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International business : the challenges of globalization John J. Wild 11
Global business today Charles W. L. Hill 7
International economics James Gerber 7
International business : the new realities S. Tamer Cavusgil 5
International business Michael R. Czinkota 5
International business : environments and operations John D. Daniels 5
International relations and world politics : security, economy, identity Paul R. Viotti 5
International economics Dennis R. Appleyard 5
World trade and payments : an introduction Richard E. Caves 5
Mastering import & export management Thomas A. Cook 5
Building an import/export business Kenneth D. Weiss 4
International trade and globalisation Charles Smith 4
International business Oded Shenkar 4
Global marketing Warren J. Keegan 4
Global political economy : theory and practice Theodore H. Cohn 4
The handbook of international trade and finance : the complete guide for international sales, finance, shipping and administration Anders Grath 4
Global trade : past mistakes, future choices Greg Buckman 4
International business negotiation : principles and practice Barry Maude 4
Global economic issues and policies Joseph P. Daniels 4
The truth about trade : the real impact of liberalization Clive George 3
Understanding the world economy Tony Cleaver 3
The global business environment : challenges and responsibilities Janet Morrison 3
Dilemmas of international trade Bruce Edward Moon 3
The travels of a T-shirt in the global economy : an economist examines the markets, power, and politics of world trade Pietra Rivoli 3
The pure theory of international trade and distortions Bharat R. Hazari 3
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about international business George Cairns 3
Free trade : myth, reality, and alternatives Graham Dunkley 3
International trade : theory and policy Paul R. Krugman 3
International trade : new patterns of trade, production & investment Nigel Grimwade 3
Introduction to international economics Dominick Salvatore 3
Colonial trade and international exchange : the transition from autarky to international trade Richard Anthony Johns 3
Getting started in importing : a practical guide John Wilson 2
Globalization and the nation state R. J. Holton 2
Developing countries and the multilateral trade regime : the failure and promise of the WTOs' development mission Donatella Alessandrini 2
The globalization paradox : why global markets, states, and democracy can't coexist Dani Rodrik 2
Strategy for the global market : theory and practical applications V. L. Kvint 2
International trade and global civil society Dev Nathan 2
The global political economy of trade protectionism and liberalization : trade reform and economic adjustment in textiles and clothing Tony Heron 2
Global antitrust : trade and competition linkages Yusaf H. Akbar 2
Global business : an economic, social, and environmental perspective Nader H. Asgary 2
Structural revolution in international business architecture. Volume 1, Modelling and analysis Dipak R. Basu 2
Deference to the legislature in WTO challenges to legislation Daniel Lovric 2
Trade and migration in the modern world Carl Mosk 2
International trade and the successful intermediary Davide Giovanni Papa 2
Trade diplomacy transformed : why trade matters for global prosperity Geoffrey Allen Pigman 2
Fair trade for all : how trade can promote development Joseph E. Stiglitz 2
The world trading system at risk Jagdish N. Bhagwati 2
The international business environment : challenges and changes Ian Brooks 2
Quality and the great trade collapse Natalie Chen 2
International business John J. Wild 2
The new global trading order : the evolving state and the future of trade Dennis M. Patterson 2
International economics David Young 2
Export/import procedures and documentation Thomas E. Johnson 2
Export/import procedures and documentation Donna L. Bade 2
Export-import theory, practices, and procedures Belay Seyoum 2
The political economy of protection Arye L. Hillman 2
The political economy of the world trading system : the WTO and beyond Bernard M. Hoekman 2
International economics Robert C. Feenstra 2
International economics : a heterodox approach Hendrik Van den Berg 2
International economics and confusing politics David Robertson 2
The law of international trade H. van Houtte 2
International business : challenges in a changing world Janet Morrison 2
International marketing Rakesh Mohan Joshi 2
Foreign operation methods : theory, analysis, strategy Lawrence S. Welch 2
International business : a course on the essentials Riad A. Ajami 2
The international trading system Alice Landau 2
International production : trends, theories, effects Grazia Ietto-Gillies 2
State aid, subsidy and tax incentives under EU and WTO Law Claire Micheau 2
International relations and world politics Paul R. Viotti 2
The international economy P. T. Ellsworth 2
International business Mike W. Peng 2
Fugitive denim : a moving story of people and pants in the borderless world of global trade Rachel Louise Snyder 2
The world economy : trade and finance Beth V. Yarbrough 2
International trade Robert C. Feenstra 2
The impact of international trade and FDI on economic growth and technological change Patricia Hofmann 2
The global business environment : towards sustainability? Janet Morrison 2
Should global agriculture be liberalized? : theories, models and realities Jean-Marc Boussard 2
Legal guide to GATS Nelie Munin 2
Multinational firms in the world economy Giorgio Barba Navaretti 2
Introduction to globalization and business : relationships and responsibilities Barbara Parker 2
The clash of globalizations : essays on the political economy of trade and development policy Kevin Gallagher 2
The constitution of liberty in the open economy Lüder Gerken 2
Brazil in world trade : contingent protection measures Dan Wei 2
The economics of trade facilitation Nirmal Sengupta 2
Multilateral environmental agreements : legal status of the secretariats Bharat Desai 2
Cartelization, antitrust and globalization in the US and Europe Mark S. LeClair 2
The East India Company : trade and conquest from 1600 Antony Wild 2
China and the global economy in the 21st century John Saee 2
A short guide to customs risk Catherine Truel 2
Liberalizing international trade after Doha : multilateral, plurilateral, regional, and unilateral initiatives David A. Gantz 2
Globalization, today and tomorrow F. Gerard Adams 2
Global political economy : a Marxist critique Bill Dunn 2
The determinants of cross-border equity flows Richard Portes 2
The World Trade Organization : law, practice, and policy Mitsuo Matsushita 2
The United Nations Convention on the Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts : an in-depth guide and sourcebook Amelia H. Boss 2
The glass border : gender and exporting in developing countries Ronald B. Davies 2
The WTO and its development obligation : prospects for global trade Elimma C. Ezeani 2
Community resources : intellectual property, international trade and protection of traditional knowledge Johanna Gibson 2
Commodity trade and finance Michael N. Tamvakis 2
An introduction to international economics : new perspectives on the world economy Kenneth A. Reinert 2

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