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The history of magic : including a clear and precise exposition of its procedure, its rites and its mysteries Éliphas Lévi 5
A history of magic Richard Cavendish 2
A history of white magic Gareth Knight 2
Magic, supernaturalism and religion Kurt Seligmann 2
The wizard's book of spells Beatrice Phillpotts 2
The romance of sorcery Sax Rohmer 2
The elixir and the stone : a history of magic and alchemy Michael Baigent 1
Polarity magic : the secret history of western religion Wendy Berg 1
Ritual magic E. M. Butler 1
Sapientia astrologica : astrology, magic and natural knowledge, ca. 1250-1800. I, Medieval structures (1250-1500): conceptual, institutional, socio-political, theologico-religious and cultural H. Darrel Rutkin 1
Spellbound, from ancient gods to modern Merlins : a time tour of myth and magic Dominic Alexander 1
Spiritual and demonic magic : from Ficino to Campanella D. P. Walker 1
The Devil's bookshelf : a history of the written word in western magic from Ancient Egypt to the present day Christopher McIntosh 1
The complete book of magic and witchcraft Leonard R. N. Ashley 1
The complete book of spells, curses and magical recipes Leonard R. N. Ashley 1
A guide to magic, witchcraft and the paranormal : the romance of sorcery Sax Rohmer 1
The history of magic : from alchemy to witchcraft, from the Ice Age to the present Chris Gosden 1
Paul Daniels and the story of magic John Fisher 1
The magician, the witch and the law Edward Peters 1
The myth of the Magus E. M. Butler 1
The path of the chameleon Nevill Drury 1
The psychogenesis of magic S. M. A. Malik 1
The spectacle of illusion : magic, the paranormal & the complicity of the mind Matthew L. Tompkins 1
The varieties of magical experience : indigenous, medieval, and modern magic Lynne Hume 1
The witches' ointment : the secret history of psychedelic magic Thomas Hatsis 1
Wizards : a history P. G. Maxwell-Stuart 1
The illustrated history of magic & witchcraft : a study of pagan belief and practice around the world, from the first shamans to modern witches and wizards, in 530 evocative images Susan Greenwood 1
Magic, the esoteric and the occult Stephen Wakefield 1
Never on a broomstick Frank Donovan 1
Magic in Western culture : from antiquity to the Enlightenment Brian P. Copenhaver 1
Aleister Crowley & the hidden god Kenneth Grant 1
Aspects of Anglo-Saxon magic Bill Griffiths 1
Astrology and magic from the medieval Latin and Islamic world to Renaissance Europe : theories and approaches Paola Zambelli 1
Behind the crystal ball : magic, science, and the occult from antiquity through the New Age Anthony F. Aveni 1
Cults of the shadow Kenneth Grant 1
Divine magic : the world of the supernatural André Singer 1
Epoch Peter J. Carroll 1
From Paracelsus to Newton : magic and the making of modern science Charles Webster 1
John Dee's occultism : magical exaltation through powerful signs György Endre Szőnyi 1
Lives of the necromancers, or, An account of the most eminent persons in successive ages who have claimed for themselves, or to whom has been imputed by others, the exercise of magical power William Godwin 1
Magic Guy R. Williams 1
Magic : a beginner's guide Robert Ralley 1
Magic : a history of its rites, rituals and mysteries Éliphas Lévi 1
Magic : a very short introduction Owen Davies 1
Magic : the Western tradition Francis King 1
Magic : the basics Michael David Bailey 1
Magic and divination Rupert Gleadow 1
Magic and the western mind : ancient knowledge and the transformation of consciousness Gareth Knight 1
Magic and witchcraft Nevill Drury 1
Magic and witchcraft : from shamanism to the technopagans Nevill Drury 1
Magic and witchcraft in the West : sabbats, satan and supersitions Frances Timbers 1
Wizards and sorcerers : from abracadabra to Zoroaster Tom Ogden 1


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