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There are the 500 books on the Linguistics subject with a total 615 editions:

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Title Author Editions
An introduction to language Victoria Fromkin 7
A concise introduction to linguistics Bruce M. Rowe 6
The study of language George Yule 6
Foundations of general linguistics Martin Atkinson 5
Language : its structure and use Edward Finegan 5
The foundations of linguistic theory : selected writings of Roy Harris Roy Harris 4
Chomsky John Lyons 4
General linguistics : an introductory survey R. H. Robins 4
Course in general linguistics Ferdinand de Saussure 4
Language : a linguistic introduction to history J. Vendryes 4
Linguistics Jean Aitchison 4
The Chomsky update Raphael Salkie 3
Literacy : an introduction to the ecology of written language David Barton 3
Introducing linguistics R. L. Trask 3
Learning about linguistics F. C. Stork 3
Chomsky : ideas and ideals N. V. Smith 3
Linguistics David Crystal 3
The linguistics student's handbook Laurie Bauer 3
Saussure and his interpreters Roy Harris 3
What is linguistics? David Crystal 3
What is this thing called language? David Nunan 3
Criticism and truth Roland Barthes 3
Understanding language : a basic course in Linguistics Elizabeth Grace Winkler 3
Chomsky : language, mind, and politics James A. McGilvray 2
Challenging Chomsky : the generative garden game Rudolf P. Botha 2
The stories of linguistics : an introduction to language study past and present Kim Ballard 2
Children's intonation : a framework for practice and research Bill Wells 2
Text-linguistics and biblical Hebrew David Allan Dawson 2
Language as ideology Gunther R. Kress 2
In praise of garrulous Allan Cameron 2
Descriptive and comparative linguistics : a critical introduction Leonard R. Palmer 2
Communicating creativity : the discursive facilitation of creative activity in arts Darryl Hocking 2
Chomsky's system of ideas Fred D'Agostino 2
City branding and new media : linguistic perspectives, discursive strategies and multimodality Maria Cristina Paganoni 2
Clinical linguistics David Crystal 2
Language and literacy in the early years Marian R. Whitehead 2
Meaning and the structure of language Wallace L. Chafe 2
I-language : an introduction to linguistics as cognitive science Daniela Isac 2
Digital literary studies : corpus approaches to poetry, prose, and drama David L. Hoover 2
Language : the basics R. L. Trask 2
Modern linguistics : the results of Chomsky's revolution N. V. Smith 2
Language & literacy in the early years 0-7 Marian R. Whitehead 2
Morphogenesis of the sign David Piotrowski 2
Paradigms for language theory and other essays Jaakko Hintikka 2
Inventing English : a portable history of the language Seth Lerer 2
Natural language and universal grammar John Lyons 2
Describing language David Graddol 2
Aural design and coherence in the prologue of First John Jeffrey E. Brickle 2
Linguistics for non-linguists : a primer with exercises Frank Parker 2
Word of mouth : a new introduction to language and communication Geoffrey Finch 2
Ways of saying, ways of meaning : selected papers of Ruqaiya Hasan Ruqaiya Hasan 2
Understanding language : an introduction to linguistics Roger Fowler 2
What if Derrida was wrong about Saussure? Russell Daylight 2
What is linguistics? Suzette Haden Elgin 2
Understanding language structure, interaction, and variation : an introduction to applied linguistics and sociolinguistics for nonspecialists Steven Brown 2
An introduction to language Kirk Hazen 2
For the love of language : an introduction to linguistics Kate Burridge 2
Linguistica : selected papers in English, French and German Otto Jespersen 2
Language, culture, and communication : the meaning of messages Nancy Bonvillain 2
An introduction to linguistics and language studies Anne McCabe 2
Writing an applied linguistics thesis or dissertation : a guide to presenting empirical research John Bitchener 2
Linguistics : a complete introduction David Hornsby 2
Writing systems Geoffrey Sampson 2
A Leonard Bloomfield anthology Leonard Bloomfield 2
How language works David Crystal 2
Linguistics and the language of translation Kirsten Malmkjær 2
Linguistic speculations Fred W. Householder 2
An introduction to English language : word, sound and sentence Koenraad Kuiper 2
Linguistics : an introduction Jean Aitchison 2
Relevant linguistics : an introduction to the structure and use of English for teachers Paul W. Justice 2
Reflections on language Noam Chomsky 2
Linguistics : an introduction William McGregor 2
Selected writings = Ausgewählte Schriften Wolfgang Viereck 1
Pattern and process : a Whiteheadian perspective on linguistics Michael Fortescue 1
Reading economics : how text helps or hinders Willie Henderson 1
Semiotics and linguistics Y. Tobin 1
Philosophical essays Scott Soames 1
Parts of speech in Mandarin : the state of the art Candice Chi-Hang Cheung 1
Semiotics and verbal texts : how the news media construct a crisis Jane Gravells 1
Online hate speech in the European Union : a discourse-analytic perspective Stavros Assimakopoulos 1
Seven ways of looking at language Ronald K. S. Macaulay 1
On language and linguistics M. A. K. Halliday 1
Patterns of language : structure, variation, change Robbins Burling 1
Popular Culture, Voice and Linguistic Diversity : Young Adults On- and Offline Sender Dovchin 1
Phonetics, phonology & pronunciation for the language classroom Charles Hall 1
Selected papers of J. R. Firth, 1952-59 J. R. Firth 1
Quantifiers and cognition : logical and computational perspectives Jakub Szymanik 1
Programming for the world : a guide to internationalization Sandra Martin O'Donnell 1
Religion in the media : a linguistic analysis A. Salman Al-Azami 1
Research methods for language teaching : inquiry, process, and synthesis Netta Avineri 1
Saussure : signs, system and arbitrariness David Holdcroft 1
Saussure's linguistics, structuralism, and phenomenology : the course in general linguistics after a century Beata Stawarska 1
Scholar extraordinary : the life of Professor the Rt Hon. Friedrich Max Müller, P.C. Nirad C. Chaudhuri 1
Primary language : extending the curriculum with computers Hilary Minns 1
Presuppositions and cognitive processes : understanding the information taken for granted Filippo Domaneschi 1
Second language acquisition : second language systems Neal Snape 1
Premier cours de linguistique generale (1907) : d'après les cahiers d'Albert Riedlinger = Saussure's first course of lectures on general linguistics (1907) : from the notebooks of Albert Riedlinger Ferdinand de Saussure 1
Second language acquisition as a mode-switching process : an empirical analysis of Korean learners of English Sooho Song 1
Post-lingual Chinese language learning : Hanzi pedagogy Jinghe Han 1
Post-foundational discourse analysis : from political difference to empirical research Tomas Marttila 1


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