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The future of history John Lukacs 2
Books that changed the world : the 50 most influential books in human history Andrew Taylor 2
The Ghaznavid and Seljuq Turks : poetry as a source for Iranian history Gillies Tetley 2
The Ghaznavid and Seljuk Turks : poetry as a source for Iranian history Gillies Tetley 2
Speaking with the dead : explorations in literature and history Jürgen Pieters 2
Shadowtime : history and representation in Hardy, Conrad, and George Eliot Jim Reilly 2
Documents in crisis : nonfiction literatures in twentieth-century Mexico Beth Ellen Jorgensen 2
Deconstructing history Alun Munslow 2
The book of lost books Stuart Kelly 2
Legendary Rome : myth, monuments, and memory on the Palatine and Capitoline Jennifer A. Rea 2
Historical criticism and the meaning of texts J. R. de J. Jackson 2
Modernism and time : the logic of abundance in literature, science, and culture, 1880-1930 Ronald Schleifer 2
Philadelphia stories : America's literature of race and freedom Samuel Otter 2
Theatre & history Rebecca Schneider 2
Queer fictions of the past : history, culture, and difference Scott Bravmann 1
Savage and barbarian : historical attitudes in the criticism of Homer and Ossian in Britain, 1760-1800 Margaret Mary Rubel 1
The blind bookkeeper, or, why Homer must be blind Alberto Manguel 1
Organic memory : history and the body in the late nineteenth & early twentieth centuries Laura Otis 1
Para/worlds : entanglements of art and history Donald Pearce 1
Sport and the literary imagination : essays in history, literature, and sport Jeff Hill 1
Shakespeare and Game of Thrones Jeffrey R. Wilson 1
Romance and chronicle : a study of Malory's prose style P. J. C. Field 1
River of ink : an illustrated history of literacy Thomas Christensen 1
Revolutionary Hebrew, empire, and crisis : four peaks in Hebrew literature and Jewish survival David Aberbach 1
Poetics of the new history : French historical discourse from Braudel to Chartier Philippe Carrard 1
Poetry, narrative, history Frank Kermode 1
Protocols of the elders of Sodom : and other essays Tariq Ali 1
Remaking history : the past in contemporary historical fictions Jerome De Groot 1
Ravishing tradition : cultural forces and literary history Daniel Cottom 1
Renaissance utopias and the problem of history Marina Leslie 1
'A new type of history' : fictional proposals for dealing with the past Beverley C. Southgate 1
The fiction of narrative : essays on history, literature, and theory, 1957-2007 Hayden V. White 1
The poetry of Susan Howe : history, theology, authority Will Montgomery 1
You win or you die : the ancient world of Game of thrones Ayelet Haimson Lushkov 1
Victorian narratives of the recent past : memory, history, fiction Helen Kingstone 1
Tropics of discourse : essays in cultural criticism Hayden White 1
Transforming memories in contemporary women's rewriting Liedeke Plate 1
Togaed people Robert Harris 1
Time's witness : historical representation in English poetry, 1603-1660 Gerald M. MacLean 1
Threads and traces : true, false, fictive Carlo Ginzburg 1
The transfiguration of history at the center of Dante's Paradise Jeffrey T. Schnapp 1
The romantic historicism to come Jonathan Mackenzie Crimmins 1
The practical past Hayden V. White 1
The past that poets make Harold E. Toliver 1
On histories and stories : selected essays A. S. Byatt 1
The new historicism : and other old-fashioned topics Brook Thomas 1
The names of history : on the poetics of knowledge Jacques Rancière 1
The media and the making of history John Theobald 1
The meaning of literature Timothy J. Reiss 1
The imagined island : history, identity, & utopia in Hispaniola Pedro Luis San Miguel 1
The history behind Game of thrones : the north remembers David C. Weinczok 1
The historical novel Jerome De Groot 1
The hermeneutic mode : essays on time in literature and literary theory W. Wolfgang Holdheim 1
The grand design of God : the literary form of the Christian view of history [by] C.A. Patrides C. A. Patrides 1
The grand design of God : the literary form of the Christian view of history C. A. Patrides 1
One night in Camden Peter Stothard 1
Myth and archive : a theory of Latin American narrative Roberto González Echevarría 1
On emerging from hyper-nation : Saramago's "historical" trilogy Ronald W. Sousa 1
Comparative literature and the historical imaginary : reading Conrad, Weiss, Sebald Kaisa Kaakinen 1
From Shakespeare to Obama : a study in language, slavery and place Jonathan Locke Hart 1
Fortunes of history : historical inquiry from Herder to Huizinga Donald R. Kelley 1
Forensic memory : literature after testimony Johanne Helbo Bøndergaard 1
For the record : on sexuality and the colonial archive in India Anjali R. Arondekar 1
Figural realism : studies in the mimesis effect Hayden White 1
Festivals and legends : the formation of Greek cities in the light of public ritual Noel Robertson 1
Fabricating history : English writers on the French Revolution Barton R. Friedman 1
Erich Auerbach and the secular world : literary criticism, historiography, post-colonial theory and beyond Jon Nixon 1
Epic and empire : politics and generic form from Virgil to Milton David Quint 1
Cunning passages : new historicism, cultural materialism and Marxism in the contemporary literary debate Jeremy Hawthorn 1
Classics and Christian ideas in English Renaissance poetry : a Students' guide Isabel Rivers 1
Novel frames : literature as guide to race, sex, and history in American culture Joseph R. Urgo 1
C.P. Snow's Strangers and brothers as mid-twentieth-century history Terrance L. Lewis 1
Beyond postcolonial theory E. San Juan 1
Between history and literature Lionel Gossman 1
Autofiction and cultural memory Hywel Rowland Dix 1
Autobiographies of others : historical subjects and literary fiction Lucia Boldrini 1
Auden and the muse of history Susannah Young-ah Gottlieb 1
Art, history, and postwar fiction Kevin Brazil 1
Allegories of history : literary historiography after Hegel Timothy Bahti 1
Acts of modernity : the historical novel and effective communication, 1814-1901 David Buchanan 1
A theory of the secondary : literature, progress, and reaction Virgil Nemoianu 1
Genealogical fictions : cultural periphery and historical change in the modern novel Jobst Welge 1
Ghosts, metaphor, and history in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Gabriel García Márquez's One hundred years of solitude Daniel Erickson 1
Ghostwriting : W. G. Sebald's poetics of history Richard T. Gray 1
Henry James : history, narrative, fiction Roslyn Jolly 1
Narratives of enlightenment : cosmopolitan history from Voltaire to Gibbon Karen O'Brien 1
A brief history of the artist from God to Picasso Paul Barolsky 1
Marguerite Yourcenar, Alejo Carpentier : écritures de l'histoire Fabienne Viala 1
Literature, theory, history Jonathan Locke Hart 1
Literature into history A. D. Harvey 1
Literature in the ashes of history Cathy Caruth 1
Let us build us a city Tracy Daugherty 1
Jarring witnesses : modern fiction and the representation of history Robert Holton 1
Ireland's literature : selected essays Terence Brown 1
Interpreting cultures : literature, religion, and the human sciences Jonathan Locke Hart 1
Integrity and historical research Tony Gibbons 1
Impossible modernism : T.S. Eliot, Walter Benjamin, and the critique of historical reason Robert S. Lehman 1
How myth became history : Texas exceptionalism in the borderlands John Emory Dean 1
How Shakespeare put politics on the stage : power and succession in the history plays Peter Lake 1
How Shakespeare put politics on the stage Peter Lake 1


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