of the body Layne Redmond 2
Meditation : transforming our lives for the encounter with Christ Jörgen Smit 2
The spirit of meditation Erica Brealey 2
The way of harmony : how to find true abundance in your life Jim Dreaver 2
The varieties of the meditative experience Daniel Goleman 2
Simple meditation and relaxation Joel Levey 2
Meditation : experiences of the higher worlds Sri Chinmoy 2
Educating for wisdom and compassion : creating conditions for timeless learning John P. Miller 2
Letting the soul decide : a journey of more than one lifetime Granville Stone 2
Journey into mindfulness Patrizia Collard 2
The complete idiot's guide to meditation Joan Budilovsky 2
Inhale. Exhale. Repeat : a meditation handbook for every part of your day Emma Mills 2
The best meditations on the planet : 120 techniques to beat stress, improve health, and create happiness-in just minutes per day Martin Hart 2
In search of serenity : a guide to successful meditation Harold Kampf 2
The awakened mind : biofeedback and the development of higher states of awareness C. Maxwell Cade 2
How to relax Thích Nhất Hạnh 2
How to meditate : gain focus and serenity with simple-to-follow techniques shown in more than 250 photographs Doriel Hall 2
How to meditate : a guide to self-discovery Lawrence L. LeShan 2
The fifth dimension : the future of mankind Vera Stanley Alder 2
Homemaking and personal development : meditative practice for homemakers Veronika Van Duin 2
Holistic healing : live your best life the natural way Sally Brockway 2
Get some headspace Andy Puddicombe 2
Eight extraordinary channels : qi jing ba mai : a handbook for clinical practice and nei dan inner meditation David Twicken 2
From intellect to intuition Alice Bailey 2
The little pocket book of mindfulness : don't dwell on the past or worry about the future : simply be in the present with mindfulness meditations Anna Black 2
The meditation bible : the definitive guide to meditation Madonna Gauding 2
Meditating with mandalas : 52 new mandalas to help you grow in peace and awareness David Fontana 2
Finding fire with Tony de Mello : a book of meditation exercises John Callanan 2
Meditation Erica Brealey 2
Meditation Grace Cooke 2
Meditation James Hewitt 2
The mindful athlete : secrets to pure performance George Mumford 2
Expect a miracle : 7 spiritual steps to finding the right relationship Kathy Freston 2
Entspannen durch Meditation für Dummies Stephan Bodian 2
Empowering your soul through meditation Sant Rajinder Singh 2
The peaceful arts : meditation, yoga, tai chi, stretching Mark Evans 2
The book of six rings : secrets of the spiritual warrior : life lessons and intuitive development inspired by the masters of Budo Jock Brocas 2
Working with meditation : practical ways to heal and transform your life Madonna Gauding 2
Mindfulness-based strategic awareness training : a complete program for leaders and individuals Juan Humberto Young 2
Meditative prayer Richard J. Foster 2
A year of living mindfully : week-by-week mindfulness meditations for a more contented and fulfilled life Anna Black 2
Meditation secrets for women : discovering your passion, pleasure, and inner peace Camille Maurine 2
Walking on water : reaching God in our time Anthony De Mello 2
Mindful moments Louise Adams 2
Wildmind : a step-by-step guide to meditation Bodhipaksa 2
Mindfulness for beginners : reclaiming the present moment - and your life Jon Kabat-Zinn 2
Meditations from A simple path Saint Mother Teresa 2
On meditation : spiritual perspectives Rudolf Steiner 2
One million mandalas for you to create, print, and colour Madonna Gauding 2
Mind in the balance : meditation in science, Buddhism, and Christianity B. Alan Wallace 2
Mind whispering : how to break free from self-defeating emotional habits Tara Bennett-Goleman 2
A sensory journey : meditations on scent for wellbeing Jennifer Rhind 2
10% happier : how I tamed the voice in my head, reduced stress without losing my edge, and found self-help that actually works : a true story Dan Harris 2
Spiritual direction and meditation ; and, What is contemplation? Thomas Merton 1
Stress management : a practical introduction to meditation : a natural approach for dealing with stress Glyn Williams 1
Mindfulness meditation and the art of Reiki : the road to liberation Steve Gooch 1
Moment of Christ : prayer as the way to God's fullness John Main 1
Stillness in mind : a companion to mindfulness, meditation and living Simon Cole 1
Stillness is the way : an intensive meditation course Barry Long 1
Stillpoints for children : guided relaxation, meditation and visualisation Elaine Moreton 1
Strange kingdom : meditations on the cross to transform your day to day life Kenneth Costa 1
Streams of living water : reflections on the life and spirituality of St. John Eudes Mary Elizabeth McCormack 1
Mindfulness made easy Martha Langley 1
Still life : the myths and magic of mindful living Rebecca Pacheco 1
Mindfulness in motion : a new approach to a happier, healthier life through body-centred meditation Tamara Russell 1
Stressbewältigung durch Meditation : Eine Einführung für Psychologen, Berater und soziale Berufe Antje Sonntag 1
Strong, calm and free : a modern guide to yoga, meditation and mindful living Nicola Jane Hobbs 1
Speculum religiosorum; and, Speculum ecclesie Archbishop of Canterbury Saint of Abingdon Edmund 1
Spaces of serenity : small projects for meditation & contemplation Jeffery S. Poss 1
Success through stillness : mediation made simple Russell Simmons 1
Superconsciousness : how to benefit from emerging spiritual trends J. Donald Walters 1



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