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The sociology of health, healing, and illness Gregory L. Weiss 6
Understanding health policy : a clinical approach Thomas Bodenheimer 4
Healthcare delivery in the U.S.A. : an introduction Margaret F. Schulte 4
Understanding health policy : a clinical approach Thomas S. Bodenheimer 3
The nature of health : how America lost, and can regain, a basic human value Michael Fine 3
Suffering and healing in America : an American doctor's view from outside Raymond Downing 3
Expanding the capacity to care Pierce Story 2
Dental public health & research : contemporary practice for the dental hygienist Christine Nielsen Nathe 2
To live and die in America : class, power, health, and healthcare Robert Chernomas 2
Strategic factors in U.S. health care : human resources, capital, and technology Howard S. Berliner 2
The second sickness : contradictions of capitalist health care Howard Waitzkin 2
Essentials of health services Stephen J. Williams 2
The health care mess : how we got into it and what it will take to get out Julius B. Richmond 2
Severed trust : why American medicine hasn't been fixed George D. Lundberg 2
Hospitals & patients William R. Rosengren 2
The US health system : origins and functions Marshall W. Raffel 2
The changing face of medicine : women doctors and the evolution of health care in America Ann K. Boulis 2
The demand for health : a theoretical and empirical investigation Michael Grossman 2
Health care in the United States : organization, management, and policy Howard P. Greenwald 2
The ethos of medicine in postmodern America : philosophical, cultural, and social considerations Arnold R. Eiser 2
Health care policy and practice : a biopsychosocial perspective Cynthia Moniz 2
The U.S. health system : origins and functions Marshall W. Raffel 2
Jonas' introduction to the U.S. health care system Raymond L. Goldsteen 2
Chaos and organization in health care Thomas H. Lee 2
Pharmacy, drugs and medical care Mickey C. Smith 2
Worst case bioethics : death, disaster, and public health George J. Annas 2
Worried sick : a prescription for health in an overtreated America Nortin M. Hadler 2
Comprehensive healthcare for the U.S. : an idealized model William F. Roth 2
American medicine and the public interest Rosemary Stevens 2
Professional dominance : the social structure of medical care Eliot Freidson 2
Universal health care Claudio Butticè 2
Reinventing American health care : how the Affordable Care Act will improve our terribly complex, blatantly unjust, outrageously expensive, grossly inefficient, error prone system Ezekiel J. Emanuel 1
The US healthcare dilemma : mirrors and chains Michael T. McGuire 1
The United States health care system : combining business, health, and delivery Anne Austin 1
The accidental system : health care policy in America Michael D. Reagan 1
The changing federal role in U.S. health care policy Jennie J. Kronenfeld 1
Performance comparison and organizational service provision : U.S. hospitals and the quest for performance control Christopher Dorn 1
Prescription for the future : the twelve transformational practices of highly effective medical organizations Ezekiel J. Emanuel 1
The citizen patient : reforming health care for the sake of the patient, not the system Nortin M. Hadler 1
The corporate practice of medicine : competition and innovation in physician organization James C. Robinson 1
Patient, heal thyself : how the new medicine puts the patient in charge Robert M. Veatch 1
The end of medicine Rick J. Carlson 1
Oxymorons : the myth of a U.S. health care system J. D. Kleinke 1
Pharmaphobia : how the conflict of interest myth undermines American medical innovation Thomas P. Stossel 1
Systems of health care Douglas R. Mackintosh 1
Priced out : the economic and ethical costs of American health care Uwe E. Reinhardt 1
Provider-led population health management : key healthcare strategies in the cognitive era Richard Hodach 1
Restoring quality health care : a six-point plan for comprehensive reform at lower cost Scott W. Atlas 1
Rethinking health care : innovation and change in America Max Heirich 1
Rx for health care reform Ken Terry 1
Public expectations and health care : essays on the changing organization of health services David Mechanic 1
Sick to debt : how smarter markets lead to better care Peter A. Ubel 1
The future of the managed care industry : and its international implications David Woods 1
Skin in the game : how putting yourself first today will revolutionize health care tomorrow John Hammergren 1
The Hippocratic predicament : affordability, access, and accountability in American medicine Robert M. Kaplan 1
Social movements and the transformation of American health care Jane Banaszak-Holl 1
Private medicine and public health : profit, politics, and prejudice in the American health care enterprise Lawrence David Weiss 1
Primary care and the public's health : judging impacts, goals, and policies Nancy Milio 1
Surviving the medical meltdown : your guide to living through the disaster of Obamacare Lee D. Hieb 1
Pricing the priceless : a health care conundrum Joseph P. Newhouse 1
Remaking the American patient : how Madison Avenue and modern medicine turned patients into consumers Nancy Tomes 1
The evolution of the US healthcare system : a legacy of opportunism and greed Richard L. Douglass 1
A right to health : the problem of access to primary medical care Charles E. Lewis 1
The great American medicine show : the unhealthy state of US medical care, and what can be done about it Spencer Klaw 1
The growth of bureaucratic medicine : an inquiry into the dynamics of patient behavior and the organization of medical care David Mechanic 1
Transition to 21st century healthcare : a guide for leaders and quality professionals Scott Goodwin 1
Transplanting care : shifting commitments in health and care in the United States Laura L. Heinemann 1
U.S. health care simplified Charles Yesalis 1
U.S. healthcare and the future supply of physicians Eli Ginzberg 1
U.S. national health policy : an analysis of the federal role Jennie Kronenfeld 1
US health policy and health care delivery : doctors, reformers, and entrepreneurs Carl F. Ameringer 1
Understanding and managing the complexity of healthcare William B. Rouse 1
Understanding the U.S. health services system Phoebe Lindsey Barton 1
Unraveling U.S. health care : a personal guide Roberta E. Winter 1
Well : what we need to talk about when we talk about health Sandro Galea 1
What no one told you about health care : a look at some health care problems and some possible solutions Donald L. Price 1
White coat, clenched fist : the political education of an American physician Fitzhugh Mullan 1
Who killed health care ? : America's $2 trillion medical problem - and the consumer-driven cure Regina E. Herzlinger 1
Who knew? : inside the complexity of American health care Lynn Harold Vogel 1
Wholistic health : a whole-person approach to primary health care Donald A. Tubesing 1
Whose Standards? : Consumer and Professional Standards in Health Care Charlotte Williamson 1
Whose standards? : consumer and professional standards in health care Charlotte Williamson 1
Why ration health care? : an international study of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and public sector health care in the USA Heinz Redwood 1
You can stop humming now : a doctor's stories of life, death and in between Daniela Lamas 1
Transforming healthcare : an insider's look on why and how Morey Menacker 1
Transforming health care : Virginia Mason Medical Center's pursuit of the perfect patient experience Charles Kenney 1
The tough luck constitution and the assault on health care reform Andrew Koppelman 1
The medical establishment and social responsibility Duane F. Stroman 1
The healing of America : a global quest for better, cheaper, and fairer health care T. R. Reid 1
The health care dilemma : problems of technology in health care delivery Jack Harold Upton Brown 1
The health care handbook : a clear and concise guide to the United States health care system Elisabeth Askin 1
The health care industry : a primer for board members Dennis Dale Pointer 1
Our unsystematic health care system Grace Budrys 1
The health strategy game : a challenge for reorganization and management James Orville Hepner 1
The healthcare debate Greg M. Shaw 1
The hippocratic myth : why doctors are under pressure to ration care, practice politics, and compromise their promise to heal Maxwell Gregg Bloche 1
The medical triangle : physicians, politicians, and the public Eli Ginzberg 1
The sociology of health and medicine : a critical introduction Ellen Annandale 1
The myths of modern medicine : the alarming truth about American health care John Leifer 1
The power to heal : civil rights, Medicare, and the struggle to transform America's health care system David Barton Smith 1


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