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Key facts:
  • Book: Rock
  • Author: Chris Oxlade
  • Bnb Id: GBA2U2547
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Companies: 36,576
  • Employees: 23,864,698
  • Revenues: 6,746.9B$
  • Assets: 5,116.5B$
  • Profits: 381.9B$
  • Debt: 1,388.5B$
  • Books on this subject: 451
  • Editions on this subject: 580
  • Authors on this subject: 388
  • Books in this series: 31
  • Authors in this series: 4


Top Authors

The main authors on Materials by number of books and editions:


There are the 451 books on the Materials subject with a total 580 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Mechanics of materials R. C. Hibbeler 10
The science and engineering of materials Donald R. Askeland 8
Engineering materials : properties and selection Kenneth G. Budinski 7
Materials science and engineering : an introduction William D. Callister 6
Introduction to materials science for engineers James F. Shackelford 6
Mechanics of materials James M. Gere 6
Materials selection in mechanical design M. F. Ashby 6
Materials and processes in manufacturing E. Paul DeGarmo 5
Mechanical behavior of materials : engineering methods for deformation, fracture, and fatigue Norman E. Dowling 5
Materials for civil and construction engineers Michael S. Mamlouk 5
Foundations of materials science and engineering William F. Smith 5
Materials : engineering, science, processing and design M. F. Ashby 4
Materials and process selection for engineering design Mahmoud M. Farag 4
Practical metallurgy and materials of industry John E. Neely 4
Engineering materials 2 : an introduction to microstructures, processing and design M. F. Ashby 4
Fundamentals of materials science and engineering : an integrated approach William D. Callister 4
Introduction to engineering materials G. T. Murray 3
The nature and properties of engineering materials Zbigniew D. Jastrzebski 3
Materials science and engineering William D. Callister 3
Materials and design : the art and science of material selection in product design M. F. Ashby 3
Engineering materials technology : structures, processing, properties, and selection James A. Jacobs 3
Manufacturing processes for engineering materials Serope Kalpakjian 3
Engineering materials technology W. Bolton 3
Materials chemistry Bradley D. Fahlman 3
Physical properties of materials Mary Anne White 3
Mechanics of materials Stephen Timoshenko 3
Materials for the engineering technician Raymond A. Higgins 3
Materials for civil and highway engineers Kenneth N. Derucher 3
Inorganic nanowires : applications, properties, and characterization M. Meyyappan 3
Materials for engineering W. Bolton 3
Combustion for material synthesis Alexander S. Rogachev 2
Essentials of materials science and engineering Donald R. Askeland 2
Tensor algebra and tensor analysis for engineers : with applications to continuum mechanics Mikhail Itskov 2
The materials physics companion Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps 2
Degarmo's materials and processes in manufacturing J. Temple Black 2
Menschen und ihre Materialen : von der Steinzeit bis heute Hans Rytger Kricheldorf 2
Strong solids A. Kelly 2
Mechanics of materials E. P. Popov 2
Engineering materials 2 : an introduction to microstructures and processing M. F. Ashby 2
Introduction to the thermodynamics of solids J. L. Ericksen 2
Engineering materials 1 : an introduction to properties, applications and design M. F. Ashby 2
Engineering materials R. L. Timings 2
Introduction to engineering materials Vernon John 2
Engineering construction and materials J. Hoyland 2
New materials, processes, and methods technology Mel M. Schwartz 2
Inorganic materials Duncan W. Bruce 2
The new science of strong materials, or, Why you don't fall through the floor J. E. Gordon 2
Applied strength of materials Alfred Jensen 2
Physical properties of materials for engineers Daniel D. Pollock 2
Mechanics of engineering materials P. P. Benham 2
An introduction to the properties of engineering materials K. J. Pascoe 2
Mechanics of materials Barry J. Goodno 2
The science of engineering materials Charles O. Smith 2
Materials handbook : a concise desktop reference François Cardarelli 2
Processes and materials of manufacture Roy A. Lindberg 2
Materials enabled designs : the materials engineering perspective to product design and manufacturing Michael Pfeifer 2
Materials for engineers and technicians Raymond A. Higgins 2
Materials characterization : introduction to microscopic and spectroscopic methods Y. Leng 2
On shear behavior of structural elements made of steel fiber reinforced concrete Estefanía Cuenca 1
Optimal control of PDEs under uncertainty : an introduction with application to optimal shape design of structures Jesús Martínez-Frutos 1
Plasma surface metallurgy : with double glow discharge technology - Xu-Tec process Zhong Xu 1
Plasticity of boronized layers M. G. Krukovich 1
Optical phenomenology and applications : health monitoring for infrastructure materials and the environment Masoud Ghandehari 1
Plasticity and fracture Wolfgang Brocks 1
Plasma nitriding of steels Hossein Aghajani 1
Plasticity-damage couplings : from single crystal to polycrystalline materials Oana Cazacu 1
Platinum monolayer electrocatalysts Radoslav R. Adžić 1
Post-petroleum design George Elvin 1
Powder consolidation using cold spray : process modeling and emerging applications Atieh Moridi 1
Organic electronics. Volume 2, Applications and marketing Thien-Phap Nguyen 1
Physics of materials Yves Quéré 1
Pipeline steels for sour service Ivan Shabalov 1
PCM-enhanced building components : an application of phase change materials in building envelopes and internal structures Jan Kośny 1
Particulate composites : fundamentals and applications Randall M. German 1
Pebbles Debbie Godbold 1
Physics of materials Richard J. Weiss 1
Phase transformations in materials A. K. Jena 1
Physical fundamentals of materials science D. S. Tulloch 1
Physics of functional materials Hasse Fredriksson 1
Physical metallurgy of cast irons José Antonio Pero-Sanz Elorz 1
Physics and chemistry of earth materials Alexandra Navrotsky 1
Physical test methods for elastomers Roger Brown 1
Physical properties of materials Mervyn Charles Lovell 1
Physical properties of materials for engineers. Volume III Daniel D. Pollock 1
Optical Properties of Metallic Nanoparticles : Basic Principles and Simulation Andreas Trügler 1
"Oh no, not another question!" Debbie Godbold 1
Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of the fracture behaviour of an electron beam welded steel joint Haoyun Tu 1
Materials. 1 Bob Lee 1
Mechanics of materials George R. Buchanan 1
Mechanics of engineering materials. Solutions manual P. P. Benham 1
Mechanics of agricultural materials György Sitkei 1
Mechanical properties of solids and fluids Reginald Cyril Stanley 1
Mechanical properties and working of metals and alloys Amit Bhaduri 1
Mechanical engineering for link courses T. E. Savage 1
Mechanical behavior Wayne Hayden 1
Mathematical theory of elasticity of quasicrystals and its applications Tianyou Fan 1
Materiology : the creative's guide to materials and technologies Quentin Hirsinger 1
Materials technology : level 2 R. L. Timings 1
Newnes engineering materials pocket book W. Bolton 1
Materials technology James George Tweeddale 1


Full extract of all companies in this sector:

There are 6 industries in that sector:

Industry Nb of companies
Construction Materials 15,820
Chemicals 6,951
Metals & Mining 6,841
0 4,202
Containers & Packaging 3,412
Paper & Forest Products 1,269


The 4 authors in this series in our database:


The 31 books in this series in our database:

Here are 11 of them:

Title Year
Rock 2003
Cotton 2003
Rubber 2003
Soil 2003
Water 2003
Glass 2002
Metal 2002
Glass 2008
Metal 2008
Plastic 2008
Rock 2008
Rubber 2008
Soil 2008
Water 2008
Wood 2008
Comparing materials 2009
Glass 2009
Metal 2009
Plastic 2009
Rock 2009
Rubber 2009
Soil 2009
Water 2009
Wood 2009
Solidification 2009
Wood 2016
Metal 2016
Plastic 2016
Glass 2016
Rock 2017
Water 2017

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