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Key facts:
  • Books on this subject: 1,226
  • Editions on this subject: 1,383
  • Authors on this subject: 974
  • Companies: 42,417
  • Revenue: 2,546,014 m$
  • Employees: 5,281,935


Top Authors

The main authors on Internet by number of books and editions:


There are the 1,226 books on the Internet subject with a total 1,383 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
The Internet for dummies John R. Levine 9
Computer networking : a top-down approach James F. Kurose 8
The Internet Mac Bride 6
The Which? guide to the Internet Richard Wentk 5
Search strategies for the Internet : how to identify essential resources more effectively Karen Blakeman 4
The complete idiot's guide to the Internet Peter Kent 4
New perspectives on the Internet Gary P. Schneider 4
Gay & lesbian online Jeff Dawson 4
A practical guide to content delivery networks Gilbert Held 4
Internet research methods Claire Hewson 3
Coming of age in Second Life : an anthropologist explores the virtually human Tom Boellstorff 3
GMPLS technologies : broadband backbone networks and systems Naoaki Yamanaka 3
The future of the Internet and how to stop it Jonathan Zittrain 3
The advanced Internet searcher's handbook Phil Bradley 3
The complete beginner's guide to the Internet Mark Neely 3
A brief history of the future : the origins of the Internet John Naughton 3
The Internet for dummies quick reference John R. Levine 3
The big switch : rewiring the world, from Edison to Google Nicholas G. Carr 3
Tubes : behind the scenes at the Internet Andrew Blum 3
Computer networking : a top-down approach featuring the Internet James F. Kurose 3
Disappearing cryptography : information hiding : steganography & watermarking Peter Wayner 3
Brilliant Internet for the over 50s P. K. McBride 3
Dave Gorman's Googlewhack! adventure Dave Gorman 3
The dark net : inside the digital underworld Jamie Bartlett 3
How to be a silver surfer : a beginner's guide to the Internet Emma Aldridge 3
The Internet book : everything you need to know about computer networking and how the Internet works Douglas Comer 3
Beyond the box : television and the Internet Sharon Marie Ross 2
Beyond the spectacle of terrorism : global uncertainty and the challenge of the new media Henry A. Giroux 2
Key concepts in e-commerce Alan Charlesworth 2
Reinventing discovery : the new era of networked science Michael A. Nielsen 2
The Internet and email for the over 50s Bob Reeves 2
Language and the internet David Crystal 2
The intelligent web : search, smart algorithms, and big data Gautam Shroff 2
The guide to Internet job searching Margaret F. Dikel 2
New perspectives on the internet. Comprehensive Gary P. Schneider 2
Special edition using the Internet and Web Michael Miller 2
The insider's guide to mental health resources online John M. Grohol 2
The Internet : the rough guide Angus J. Kennedy 2
Routing in the internet Christian Huitema 2
Broadcasting cable, the Internet, and beyond : an introduction to modern electronic media Joseph R. Dominick 2
Virtual private networks Charlie Scott 2
The Internet from A to Z John Cowpertwait 2
ISDN for dummies David Angell 2
Icq 2000 for dummies Peter Weverka 2
Easy Internet Joe Kraynak 2
Internet users' guide to network resource tools Margaret Isaacs 2
Practical Internet security John R. Vacca 2
Throwing sheep in the boardroom : how online social networking will transform your life, work and world Matthew Fraser 2
Internet! Alan R. Neibauer 2
Cornucopia limited : design and dissent on the Internet Richard Coyne 2
CompuServe 2000 made simple Keith Brindley 2
Tracing your family history on the internet : a guide for family historians Chris Paton 2
The digital mom handbook : how to blog, vlog, tweet, and facebook your way to a dream career at home Audrey Couto McClelland 2
The essential guide to the Internet for health professionals Sydney S. Chellen 2
The ABCs of the Internet Christian Crumlish 2
The complete idiot's guide to the Internet UK and Eire Rob Young 2
Understanding business on the Internet in a week Bob Norton 2
The tao of computing Henry M. Walker 2
Strategies for electronic commerce and the Internet Henry C. Lucas 2
Customer service on the Internet : building relationships, increasing loyalty, and staying competitive Jim Sterne 2
Enterprise knowledge portals : next generation portal solutions for dynamic information access, better decision making, and maximum results Heidi Collins 2
Information worlds : social context, technology, and information behavior in the age of the Internet Paul T. Jaeger 2
Internet research skills Niall Ó Dochartaigh 2
Sams teach yourself the Internet in 24 hours Ned Snell 2
The rough guide to the Internet Angus J. Kennedy 2
Carol Vorderman's guide to the Internet Carol Vorderman 2
How to use the Internet Rogers Cadenhead 2
The Internet for library and information service professionals Andy Dawson 2
Accountant's guide to the Internet Eric E. Cohen 2
A simple guide to the Internet Michel Dreyfus 2
Net that job! : using the World Wide Web to develop your career and find work Irene Krechowiecka 2
Discovering computers 2004 : a gateway to information : web enhanced : complete Gary B. Shelly 2
The Internet for nurses and allied health professionals Margaret J. A. Edwards 2
Internet business models and strategies : text and cases Allan Afuah 2
A history of the Internet and the digital future Johnny Ryan 2
Music on the internet Juliana Koranteng 2
A guide to finding quality information on the Internet : selection and evaluation strategies Alison Cooke 2
The Internet for physicians Roger P. Smith 2
The internet navigator Paul Gilster 2
Medical information on the Internet : a guide for health professionals Robert Kiley 2
60 minute guide to Internet Explorer 3.0 J. W. Olsen 2
Mr Modem's Internet guide for seniors Richard A. Sherman 2
Michael Shapiro's internet travel planner : how to plan trips and save money online Michael Shapiro 2
Digital by-product data in Web 2.0 : exploring mass collaboration of Wikipedia Zeyi He 2
More Internet for dummies John R. Levine 2
The library and information professional's guide to the Internet Gwyneth Tseng 2
The Internet in easy steps Geoff Preston 2
Digital crossroads : American telecommunications policy in the internet age Jonathan E. Nuechterlein 2
Zen and the art of the Internet : a beginner's guide Brendan P. Kehoe 2
The Internet for writers John Ralph 2
Internet architecture and innovation Barbara Van Schewick 2
Going digital : a roadmap for organisational transformation Lucy Küng 2
The Java virtual machine specification Tim Lindholm 2
The world wide web unleashed John December 2
Get back in the box : innovation from the inside out Douglas Rushkoff 2
Internet afterlife : virtual salvation in the 21st century Kevin O'Neill 2
Networks of innovation : change and meaning in the age of the Internet Ilkka Tuomi 2
Backbase 4 RIA development : create enterprise-grade rich internet applications using the backbase client framework Ghica van Emde Boas 2
The Virgin Internet travel guide Davey Winder 2
MPLS and label switching networks Uyless D. Black 2


Sizing of the Internet market:

Number of companies 42,417
Total revenues (m$) 2,546,014
Total employees 5,281,935
Total market cap (m$) 3,152,693
Total assets (b$) 1,804
Total profits (m$) 166,787

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


There are 42,417 companies in that industry in our database:

Here is the top 100 by revenue (actuals or estimates):

Company Type Revenue (M USD) actual 485,902
Google estimate 202,742 actual 144,758
Meta Platforms actual 119,410
Youtube estimate 80,955
Tencent actual 80,954
Bytedance estimate 61,964 estimate 51,280
Xiaomi actual 46,926
Facebook estimate 39,488
Visa actual 28,082
Salesforce actual 27,940
Taobao Marketplace estimate 26,105
Grab estimate 26,033
PayPal actual 25,821
Flipkart estimate 24,107
Shopee estimate 20,627
Coupang actual 19,316
Baidu actual 18,027
Linkedin estimate 17,415
Vipshop actual 16,458 actual 15,066
Booking actual 12,512
Zillow Group actual 11,186
Sea actual 11,091
eBay actual 10,265
Foodpanda estimate 9,838
Instacart estimate 9,788
Sina estimate 9,695
Twitch estimate 8,691
Zalando estimate 8,357
Alibaba Cloud estimate 8,223
MercadoLibre actual 7,939
Airbnb actual 7,382
Prosus actual 6,866 estimate 6,840
Equinix actual 6,557
Lazada Group estimate 6,485
Yandex actual 6,444
Air Water actual 6,168
Yahoo estimate 5,983 estimate 5,531
Twilio estimate 5,413
Here Technologies estimate 5,392 estimate 5,369
NAVER actual 5,214
Rakuten estimate 5,193
Shutterfly estimate 5,167
Shopify actual 5,002
CyberAgent actual 4,956
Qihoo 360 estimate 4,805
Indiamart Intermesh estimate 4,792
IAC actual 4,771
Independent estimate 4,563
Wework estimate 4,385
Netease estimate 4,354
Tencent Music Entertainment Group actual 4,343
Grubhub estimate 4,192
iQIYI actual 4,177
Yy estimate 4,007
Noon estimate 3,969
GoDaddy actual 3,917
Postmates estimate 3,746
Guangdong Investment actual 3,679
Hotmart estimate 3,678
Ifood estimate 3,665
Toptal estimate 3,649
Akamai Technologies actual 3,522
Vroom actual 3,516
Agoda estimate 3,313
Auto1 estimate 3,251
Yok estimate 3,216
Oath estimate 3,165
ZhongAn Online P & C Insurance actual 3,151
Twilio actual 3,127
Binance estimate 3,119
Match Group actual 3,114
Market America estimate 3,004
Bilibili actual 2,967
Stessa estimate 2,936
Aol estimate 2,901
Cimpress actual 2,887
Ibest estimate 2,834 estimate 2,723
Pinterest actual 2,667
Cyfrowy Polsat actual 2,649
无言(wuyan) estimate 2,620
JOYY actual 2,599
Consultant estimate 2,531
Automattic estimate 2,476 estimate 2,461
Monster estimate 2,455
Tokopedia estimate 2,417
Etsy actual 2,413
Wyzant Tutoring estimate 2,396
My Own estimate 2,376 actual 2,366
Weibo actual 2,282
Hangzhou Lianluo Interactive Information Technology actual 2,282
Teachers Pay Teachers estimate 2,233



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