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Title Author Editions
Journalism : principles and practice Tony Harcup 6
The universal journalist David Randall 5
Editing and design : a five-volume manual of English, typography and layout Harold Evans 4
News as it happens : an introduction to journalism Stephen Lamble 3
Dynamics of media writing : adapt and connect Vincent F. Filak 3
Understanding journalism Lynette Sheridan Burns 3
Future journalism : where we are and where we're going Sue Greenwood 2
Global journalism : an introduction Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova 2
The kidnapping of journalists : reporting from high-risk conflict zones Robert G. Picard 2
Dynamics of news reporting and writing : foundational skills for a digital age Vincent F. Filak 2
Taking journalism seriously : news and the academy Barbie Zelizer 2
The principles of multimedia journalism : packaging digital news Richard Koci Hernandez 2
Newspaper journalism : a practical introduction Susan Pape 2
Newspaper journalism Peter Cole 2
Magazine journalism Tim Holmes 2
News and the human interest story Helen MacGill Hughes 2
Journalism : a very short introduction Ian Hargreaves 2
Mass media and historical change : Germany in international perspective, 1400 to the present Frank Bösch 2
Interpreting news Graham Meikle 2
Alternative journalism Chris Atton 2
Shooting the messenger : criminalising journalism Andrew Fowler 2
Multimedia journalism : a practical guide Andy Bull 2
Modern newspaper practice : a primer on the press F. W. Hodgson 2
News discourse Monika Bednarek 2
Media professionalism and training Sarah Niblock 2
Understanding news John Hartley 2
Journalism and the public David Ryfe 2
Reporting at wit's end : tales from the New Yorker St. Clair McKelway 1
Reporter : forty years covering Asia John McBeth 1
Scoop of the Year Tom Claver 1
Scholastic journalism Tom Rolnicki 1
Reinventing professionalism : journalism and news in global perspective Silvio R. Waisbord 1
Rebel reporting : John Ross speaks to independent journalists John Ross 1
Risk journalism between transnational politics and climate change Ingrid Volkmer 1
Radio Fun and the BBC Variety Department, 1922-67 : Comedy and Popular Music on Air Martin Dibbs 1
Radial journalism : going beyond traditional lines Alexandra Kitty 1
Publishing your own specialist magazine Alan Greene 1
Peace journalism Jake Lynch 1
Print and broadcast journalism : a critical examination Edd Applegate 1
Practising global journalism : exploring reporting issues worldwide John Herbert 1
News around the world : content, practitioners, and the public Pamela J. Shoemaker 1
News culture Stuart Allan 1
News editing Bruce H. Westley 1
News literacy and democracy Seth Ashley 1
News production : theory and practice David Machin 1
News writing Anna McKane 1
Newslore : contemporary folklore on the Internet Russell Frank 1
Notes from a defeatist Joe Sacco 1
Of media and people Everette E. Dennis 1
Panic as man burns crumpets : the vanishing world of the local journalist Roger Lytollis 1
Slow news : a manifesto for the critical news consumer Peter Laufer 1
Photojournalism : a social semiotic approach Helen Caple 1
Political and cultural perceptions of George Orwell : British and American views Ian Williams 1
Popular reality : journalism, modernity, popular culture John Hartley 1
Practical R for mass communication and journalism Sharon Machlis Garienberg 1
Significant aspects of journalism Muhammad Daheem Butt 1
A New Approach to Journalism Alexandra Kitty 1
Social Media for Journalists : Principles & Practice Megan Knight 1
The writer's approach to newspaper writing Lionel Birch 1
The piano player in the brothel : the future of journalism Juan Luis Cebrián 1
The press and the world : the forty-second Haldane Memorial Lecture delivered at Birkbeck College London 6 February 1980 Conor Cruise O'Brien 1
The professional journalist John Hohenberg 1
The professional journalist : a guide to the practices and principles of the news media John Hohenberg 1
The proud highway : the saga of a desperate southern gentleman, 1955-1967 Hunter S Thompson 1
The spider and the fly : a reporter, a serial killer and a journey into murder Claudia Rowe 1
The universal journalist David Randall 1
The war on journalism : media moguls, whistleblowers and the price of freedom Andrew Fowler 1
Using mass communication theory Maxwell E. McCombs 1
The media men John Morrison 1
Virtue ethics and professional journalism Aaron Quinn 1
Virtue in media : the moral psychology of excellence in news and PR Patrick Lee Plaisance 1
Virtue in media : the moral psychology of excellence in news and public relations Patrick Lee Plaisance 1
What is journalism? : the art and politics of a rupture Chris Nash 1
What journalism could be Barbie Zelizer 1
When journalism was a thing Alexandra Kitty 1
When news was new Terhi Rantanen 1
Writing for the Llangeitho Times : a simple guide to community journalism R. T. Parsons 1
The news media : what makes them tick? John L. Hulteng 1
The mass media : reporting, writing, editing William L. Rivers 1
Social Media für Journalisten : Redaktionell arbeiten mit Facebook, Twitter & Co. Stefan Primbs 1
The Penguin book of columnists Christopher Silvester 1
Speaking of journalism : 12 writers and editors talk about their work William Knowlton Zinsser 1
Speaking of journalism : 12 writers and editors talk about their work William Zinsser 1
Spinning into Control : news values and source strategies Jerry Palmer 1
News and social media : redefining journalism Madhuri Madhok 1
Successful freelance journalism : a practical guide for writers Fay Goldie 1
SuperMedia : saving journalism so it can save the world Charlie Beckett 1
The 2015 UK general election and the 2016 EU referendum : towards a democracy of the spectacle Ian R. Lamond 1
The Charlie Hebdo affair and comparative journalistic cultures : human rights versus religious rites Lyombe Eko 1
The Syrian information and propaganda war : the role of cognitive bias Benjamin Cole 1
The journalist's handbook : an insider's guide to being a great journalist Kim Fletcher 1
The best of Granta reportage Ryszard Kapuściński 1
The complete idiot's guide to journalism Christopher K. Passante 1
The crisis of the institutional press Stephen D. Reese 1
The daily miracle : an introduction to journalism David Conley 1
The elite press : great newspapers of the world John C. Merrill 1
The imperial messenger : Thomas Friedman at work Belén Fernández 1
The journalism behind journalism : going beyond the basics to train effective journalists in a shifting landscape Gina Baleria 1
The journalist's handbook Kim Fletcher 1
Sports journalism and coming out stories : Jason Collins and Michael Sam William P. Cassidy 1


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