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  • Book: Elizabeth Taylor : a celebration
  • Author: Sheridan Morley
  • Bnb Id: GB97Y8658
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Books on this subject: 91
  • Editions on this subject: 104
  • Authors on this subject: 70
  • Books in this series: 17
  • Authors in this series: 8


Top Authors

The main authors on Legends by number of books and editions:


There are the 91 books on the Legends subject with a total 104 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Tales of the Greek heroes Roger Lancelyn Green 4
Floods Sally Prue 2
Bulfinch's mythology Thomas Bulfinch 2
The star fruit tree and other stories Sally Prue 2
Myths & legends Philip Wilkinson 2
King Midas and other tales Brian Gray 2
Dragon tales Andy Blackford 2
The Greek myths : stories of the Greek gods and heroes vividly retold Robin Waterfield 2
The iron wolf : and other stories Richard Adams 2
Animal legends Carol Watson 2
Why the sea is salty David Calcutt 2
The God stories : a celebration of legends Leila Berg 1
The armed garden and other stories David B. 1
The everything tall tales, legends and other outrageous lies book Nat Segaloff 1
The encyclopaedia of myths & legends of all nations Herbert Spencer Robinson 1
The children's book of myths and legends Ronne Randall 1
The bronze cauldron Geraldine McCaughrean 1
The book of nasty legends Paul Smith 1
Superstitions : a handbook of folklore, myths, and legends from around the world D. R. McElroy 1
The Wordsworth classical dictionary William Smith 1
Tanglewood tales Nathaniel Hawthorne 1
The Virago book of erotic myths and legends Shahrukh Husain 1
The Oxford book of days Bonnie J. Blackburn 1
The Orchard book of swords, sorcerers and superheroes Tony Bradman 1
Tales from the Arabian nights Enid Blyton 1
Tales of ancient Greece Enid Blyton 1
500 best urban legends ever! Yorick Brown 1
The lady of ten thousand names : goddess stories from many cultures Burleigh Mutén 1
The hidden door P. D. Brown 1
The kings of ancient Greece Adam Bushnell 1
World folktales Kathy Burke 1
Who's who in myth and legend A. S. Murray 1
What the bee knows : reflections on myth, symbol and story P. L. Travers 1
What happens next? : contemporary urban legends and popular culture Gail De Vos 1
Urban legends uncovered : an investigation into the truth behind the myths Mark Barber 1
Urban legends Nick Harding 1
Too good to be true : the colossal book of urban legends Jan Harold Brunvand 1
Theseus and the Minotaur ; Orpheus and Eurydice ; Apollo and Daphne Geraldine McCaughrean 1
The wooden horse ; Pandora's box Geraldine McCaughrean 1
The woman in the moon : and other tales of forgotten heroines James Riordan 1
The vanishing hitch-hiker : modern myths of the macabre Roy Apps 1
The twelve labours of Heracles : Echo and Narcissus Geraldine McCaughrean 1
The stories of vanishing peoples : a book for children John Mercer 1
The pilgrim traveller : true stories and legends Mary Elaine Friend 1
The mythical quest : in search of adventure, romance & enlightenment Rosalind Kerven 1
The lotus and the grail : legends from East to West Rosemary Harris 1
Songs on bronze : the Greek myths made real Nigel Jonathan Spivey 1
Spirit roads : an exploration of otherworldly routes Paul Devereux 1
Robin Hood and his miserable men and other topsy-turvy stories Dick King-Smith 1
Songs on bronze : Greek myths retold Nigel Jonathan Spivey 1
Greek heroes Geraldine McCaughrean 1
Inspiring legends and tales with a moral. III Emerson Klees 1
Inspiring legends and tales with a moral. II Emerson Klees 1
In search of myths & heroes Michael Wood 1
How the Earth was made ; Why people shouldn't be greedy Margaret Mayo 1
How men and women were made ; Why people do not live forever ; Why the sun travels slowly Margaret Mayo 1
Heroes and heroines : role models and legends Emerson Klees 1
Hercules Bernard Evslin 1
Heracles the hero Antonia Barber 1
Folk tales and legends Michaela Tvrdíková 1
Silver myths and legends of the world Geraldine McCaughrean 1
Derbyshire folk tales Pete Castle 1
Badass : a relentless onslaught of the toughest warlords, vikings, samurai, pirates, gunfighters, and military commanders to ever live Ben Thompson 1
At the end of the rainbow Jiří Šerých 1
Arthur & Stonehenge : Britain's lost history Emmet John Sweeney 1
Animal tricksters Candy Gourlay 1
All about history book of myths and legends Philip Wilkinson 1
A year full of stories : 52 folktales and legends from around the world Angela McAllister 1
A world treasury of myths, legends, and folktales : stories from six continents Renata Bini 1
Invade and settle, rain and meddle Adam Bushnell 1
Jason and the golden fleece ; Arachne the spinner Geraldine McCaughrean 1
King Arthur and a world of other stories Geraldine McCaughrean 1
King Arthur's cave Myrddin ap Dafydd 1
Science, Bread, and Circuses : Folkloristic Essays on Science for the Masses Gregory Allen Schrempp 1
A mosaic of indigenous legal thought : legendary tales and other writings C. F. Black 1
Robin Hood and his miserable men Dick King-Smith 1
Persephone and the pomegranate seeds ; Atlanta's race Geraldine McCaughrean 1
Old wives' tales Eric Maple 1
Ogof y Brenin Arthur Myrddin ap Dafydd 1
Myths and legends of all nations Herbert Spencer Robinson 1
Myths and legends : from Cherokee dances to voodoo trances John Pemberton 1
Myths & mysteries of the world : unexplained wonders and mysterious phenomena Herbert Genzmer 1
Myths & legends re-told Robin Brockman 1
Myths & legends Neil Philip 1
Middle ages H. A. Guerber 1
Medieval legends of love & lust Rosalind Kerven 1
Mars bar and mushy peas : urban legend and the cult of celebrity Paul Screeton 1
Man of the deep : a tale of Orford Jenny Webb 1
Lemmings don't leap : 180 myths, misconceptions and urban legends exploded Edwin Moore 1
Legends of the Middle Ages : narrated with special reference to literature and art H. A. Guerber 1
Writing and staging myths and legends Charlotte Guillain 1


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