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  • Book: Managing money
  • Author: Barbara Hollander
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  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Books on this subject: 278
  • Editions on this subject: 303
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  • Books in this series: 35
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There are the 278 books on the Life skills subject with a total 303 editions:

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Title Author Editions
How life imitates chess G. K. Kasparov 3
Professionalism : skills for workplace success Lydia E. Anderson 3
How to change absolutely anything Damian Hughes 3
Reasons to stay alive Matt Haig 3
Life lessons from the monk who sold his Ferrari Robin S Sharma 2
Getting your way : strategic dilemmas in the real world James M. Jasper 2
Stress free for good Fred Luskin 2
Don't let the b*****ds get you down Janet Street-Porter 2
Do nothing to change your life : discovering what happens when you stop Stephen Cottrell 2
Too safe for their own good? : helping children learn about risk and lifeskills Jennie Lindon 2
Life without agenda is uncertain David Chambo 2
Resource management for individuals and families Elizabeth B. Goldsmith 2
Why am I so disorganised? : sort out your stuff Marilyn Paul 2
The power years : a user's guide to the rest of your life Ken Dychtwald 2
The I love Lucy guide to life : wisdom from Lucy and the gang! Elisabeth Edwards 2
The overload solution Jane Alexander 2
Why me, why this, why now : a guide to answering life's toughest questions Robin Norwood 2
Erfolgreiches Life Coaching für Dummies Jeni Mumford 2
Group activities for personal development Sheena Duboust 2
Organise yourself John Caunt 2
Your best year yet! : a proven method for making the next 12 months your most successful ever Jinny S. Ditzler 2
Supporting life skills for young children with vision impairment and other disabilities : an early years habilitation handbook Fiona Broadley 1
Stand out from the crowd : key skills for study, work and life Laura Dorian 1
Steve's doughnut! : what it is & why it could change everything JK Smart 1
The best of you Gladys Alesike Adevey 1
Stress in young people : what's new and what can we do? Sarah McNamara 1
The best advice I ever got : lessons from extraordinary lives Katie Couric 1
The babe bible : every woman's BFF: love letters to guide you through life's toughest lessons, soothe your heart, and sparkle your soul Shani Jay 1
Stress, resources, coping, and well-being : mediation, moderation, and negative affectivity David K. Ingledew 1
Success is a journey : 7 steps to achieving success in the business of life Jeffrey J. Mayer 1
Supporting life skills for children and young people with vision impairment and other disabilities : a middle childhood habilitation handbook Fiona Broadley 1
The Michelangelo method : release your inner masterpiece and create an extraordinary life Kenneth Schuman 1
The awakening course : the secret to solving all problems Joe Vitale 1
The Wordsworth technique : beginner's handbook Linda Wordsworth 1
Teach your children well : why values and coping skills matter more than grades, trophies, or "fat envelopes" Madeline Levine 1
Test your personal skills Gareth Lewis 1
The 10 natural laws of successful time and life management : proven strategies for increased productivity and inner peace Hyrum W. Smith 1
The 80/20 principle : the secret of achieving more with less Richard Koch 1
The BILD life experiences checklist : instruction manual Alastair Ager 1
The adulting manual : mental health, self love, body acceptance and all the things in between Milly Smith 1
Soul survivor Anita Leavy 1
The Wordsworth technique : workshop manual for beginners and improvers Linda Wordsworth 1
The Change Laboratory for Teacher Training in Entrepreneurship Education : A New Skills Agenda for Europe Daniele Morselli 1
Surviving your Serengeti : 7 skills to master business and life : a fable of self-discovery Stefan Swanepoel 1
101 positive steps toward employment with autism : social skills for the workplace Lisa Tew 1
Soul matters Anita Leavy 1
Sorted! : the ultimate guide to organising your life - once and for all Lissanne Oliver 1
P.O.W.E.R. learning : strategies for success in college and life Robert S. Feldman 1
POWER learning : strategies for success in college and life Robert S. Feldman 1
Party like a rockstar : even when you're as poor as dirt Camper English 1
Pearls of bizdom Kate Hull Rodgers 1
Personal best : step-by-step coaching for creating the life you want David Rock 1
Popular culture and everyday life Toby Miller 1
Professionalism : real skills for workplace success Lydia E. Anderson 1
Put your life on a diet : lessons learned from living in 140 square feet Gregory P. Johnson 1
Question Lee Hoyle 1
Ready, study, go! : smart ways to learn Khurshed Batliwala 1
Reinvent your life Jacqueline James 1
Reinvention : how to make the rest of your life the best of your life Brian Tracy 1
Relax into wealth : how to get more by doing less Alan Cohen 1
Resilience Eric Greitens 1
Resilience Eva M. Selhub 1
Resilience : hard-won wisdom for living a better life Eric Greitens 1
Rhetorical notes on life Abolaji Abimbola 1
Rhetorical notes on life. 2 Abolaji Abimbola 1
Rhetorical notes on life. 3 Abolaji Abimbola 1
Rhetorical notes on life. 4 Abolaji Abimbola 1
Same sex in the city : (so your Prince Charming is really a Cinderella) Lauren Levin 1
Seasons of the soul Angie Greaves 1
Sewing chicken's eyes Anna Stephens 1
Sex lines : [open communication on relationships, sexuality and social issues] Aidan Herron 1
Shut up, stop whining, and get a life : a kick-butt approach to a better life Larry Winget 1
Skills of living : a complete course in you and what you can do about yourself William L. Mikulas 1
The book of secrets Deepak Chopra 1
Smart but scattered-and stalled : 10 steps to help young adults use their executive skills to set goals, make a plan, and successfully leave the nest Richard Guare 1
Solving life's problems : a 5-step guide to enhanced well-being Arthur M. Nezu 1
The best time to do everything : expert advice on how to live cooler, smarter, faster, better Michael Kaplan 1
The little book of adulting Quentin Parker 1
The challenges of culture-based learning : Indian students' experiences Samuel Yim 1
Twins in society : parents, bodies, space and talk Kate Bacon 1
Universities, employability and human development Melanie Walker 1
Wake up! : stop sabotaging your happiness and your success Anne Astilleros 1
Were you there? : surviving life's setbacks Rosemary Hartill 1
What do I do if ...? : how to get out of real-life worst-case scenarios Eric Grzymkowski 1
What to do about everything : a manual for domestic life Barbara Toner 1
What to do next : taking your best step when life is uncertain Jeff Henderson 1
What your mother should've told you and nobody else will Natalie Reilly 1
What's keeping you awake at night? : the handbook for life : how to analyse and solve problems David Bogan 1
When performance meets alignment : a compass for coaching and mentoring Jan Ardui 1
Who am I?. 2 Camilla Nightingale 1
Winning ways : how to adopt that burning desire to succeed Michael Chambers 1
Winning with difficult people Arthur H. Bell 1
Wisdom from my father's porch : (a guide for young black men) Dorrance Kennedy 1
Without end Anita Leavy 1
You against the world : how to avoid some of the commonest problems in life, and what to do if you or another already has them David Howard 1
You and me make three : the most explosive equation in history : advanced viewpoints on a latent aspect of human potential Phil Murray 1
You are born to succeed Justus E. E. Amadiegwu 1
You are not special : and other encouragements David McCullough 1
You can always get what you want : your starter package for personal success Phil Murray 1
You can't ruin my day : 52 wake-up calls to turn any situation around Allen Klein 1

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