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There are the 42 books on the Mandala subject with a total 45 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Creating mandalas : for insight, healing, and self-expression Susanne F. Fincher 2
Meditating with mandalas : 52 new mandalas to help you grow in peace and awareness David Fontana 2
Mandala symbolism and techniques : innovative approaches for professionals Susan I. Buchalter 2
Celtic mandalas Courtney Davis 1
Natural mandalas : 30 new meditations to help you find peace and awareness in the beauty of nature Lisa Tenzin Dolma 1
Mandalas of the celts Klaus Holitzka 1
Mandalas of the world : a meditating & painting guide Rüdiger Dahlke 1
Mandale intuitive Romeo-Marin Leu 1
Meditations and mandalas : simple songs for the spiritual life Nan C. Merrill 1
Meditative stone art : create over 40 mandala and nature-inspired designs Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango 1
Meditative stone art : learn how to create over 40 mandala and nature-inspired designs Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango 1
The little book of colouring for calm : 100 mandalas for relaxation in minutes Madonna Gauding 1
Mandalas for meditation Rüdiger Dahlke 1
The mandala bible : the definitive guide to using sacred shapes Madonna Gauding 1
The mandala book : patterns of the universe Lori Bailey Cunningham 1
The mandala of being : discovering the power of awareness Richard M. Moss 1
The mandala sourcebook : 150 mandalas to help you find peace, awareness, and wellbeing David Fontana 1
The mandala workbook : a creative guide for self-exploration, balance, and well-being Susanne F. Fincher 1
The meaning of the mandala : an alchemical treatise on the opus magnum Philip Williams 1
The peace mandala Colin Willby 1
The theory and practice of the Mandala, with special reference to the modern psychology of the subconscious Giuseppe Tucci 1
Mandalas for power & energy Marion Küstenmacher 1
Mandalas : spiritual circles for harmony and fulfilment Laura J. Watts 1
Coloring mandalas 2 : for balance, harmony, and spiritual well-being Susanne F. Fincher 1
James Joyce's mandala Colm O'Shea 1
Colour yourself calm - creativity Paul Heussenstamm 1
Colour yourself calm - happiness Paul Heussenstamm 1
Drawing mandalas from nature : 80 inspiring and organic designs for coloring and meditation Sonia Waleyla 1
Dream wisdom and shamanism William Adcock 1
Freestyle embroidered mandalas : more than 60 stitches and techniques in inspiring combinations Hazel Blomkamp 1
Gnostic tarot : mandalas for spiritual transformation Lee Irwin 1
Healing mandalas : 30 inspiring meditations to soothe your mind, body & soul Lisa Tenzin Dolma 1
Making mandalas for harmony and healing : a practical guide to using spiritual circles Laura J. Watts 1
Mandalas : for personal growth & business success : includes 160 blank mandalas June McLeod 1
Mandala José A. Argüelles 1
Mandala : luminous symbols for healing Judith Cornell 1
Mandala : the architecture of enlightenment Denise Patry Leidy 1
Mandala : the art of creating future June-Elleni Laine 1
Mandala workbook for inner self-discovery Anneke Huyser 1
Mandalas & meditations for everyday living : 52 pathways to mindfulness Cassandra Lorius 1
Mandalas : explore the universe through your inner self Laura J. Watts 1
Zen doodling mandalas : how to draw & colour meditative mandalas Carolyn Franklin 1


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