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  • Book: Snapshots of great leadership
  • Author: Jon P. Howell
  • Bnb Id: GBB256800
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Books on this subject: 4,760
  • Editions on this subject: 5,560
  • Authors on this subject: 3,712
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There are the 4,760 books on the Leadership subject with a total 5,560 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Leadership in organizations Gary A. Yukl 12
Leadership : theory and practice Peter Guy Northouse 11
Joining together : group theory and group skills David W. Johnson 10
Leadership : enhancing the lessons of experience Richard L. Hughes 9
The art and science of leadership Afsaneh Nahavandi 9
Reframing organizations : artistry, choice, and leadership Lee G. Bolman 7
Leadership roles and management functions in nursing : theory and application Bessie L. Marquis 7
Level three leadership : getting below the surface James G. Clawson 7
Effective leadership and management in nursing Eleanor J. Sullivan 6
Introduction to Leadership : Concepts and Practice Peter Guy Northouse 6
Self leadership and the one minute manager : increasing effectiveness through situational self leadership Kenneth H. Blanchard 5
Administration and management in criminal justice : a service quality approach Jennifer M. Allen 5
The leadership challenge James M. Kouzes 5
Leadership : a critical text Simon Western 5
Organization change : theory and practice W. Warner Burke 5
Management : a focus on leaders Annie McKee 5
Organizational culture and leadership Edgar H. Schein 4
Studying leadership : traditional & critical approaches Doris Schedlitzki 4
Creative leadership : skills that drive change Gerard J. Puccio 4
The secret : what great leaders know-and do Kenneth H. Blanchard 4
Leading and managing in nursing Patricia S. Yoder-Wise 4
Theory and practice of leadership Roger Gill 4
Management? It's not what you think! Henry Mintzberg 4
Learning for leadership : interpersonal and intergroup relations A. K. Rice 4
The 10 laws of trust : building the bonds that make a business great Joel Clinton Peterson 4
Guardians of Shi'ism : sacred authority and transnational family Elvire Corboz 4
Management of organizational behavior : utilizing human resources Paul Hersey 4
Leadership team coaching : developing collective transformational leadership Peter Hawkins 4
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying leadership Brad Jackson 4
Living leadership : a practical guide for ordinary heroes George Binney 4
Mindful leadership : a guide for the health care professions Christopher Johns 4
Develop your leadership skills John Eric Adair 4
Leadership and management in healthcare Neil Gopee 4
The leadership experience Richard L. Daft 4
Leadership communication Deborah Barrett 4
Leadership : plain and simple Steve Radcliffe 4
Are you a badger or a doormat? : how to be a leader who gets results Rosie Miller 4
Inspirational manager : how to build relationships that deliver results Judith Leary-Joyce 4
Leadership Christina Osborne 4
Understanding Public Leadership Paul 't Hart 4
How to lead : the definitive guide to effective leadership Jo Owen 4
Making a difference : stories of vision and courage from America's leaders Chesley Sullenberger 3
The new leader's 100-day action plan : how to take charge, build or merge your team, and get immediate results George B. Bradt 3
The high achiever's guide to happiness Vance Caesar 3
The cycle of leadership : how great leaders teach their companies to win Noel M. Tichy 3
Tribal leadership : leveraging natural groups to build a thriving organization David Logan 3
Leadership Marian Iszatt-White 3
Physicians as leaders : who, how, and why now? Mindi K. McKenna 3
Stratagems and spoils : a social anthropology of politics F. G. Bailey 3
The complete idiot's guide to leadership Andrew J. DuBrin 3
Right from the start : taking charge in a new leadership role Dan Ciampa 3
Dilemmas of leadership Tudor Rickards 3
Stepping up : how to accelerate your leadership potential Sarah Wood 3
Leadership Rudolph W. Giuliani 3
Group counseling : strategies and skills Edward E. Jacobs 3
Discovering leadership : designing your success Anthony E. Middlebrooks 3
The positive leader : how energy and happiness fuel top-performing teams Jan Muhlfeit 3
Management of organizational behavior : leading human resources Paul Hersey 3
The project manager : mastering the art of delivery Richard Newton 3
Multipliers : how the best leaders make everyone smarter Liz Wiseman 3
Leaders : the strategies for taking charge Warren G. Bennis 3
Quest for exceptional leadership : mirage to reality Ravi Chaudhry 3
Reframing the leadership landscape : creating a culture of collaboration Roger Hayes 3
Diversity and leadership Jean Lau Chin 3
Desarrolle el líder que está en usted John C. Maxwell 3
Strategy : a view from the top (an executive perspective) Cornelis A. De Kluyver 3
Management : leading people and organizations in the 21st century Gary Dessler 3
The global leadership challenge J. Stewart Black 3
Training in interpersonal skills : TIPS for managing people at work Stephen P. Robbins 3
Leadership : practice and perspectives Kevin Roe 3
Leadership : theory, application, skill development Robert N. Lussier 3
The heart of leadership : unlock your inner wisdom and inspire others Sabina A. Spencer 3
Successful leadership in a week Carol A. O'Connor 3
Developing human service leaders Deborah Harley-McClaskey 3
Making the team : a guide for managers Leigh L. Thompson 3
The coaching manager : developing top talent in business James M. Hunt 3
Brilliant leader : what the best leaders know, do and say Simon Cooper 3
Lean sigma : a practitioner's guide Ian Wedgwood 3
Leadership and the one minute manager Kenneth H. Blanchard 3
The strategic project leader : mastering service-based project leadership Jack Ferraro 3
The student leadership challenge : five practices for becoming an exemplary leader James M. Kouzes 3
Effective succession planning : ensuring leadership continuity and building talent from within William J. Rothwell 3
Leadership when the heat's on Danny Cox 3
The art of leadership George Manning 3
The leadership secrets of Genghis Khan John Man 3
How to grow leaders : the seven key principles of effective leadership development John Eric Adair 3
Essential skills for managing in healthcare Andrew Price 3
On becoming a leader Warren G. Bennis 3
The leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations James M. Kouzes 3
Leadership for healthcare Jean Hartley 3
Inspirational leadership : Henry V and the muse of fire : timeless insights from Shakespeare's greatest leader Richard Olivier 3
On leadership : practical wisdom from the people who know Allan Leighton 3
The leadership contract : the fine print to becoming an accountable leader Vince Molinaro 3
Inside Steve's brain Leander Kahney 3
Understanding leadership : paradigms and cases Gayle Avery 3
Martin Luther King Jr. on leadership : inspiration & wisdom for challenging times Donald T. Phillips 3
The Financial times guide to leadership : how to lead effectively and get results Marianne Abib-Pech 3
Inclusive leadership : the definitive guide to developing and executing an impactful diversity and inclusion strategy - locally and globally Charlotte Sweeney 3
Mastering self-leadership : empowering yourself for personal excellence Christopher P. Neck 3
Think outside the building : how advanced leaders can change the world one smart innovation at a time Rosabeth Moss Kanter 3


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