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Israel Sue Bryant 7
The Iron Wall : Israel and the Arab world Avi Shlaim 4
The government and politics of Israel Don Peretz 4
Fateful triangle : the United States, Israel, and the Palestinians Noam Chomsky 4
Jewish history, Jewish religion : the weight of three thousand years Israël Shahak 4
The origins of the Arab-Israeli wars Ritchie Ovendale 4
Palestine peace not apartheid Jimmy Carter 4
Israel : a history Anita Shapira 4
Israel : a history Martin Gilbert 4
The last testament Sam Bourne 3
On the other hand Chaim Bermant 3
Israeli identity : in search of a successor to the pioneer, tsabar and settler Lilly Weissbrod 3
Masada : Herod's fortress and the Zealots' last stand Yigael Yadin 3
Top 10 Israel : including Sinai & Petra Vanessa Betts 3
Co-memory and melancholia : Israelis memorialising the Palestinian Nakba Ronit Lenṭin 3
Disappearing Palestine : Israel's experiments in human despair Jonathan Cook 3
Ben-Gurion against the Knesset Giora Goldberg 3
Israel diary : the Jewish state through the eyes of a goy Nicola Seu 3
Israel and the Dead Sea Scrolls Edmund Wilson 3
The Arab economy in Israel : the dynamics of a region's development Raja Khalidi 3
A skeleton in God's closet : a novel Paul L. Maier 3
Israel, the United States, and the war against Hamas, July-August 2014 : the "special relationship" under scrutiny Zaki Shalom 3
Gideon's spies : the inside story of Israel's legendary secret service Gordon Thomas 3
Gideon's spies : the secret history of the Mossad Gordon Thomas 3
Turkey's entente with Israel and Azerbaijan : state identity and security in the Middle East and Caucasus Alexander Murinson 3
Israel & the Palestinian territories Daniel Robinson 3
The political right in Israel : different faces of Jewish populism Dani Filc 3
Blair, Labour and Palestine : conflicting views on Middle East peace after 9/11 Toby Greene 3
Every pilgrim's guide to the Holy Land Norman Wareham 3
Israel in pictures Peggy Mann 3
European Union policy towards the Arab-Israeli peace process : the quicksands of politics Costanza Musu 3
New Zionism and the foreign policy system of Israel Ofira Seliktar 3
Zionist Israel and apartheid South Africa : civil society and peace building in ethnic-national states Amneh Daoud Badran 3
A blood-dimmed tide : dispatches from the Middle East Amos Elon 3
Israel Marcia S. Gresko 3
State practices and Zionist images : shaping economic development in Arab towns in Israel David A. Wesley 3
My promised land : the triumph and tragedy of Israel Ari Shavit 3
Fortress Israel : the inside story of the military elite who run the country - and why they can't make peace Patrick Tyler 3
The people of forever are not afraid Shani Boianjiu 2
The pen and the sword : Israeli intellectuals and the making of the nation-state Michael Keren 2
The left's Jewish problem : Jeremy Corbyn, Israel and anti-semitism Dave Rich 2
Israel observed : an anatomy of the state William Frankel 2
Defending the Holy Land : a critical analysis of Israel's security & foreign policy Zeev Maoz 2
Israel on the road to peace : accepting the unacceptable Ziva Bakman-Flamhaft 2
Israel's nuclear dilemma Yair Evron 2
The pillars of Solomon Jon Land 2
Dearest Anne : a tale of impossible love Judith Katzir 2
The making and unmaking of a Zionist : a personal and political journey Antony Lerman 2
Simulated dreams : Israeli youth and virtual Zionism Haim Hazan 2
The origins of Israeli mythology : neither Canaanites nor crusaders David Ohana 2
Start-up nation : the story of Israel's economic miracle Dan Senor 2
Don't call it night Amos Oz 2
Doomed to succeed : the U.S.-Israel relationship from Truman to Obama Dennis Ross 2
Drawing fire : investigating the accusations of apartheid in Israel Benjamin Pogrund 2
Europe's alliance with Israel : aiding the occupation David Cronin 2
The myths of liberal Zionism Yitzchak Laor 2
Europe's Middle East dilemma : the quest for a unified stance Alain Greilsammer 2
Ethnicity, religion, and class in Israeli society Eliezer Ben Rafael 2
Ethiopian Jewish immigrants in Israel : the homeland postponed Tanya Schwarz 2
Israel's changing society : population, ethnicity, and development Calvin Goldscheider 2
Soldier of Jerusalem Uzi Narkiss 2
Israel's fateful decisions Yehoshafat Harkabi 2
Sacred landscape : the buried history of the Holy Land since 1948 Meron Benvenisti 2
The politics of partition : King Abdullah, the Zionists and Palestine 1921-1951 Avi Shlaim 2
The two-state delusion : Israel and Palestine : a tale of two narratives Padraig O'Malley 2
Israeli politics and the Middle East peace process, 1988-2002 Hassan A. Barari 2
The succession to the throne of David Leonhard Rost 2
Publish it not- : the Middle East cover-up Michael Adams 2
The sword and the olive : a critical history of the Israeli defense force Martin Van Creveld 2
The transformation of Israeli society : an essay in interpretation S. N. Eisenstadt 2
Israeli visions and divisions : cultural change and political conflict Myron J. Aronoff 2
The triangular connection : America, Israel and American Jews Edward Bernard Glick 2
Israeli-Egyptian relations, 1980-2000 Ephraim Dowek 2
Ports of call Amin Maalouf 2
Israel's wars of attrition : attrition challenges to democratic states Avi Kober 2
Politics and violence in Israel/Palestine : democracy versus military rule Lev Luis Grinberg 2
Politics and society in modern Israel : myths and realities Adam M. Garfinkle 2
Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai Fabrizio Ardito 2
Britain, Israel, and the United States, 1955-1958 : beyond Suez Orna Almog 2
Britain, Israel and Anglo-Jewry : 1949-57 Natan Aridan 2
Bringing Zion home : Israel in American Jewish culture, 1948-1967 Emily Alice Katz 2
Border walls : security and the war on terror in the United States, India and Israel Reece Jones 2
Political cartoons and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Ilan Danjoux 2
Christian Identity, Jews, and Israel in Seventeenth-century England Achsah Guibbory 2
Christian attitudes towards the state of Israel Paul Charles Merkley 2
Israeli media and the framing of internal conflict : the Yemenite babies affair Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber 2
Israeli identities : Jews and Arabs facing the self and the other Yair Auron 2
Saving Israel : how the Jewish people can win a war that may never end Daniel Gordis 2
Dame Kathleen Kenyon : digging up the Holy Land Miriam C. Davis 2
Sadat and Begin : the domestic politics of peacemaking Melvin A. Friedlander 2
Sacrifice of Isaac Neil Gordon 2
The prophet motive : Israel today and tomorrow George Mikes 2
Extreme rambling : walking Israel's separation barrier, for fun Mark Thomas 2
Israel, the land and its people Danah Zohar 2
The question of Zion Jacqueline Rose 2
Israel/Palestine Alan Dowty 2
The religions of ancient Israel : a synthesis of parallactic approaches Ziony Zevit 2
The road to Jerusalem : Glubb Pasha, Palestine and the Jews Benny Morris 2
The road to war : presidential commitments honored and betrayed Marvin L. Kalb 2
Conflicted are the peacemakers : Israeli and Palestinian moderates and the death of Oslo Eric N. Budd 2


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