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There are the 96 books on the Law and politics subject with a total 103 editions:

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Judging the state : courts and constitutional politics in Pakistan Paula R. Newberg 2
Judicial process : law, courts, and politics in the United States David W. Neubauer 2
Legal reasoning and political conflict Cass R. Sunstein 2
The politics of rights : lawyers, public policy and political change Stuart A. Scheingold 2
First principles : the jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas Scott Douglas Gerber 2
Constitutional construction : divided powers and constitutional meaning Keith E. Whittington 2
Law, justice and politics Gavin Drewry 2
A critique of adjudication : fin de siècle Duncan Kennedy 1
Solving the puzzle of interest group litigation Andrew Jay Koshner 1
The Faces of justice and state authority : A comparative approach to the legal process Mirjan R. Damaška 1
Sword and scales : an introduction to law and politics Martin Loughlin 1
Sword and scales : an examination of the relationship between law and politics Martin Loughlin 1
Supreme courts in state politics : an investigation of the judicial role Henry Robert Glick 1
Stay the hand of vengeance : the politics of war crimes tribunals : with a new afterword by the author Gary Jonathan Bass 1
Stay the hand of vengeance : the politics of war crimes tribunals Gary Jonathan Bass 1
Shaping constitutional values : elected government, the Supreme Court, and the abortion debate Neal E. Devins 1
Simple rules for a complex world Richard Allen Epstein 1
The Rehnquist court : a retrospective Martin H. Belsky 1
Seeking justices : the judging of Supreme Court nominees Michael Comiskey 1
Reconstructing American law Bruce A. Ackerman 1
Pursuit of justices : presidential politics and the selection of Supreme Court nominees David Alistair Yalof 1
Problems at the roots of law : essays in legal and political theory Joel Feinberg 1
Politics by other means : law in the struggle against apartheid, 1980-94 Richard L. Abel 1
Politics and the legal process James Eisenstein 1
Politics and the courts : toward a general theory of public law Barbara M. Yarnold 1
Political ideas of Justice Holmes David H. Burton 1
The Rehnquist Court and the constitution Tinsley E. Yarbrough 1
The Supreme Court bar : legal elites in the Washington community Kevin T. McGuire 1
The Supreme Court and Congress : conflict and interaction, 1945-1968 John R. Schmidhauser 1
The independence of the judiciary : the view from the Lord Chancellor's Office Robert Bocking Stevens 1
Toward a new common sense : law, science and politics in the paradigmatic transition Boaventura de Sousa Santos 1
The trouble with principle Stanley Eugene Fish 1
The skill factor in politics : repealing the mental commitment laws in California Eugene Bardach 1
The power that governs : the evolution of judicial activism in a Midwestern state, 1840-1890 Keith R. Schlesinger 1
The power of judges : a comparative study of courts and democracy Carlo Guarnieri 1
The politics of justice : the attorney general and the making of legal policy Cornell W. Clayton 1
The new politics of criminal justice Ann James 1
The most activist Supreme court in history : the road to modern judicial conservatism Thomas Moylan Keck 1
The limits of law : essays on democratic governance Peter H. Schuck 1
The impact of judicial-selection method on State-Supreme Court policy : innovation, reaction, and atrophy Daniel R. Pinello 1
One case at a time : judicial minimalism on the Supreme Court Cass R. Sunstein 1
The founding fathers, pop culture, and constitutional law : who's your daddy Susan Burgess 1
The federal courts as a political system Sheldon Goldman 1
The erosion of judicial independence Desmond James Conrad Ackner Ackner 1
The constitutional foundations of judicial review Mark Elliott 1
The constitution under pressure : a time for change Marcia Lynn Whicker 1
The constitution of interests : beyond the politics of rights John Brigham 1
The constitution & the pride of reason Steven D. Smith 1
The appearance of equality : racial gerrymandering, redistricting, and the Supreme Court Christopher M. Burke 1
The Warren court and American politics Lucas A. Powe 1
Pivotal politics : a theory of U.S. lawmaking Keith Krehbiel 1
Morality, politics, and law : a bicentennial essay Michael J. Perry 1
On trial : from Adam & Eve to O.J. Simpson George Anastaplo 1
On law, politics, and judicialization Martin M. Shapiro 1
Getting away with murder : how politics is destroying the criminal justice system Susan Estrich 1
English lawyers between market and state : the politics of professionalism Richard L. Abel 1
EC membership and the judicialization of British politics Danny Nicol 1
Distorting the law : politics, media, and the litigation crisis William Haltom 1
Deliberate discretion? : the institutional foundations of bureaucratic autonomy John D. Huber 1
Crafting law on the Supreme Court : the collegial game Forrest Maltzman 1
Courts and the political process in England Fred LaMont Morrison 1
Courts and political institutions : a comparative view T. Koopmans 1
Courts and administrators : a study in jurisprudence M. J. Detmold 1
Controversy, courts, and community : the rhetoric of Judge Miles Welton Lord Verna C. Corgan 1
Constructing civil liberties : discontinuities in the development of American constitutional law Kenneth Ira Kersch 1
Constitutional politics in Italy : the constitutional court Mary L. Volcansek 1
Comparative constitutional traditions James T. McHugh 1
Choice and the legal order : rising above politics Norman Lewis 1
Breaking the deadlock : the 2000 election, the constitution, and the courts Richard A. Posner 1
Brandeis and the progressive constitution : Erie, the judicial power, and the politics of the federal courts in twentieth-century America Edward A. Purcell 1
Asking the law question Margaret Davies 1
Anarchy & order : the interplay of politics and law in international relations James Chieh Hsiung 1
American bureaucracy : public choice and public law Glen O. Robinson 1
Ghost dancing the law : the Wounded Knee trials John William Sayer 1
Governing out of order : space, law and the politics of belonging Davina Cooper 1
Government and law : an introduction to the working of the Constitution in Britain T. C. Harley 1
Law's promise, law's expression : visions of power in the politics of race, gender, and religion Kenneth L. Karst 1
Adversarial legalism : the American way of law Robert A. Kagan 1
Making crime pay : law and order in contemporary American politics Katherine Beckett 1
Legal right and social democracy : essays in legal and political philosophy Neil MacCormick 1
Lawless world : America and the making and breaking of global rules Philippe Sands 1
Law, society and political action : towards a strategy under late capitalism Thomas Mathiesen 1
Law, resistance, and the state : the opposition to Roman law in Reformation Germany Gerald Strauss 1
Law, politics, and local democracy Ian Leigh 1
Law, morality, and the private domain Raymond Wacks 1
Law and reflexive politics Emilios A. Christodoulidis 1
Hard cases in wicked legal systems : South African law in the perspective of legal philosophy David Dyzenhaus 1
Law and administration Carol Harlow 1
Justice contained : law and politics in the European Union Lisa J. Conant 1
Just interpretations : law between ethics and politics Michel Rosenfeld 1
Juries and politics James P. Levine 1
Indonesia reformasi as reflected in law : change and continuity in post-Suharto era legislation on the political system and human rights Petra Stockmann 1
In defense of political trials Charles F. Abel 1
Ideology in the language of judges : how judges practice law, politics, and courtroom control Susan Urmston Philips 1
Hard judicial choices : Federal District Court judges and state and local officials Phillip J. Cooper 1
Toward a new legal common sense : law, globalization and emancipation Boaventura de Sousa Santos 1

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