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The main authors on Life by number of books and editions:


There are the 518 books on the Life subject with a total 584 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Thinking of answers : questions in the philosophy of everyday life A. C. Grayling 4
Gift from the sea Anne Morrow Lindbergh 4
Critique of everyday life Henri Lefebvre 3
Animism and the question of life Istvan Praet 3
Darwin among the machines George Dyson 3
The Never Ending Life : a lifetime Anum Abdullah 2
Creative evolution Henri Bergson 2
The answers lie within us : towards a science of the human spirit Alistair J. Sinclair 2
The affirmation of life : Nietzsche on overcoming nihilism Bernard Reginster 2
The examined life John Kekes 2
Driving with Plato : the meaning of life's milestones Robert Rowland Smith 2
The form of things : essays on life, ideas and liberty in the twenty-first century A. C. Grayling 2
The retreat of reason : a dilemma in the philosophy of life Ingmar Persson 2
The reason of things : living with philosophy A. C. Grayling 2
Better never to have been : the harm of coming into existence David Benatar 2
Being in time to the music David A. Ross 2
Ten eternal questions : wisdom, insight and reflection for life's journey Zoë Sallis 2
The harmony of nature and spirit Irving Singer 2
Billions and billions : thoughts on life and death at the brink of the millennium Carl Sagan 2
The art of life John Kekes 2
Nothingness and the meaning of life : philosophical approaches to ultimate meaning through nothing and reflexivity Nicholas Waghorn 2
Ethics at the beginning of life : a phenomenological critique James Mumford 2
The challenge of things : thinking through troubled times A. C. Grayling 2
The view of life : four metaphysical essays with Journal aphorisms Georg Simmel 2
The voice of the thunder Laurens Van der Post 2
The cosmic mirror : being, life, art and the cinema of six dimensions Edouard d' Araille 2
Everyday life Ágnes Heller 2
The creation of value Irving Singer 2
Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it : wisdom of the great philosophers on how to live Daniel M. Klein 2
The way the world works Nicholson Baker 2
Death and the afterlife Samuel Scheffler 2
The brain and the meaning of life Paul Thagard 2
First and last things Richard Hoggart 2
Enlightenment, the simple path : answering questions such as 'who am I?' and 'what's it all about?' Nick Roach 2
Education's end : why our colleges and universities have given up on the meaning of life Anthony T. Kronman 2
Meaning in life and why it matters Susan R. Wolf 2
Meditations Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius 2
The thread of life Richard Wollheim 2
The human condition John Kekes 2
Natura naturans : unification of the material and the spiritual R. Walder 2
Life as an experiment Zdenek Penkala 2
What should I believe? : why our beliefs about the nature of death and the purpose of life dominate our lives Dorothy Rowe 2
Philosophy in a meaningless life : a system of nihilism, consciousness and reality James Tartaglia 2
Worth doing Steven G. Smith 2
The meaning of life and death : ten classic thinkers on the ultimate question Michael Hauskeller 2
Wittgenstein's form of life : (to imagine a form of life, I) David Kishik 2
A short history of decay E. M. Cioran 2
A significant life : human meaning in a silent universe Todd May 2
Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia : how the whole world is conspiring to shower you with blessings Rob Brezsny 2
The mystery of things A. C. Grayling 2
Life and action : elementary structures of practice and practical thought Michael Thompson 2
Life and the student : roadside notes on human nature, society, and letters Charles Horton Cooley 2
The phenomenon of life : toward a philosophical biology Hans Jonas 2
On the meaning of life Garrett Thomson 2
Running with the pack Mark Rowlands 2
Fear of life Alexander Lowen 2
I and Thou Martin Buber 2
Humor and the good life in modern philosophy : Shaftesbury, Hamann, Kierkegaard Lydia Amir 2
I do what I can 2b who I am Reedi Vine 2
The five great elements : a comprehensive guide to the expression of life in earth, water, fire, air and space Swami Nityamuktananda 1
The importance of living Yutang Lin 1
The demon in the machine P. C. W. Davies 1
The death of the ethic of life John Basl 1
The consolations of Autumn : sages in hard times Hazhir Teimourian 1
The love lottery : a comic tale of lessons in life, love, dating and the odd samosa party Raj Dhaliwal 1
The implications of immanence : toward a new concept of life Leonard Lawlor 1
The death of humanity and the case for life Richard Weikart 1
The jig-saw puzzle of life Peggy Hawkins 1
The matter of life Jack Gersch 1
The illusions of life: self enquiry Vijai S. Shankar 1
The meaning and purpose of life D. H. O. Adams 1
The illusion of parole Boris I. Jones 1
The construction of life and death Dorothy Rowe 1
The meaning and purpose of life : the big jigsaw puzzle Brian Sadler 1
The great mystery : science, God and the human quest for meaning Alister E. McGrath 1
The demon in the machine : how hidden webs of information are solving the mystery of life P. C. W. Davies 1
The loneliness of the dying Norbert Elias 1
The distinctions of Nuwaubu : 144,000 human principles : "living the life you love to live" Paul Simons 1
The little book of life and death D. E. Harding 1
The kairos point : the marriage of mind and matter T. A. Smithson 1
The inertial flow life in words & colour : a philosophy for life & performance Clive Taylor 1
The four purposes of life : finding meaning and direction in a changing world Dan Millman 1
The liberation of life : from the cell to the community Charles Birch 1
The life worth living in ancient Greek and Roman philosophy David Machek 1
The essential Marcus Aurelius Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius 1
The freedom of being : at ease with what is Jan Frazier 1
The little book on the meaning of life M. Ramadan 1
The dream of eternal life : biomedicine, aging, and immortality Mark Benecke 1
The essential Fromm : life between having and being Erich Fromm 1
The humanity which never was Jaime Gomez Blas 1
The essential Camus boxed set : The myth of Sisyphus, The outsider, The plague, The rebel Albert Camus 1
The emergence of us Timothy Gooding 1
The early Heidegger's philosophy of life : facticity, being, and language Scott M. Campbell 1
The garden in the machine : the emerging science of artificial life Claus Emmeche 1
The lobby Raad Chalabi 1
The human predicament : a candid guide to life's biggest questions David Benatar 1
10 good questions about life and death Christopher Belshaw 1
The cement war Mark Steenerson 1
Soul to soul : communications from the heart Gary Zukav 1
So, what is life all about? : your questions answered Brian Sadler 1


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