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A history of the FTAA : from hegemony to fragmentation in the Americas Marcel Nelson 1
Post-conflict Syrian state and nation building : economic and political development Cenap Çakmak 1
Soviet foreign policy towards East Germany Achilleas Megas 1
South Africa's BPO service advantage : becoming strategic in the global marketplace Leslie Willcocks 1
Shipping derivatives and risk management Amir H. Alizadeh 1
Regional integration processes in the Commonwealth of Independent States : economic and political factors Katarzyna Czerewacz 1
Public relations in China : building and defending your brand in the PRC David Wolf 1
Public opinion on economic globalization : considering immigration, international trade, and foreign direct investment Roger White 1
Public finance and Islamic capital markets : theory and application Syed Aun R. Rizvi 1
Prophecy, piety, and profits : a conceptual and comparative history of Islamic economic thought Ayman Reda 1
Projekt- und Geschäftsanbahnung in Iran : eine Entscheidungshilfe für wirtschaftliche und wissenschaftliche Projekte Natascha Bagherpour Kashani 1
Projekt- und Geschäftsanbahnung in Iran : eine Entscheidungshilfe für wirtschaftliche und wissenschaftliche Projekte Bagherpour Kashani 1
Program management of technology endeavours : lateral thinking in large scale government program management Ali M. Al-Khouri 1
Product Characteristics in International Economics : Role and Impact on Economic Development Stephan Huber 1
Private enterprise-led economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa : the human side of growth John Kuada 1
Policy signals and market responses : a 50 year history of Zambia's relationship with foreign capital Stuart John Barton 1
Strategies for internationalizing the Renminbi Yuanzheng Cao 1
Phenomenology of the embodied organization : the contribution of Merleau-Ponty for organizational studies and practice Wendelin Küpers 1
Persian Gulf 2018 : India's relations with the region P. R. Kumaraswamy 1
Ownership unbundling and related measures in the EU energy sector : foundations, the impact of WTO law and investment protection Tilman Michael Dralle 1
Optimizing supply chain performance : information sharing and coordinated management Michael Roe 1
Optimizing Liner Shipping Fleet Repositioning Plans Kevin Tierney 1
Nonlinearity, Bounded Rationality, and Heterogeneity : Some Aspects of Market Economies as Complex Systems Tamotsu Onozaki 1
National innovation efficiency during the global crisis : a cross-country analysis Emine Nur Ozkan Gunay 1
Modern financial crises : Argentina, United States and Europe Beniamino Moro 1
Mexico and the post-2015 development agenda : contributions and challenges Rebecka Villanueva Ulfgard 1
Mediterranean labor markets in the first age of globalization : an economic history of real wages and market integration Paul Caruana Galizia 1
Managing the macroeconomy : monetary and exchange rate issues in India Ramkishen S. Rajan 1
Managing FDI for development in resource-rich states : the Caribbean experience Lou Anne Barclay 1
Macro innovation dynamics and the golden age : new insights into Schumpeterian dynamics, inequality and economic growth Paul J. J. Welfens 1
Stability in International Finance : Applications of Price Disequilibrium Theory Frederick Betz 1
Structural revolution in international business architecture. Volume 1, Modelling and analysis Dipak R. Basu 1
Low-income Islamist women and social economy in Iran Roksana Bahramitash 1
The synergy theory on economic growth : comparative study between China and developed countries Jianhua Liu 1
Who's to blame for Greece? : austerity in charge of saving a broken economy Theodōros K. Pelagidēs 1
Welfare markets in Europe : the democratic challenge of European integration Amandine Crespy 1
Unequal ageing in Europe : women's independence and pensions Gianni Betti 1
Understanding Family-Owned Business Groups : Towards a Pluralistic Approach Manlio Del Giudice 1
US firms' business competence in the Taiwanese IT industry Pi-Chi Chen 1
Transnational governance and South American politics : the political economy of norms Alejandro Milcíades Peña 1
Transnational gas markets and Euro-Russian energy relations Andrei V. Belyi 1
Trade theory in computable general equilibrium models : Armington, Krugman and Melitz Peter B. Dixon 1
Trade diplomacy transformed : why trade matters for global prosperity Geoffrey Allen Pigman 1
Tourism marketing for developing countries : battling stereotypes and crises in Asia, Africa and the Middle East Eli Avraham 1
The use of alternative benchmarks in anti-subsidy law : a study on the WTO, the EU and China Sophia Müller 1
The third option for the South China Sea : the political economy of regional conflict and cooperation David Jay Green 1
The theoretical and practical dimensions of regionalism in East Asia Karolina Klecha-Tylec 1
The second Chinese revolution Eugenio Bregolat 1
Structural revolution in international business architecture. Volume 2, Political economy Dipak R. Basu 1
The protection of foreign investments in Mongolia : treaties, domestic law, and contracts on investments in international comparison and arbitral practice Bajar Scharaw 1
The political economy of anti-dumping protection : a strategic analysis Patricia Wruuck 1
The political economy of Disney : the cultural capitalism of Hollywood Alexandre Bohas 1
The next financial crisis and how to save capitalism Hossein Askari 1
The inexorable evolution of financialisation : financial crises in emerging markets Domna Michailidou 1
The governance structures of the Bretton Woods Financial Institutions : a case of Beggar-Thy-Neighbour Ahmed Naciri 1
The global division of labour : development and inequality in world society Richard Münch 1
The development of managerial culture : a comparative study of Australia and Canada Arthur J. Wolak 1
The Gulf States in international political economy Kristian Ulrichsen 1
The European Union illuminated : its nature, importance and future A. M. el-Agraa 1
The Chinese birdcage : how China's rise almost toppled the west Heleen Mees 1
The Belt and Road Initiative in south-south cooperation : the impact on world trade and geopolitics Li Sheng 1
Sustainable growth in global markets : strategic choices and managerial implications Rajagopal 1
Luxury the Chinese way : new competitive scenarios Serena Rovai 1
Labor intermediation services in developing economies : adapting employment services for a global age Jacqueline Mazza 1
Advertising in the aging society : understanding representations, practitioners, and consumers in Japan Florian Kohlbacher 1
Consumption-based approaches in international climate policy Christian Lininger 1
Doing business in Ghana : challenges and opportunities John E. Spillan 1
Do we need HR? : repositioning people management for success Paul Sparrow 1
Die Wirtschaft Serbiens : Rahmenbedingungen, Strategien und Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten Marija Janković 1
Dialogue in organizations : developing relational leadership Megan Reitz 1
Developmental states and business activism : East Asia's trade dispute settlement Jessica Chia-yueh Liao 1
Developed nations and the economic impact of globalization Ken Moak 1
Determinants of FDI in Central and Eastern Europe : the Effects of Integration into the European Union Hanna Makhavikova 1
Der Arabische Frühling : Eine Analyse der Determinanten europäischer Mittelmeerpolitik Annette Jünemann 1
Demystifying talent management : a critical approach to the realities of talent Billy Adamsen 1
Declining international cooperation on pesticide regulation : frittering away food security May T. Yeung 1
Data quality in Southeast Asia : analysis of official statistics and their institutional framework as a basis for capacity building and policy making in the ASEAN Manuel Stagars 1
Cutting the distance : benefits and tensions from the recent active engagement of China, Japan, and Korea in Latin America Nobuaki Hamaguchi 1
Cross-border outsourcing and boundaries of Japanese firms : a microdata economic analysis Eiichi Tomiura 1
Competitive supply chains : a value-based management perspective Enver Yücesan 1
Economic cycles in emerging and advanced countries : synchronization, international spillovers and the decoupling hypothesis Antonio Pesce 1
Collaborative approach to trade : enhancing connectivity in sea- and land-locked countries Francesca Romana Medda 1
Cloud systems in supply chains Fawzy Soliman 1
China goes global : how China's overseas investment is transforming its business enterprises Huiyao Wang 1
Charting the roots of anti-Chinese populism in Africa Steve Hess 1
Business opportunities in the Pacific Alliance : the economic rise of Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico John E. Spillan 1
Business ecosystems : constructs, configurations, and the nurturing process Ke Rong 1
Business Dynamics in North America : Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Trade Patterns Rajagopal 1
Britain and the crisis of the European Union David Baker 1
Between empire and globalization : an economic history of modern Spain Albert Carreras 1
Bank credit extension and real economic activity in South Africa : the impact of capital flow dynamics, bank regulation and selected macro-prudential tools Nombulelo Gumata 1
Attitudes towards Europe beyond Euroscepticism : supporting the European Union through the crisis Danilo Di Mauro 1
Asian megatrends Rajiv Biswas 1
Agricultural trade, policy reforms, and global food security Kym Anderson 1
ECOWAS law Jerry Ukaigwe 1
Economic cycles, crises, and the global periphery Leonid Grinin 1
Japan Inc. on the brink : institutional corruption and agency failure Susan Carpenter 1
How the Chinese economy works Rongxing Guo 1
Italy's top products in world trade : the Fortis-Corradini Index Marco Fortis 1
Islamic finance in the light of modern economic theory Suren Basov 1


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