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The main authors on Insurance by number of books and editions:


There are the 85 books on the Insurance subject with a total 111 editions:

Here are the most edited ones:

Title Author Editions
Principles of risk management and insurance George E. Rejda 9
Fundamentals of risk and insurance Emmett J. Vaughan 8
Introduction to risk management and insurance Mark S. Dorfman 4
Risk analysis in finance and insurance A. V. Melʹnikov 3
Risk management and insurance C. Arthur Williams 2
Digital insurance : business innovation in the post-crisis era Bernardo Nicoletti 2
Insurance H. A. L. Cockerell 2
Praxisleitfaden betriebliche Altersvorsorge : Alles Wichtige fur den taglichen Einsatz Robert Schwarz 2
Grounding security : family, insurance and the state Carol Weisbrod 2
Introduction to insurance Mark S. Dorfman 2
Natural disaster risk management : geosciences and social responsibility Ulrich Ranke 1
Obstacles to the liberalization of trade in insurance R. L. Carter 1
PORTFOLIO INSURANCE RELOADED : erfolge der constant-proportion-portfolio-insurance Ralf Hohmann 1
Nachhaltigkeitskommunikation in der Versicherungswirtschaft : Spielregeln, Erfolgsfaktoren, Trends Désirée Schubert 1
Personal money management Thomas Edwards Bailard 1
Plan Your Financial Future : A Comprehensive Guidebook to Growing Your Net Worth Keith R. Fevurly 1
Mutual insurance 1550-2015 : from guild welfare and friendly societies to contemporary micro-insurers Marco H. D. van Leeuwen 1
Mundane insurance D. Stuart McCreadie 1
Principles of insurance George E. Rejda 1
Moderne Verhaltensökonomie in der Versicherungswirtschaft : Denkanstöße für ein besseres Verständnis der Kunden Andreas Richter 1
Reactive risk and rational action : managing moral hazard in insurance contracts Carol A. Heimer 1
Redefining Risk & Return : The Economic Red Phone Explained Jesper Lyng Jensen 1
Reliability is a new science : Gnedenko was right Paolo Rocchi 1
Perfect insurance : all you need to get it right first time Marie Jennings 1
A history of British actuarial thought Craig Turnbull 1
Management of insurance operations Ian Bates 1
Risk management and insurance Scott E. Harrington 1
Versicherungsbetrug verstehen und verhindern Vanessa Köneke 1
Understanding insurance Gwilym Williams 1
Theory and practice of insurance J. François Outreville 1
The wrong shape of insurance? : what cross-sectional distributions tell us about models of consumption-smoothing Tobías Broer 1
The insurance instructor : a guide to the training officer and his team with particular reference to the teaching of new entrants Eric Jelfs 1
The global insurance market Julian Levy 1
The future of the London market Mark Baylis 1
The fragility of market risk insurance Ralph S. J. Koijen 1
The economics of risk and insurance S. Hun Seog 1
The complete book of insurance : the consumer's guide to insuring your life, health, property, and income Ben G. Baldwin 1
The administration of insurance Neil Crockford 1
The Which? guide to insurance Virginia Wallis 1
The Life Insurance Industry in India : Current State and Efficiency Tapas Kumar Parida 1
The Demand for Life Insurance : Dynamic Ecological Systemic Theory Using Machine Learning Techniques Wookjae Heo 1
Taking a risk : an historical & hysterical look at the purveyors of death, doom & destruction Robin R. Willis 1
Solutions manual for risk analysis in finance and insurance A. V. Melʹnikov 1
Risky business : why insurance markets fail and what to do about it Liran Einav 1
Market-consistent actuarial valuation Mario V. Wüthrich 1
Introduction to insurance Michael G. Collins 1
Letters of indemnity : a guide to good practice Stephen Mills 1
Economics of insurance Karl Borch 1
General insurance Bernard Benjamin 1
Fundamentals of risk and insurance Curtis M. Elliott 1
Facilitating consumer learning in insurance markets : what are the welfare effects? Johan Lagerlöf 1
Essentials of risk management and insurance Emmett J. Vaughan 1
Essentials of insurance : a risk management perspective Emmett J. Vaughan 1
Elements of insurance W. A. Dinsdale 1
Elements of insurance G. C. A. Dickson 1
Digital transformation in financial services Claudio Scardovi 1
Global developments in captive insurance Tony Dowding 1
Der anti-stress-trainer für versicherungsmakler : Versichern sie sich gegen stress! Claudia Girnuweit 1
Crime and crime prevention for insurance practice Roger A. Litton 1
Contests with insurance Aner Sela 1
Commercial lines insurance John Wormell 1
Business guide to insurance William Leslie Catchpole 1
Barriers to trade in insurance R. L. Carter 1
Bancassurance : the lessons of global experience in banking and insurance collaboration Steven I. Davis 1
General insurance principles A. S. Arnold 1
Global insurance and the capital markets Keith Boyfield 1
Japanese insurance : the impact of deregulation Claire Preston 1
Insurance for community woodland groups Callum Macdonald 1
Assorted selection : medical aspects of underwriting Douglas Watt Sutherland 1
Introduction to aviation insurance and risk management Alexander T. Wells 1
Insurers and public risk Mike Barrett 1
Insurance: weighing your options : a guide for housing association insurance reviews Gibbs C. D. 1
Insurance transformed : technological disruption Michael Naylor 1
Insurance theory and practice Rob Thoyts 1
Insurance solvency analysis J. E. Bannister 1
Insurance economics Peter Zweifel 1
Guide to insurance W. A. Dinsdale 1
Insurance : principles and practices Frederick G. Crane 1
Insurance Michael R. Sneyd 1
Insurance Derek Atkins 1
Inside insurance Carl F. Flesch 1
Hidden insurance in a moral hazard economy Giuseppe Bertola 1
Heterogeneity, demand for insurance and adverse selection Johannes Spinnewijn 1
Harmful competition in the insurance markets Giuseppe De Feo 1
What Is Health Insurance (Good) For? : An Examination of Who Gets It, Who Pays for It, and How to Improve It Robert D. Lieberthal 1

Matrix representation

Matrix representation of the top 200 companies in this industry:


Here is the top 100 companies by revenue (actuals or estimates) in that industry in our database:

Company Type Revenue (M USD)
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China actual 180,800
AXA actual 122,539
Zurich Irl estimate 120,561
Allianz.Com/En.Html actual 111,728
China Life Insurance Company actual 110,823
Generali actual 96,412
Libertymutual estimate 95,496
The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China actual 85,822
Aetna estimate 85,608
AXA estimate 81,199
AIG estimate 75,061
MetLife actual 71,274
Zurich Insurance Group actual 70,052
Prudential Financial actual 67,137
Zurich estimate 63,329
China Pacific Insurance Company actual 62,438
PICC Property and Casualty Company actual 60,420
GEICO estimate 58,166
Dai-ichi Life actual 53,472
Allstate actual 50,474
Liberty Mutual estimate 49,983
Gallagher estimate 49,039
Progressive actual 47,686
Great-West Lifeco actual 47,324
Clear Risk Insurance estimate 47,322
Swiss Re actual 46,406
Aia.Com/En actual 46,357
Talanx actual 44,977
Manulife actual 44,191
Chubb estimate 43,292
Tokio Marine actual 40,554
Chubb actual 40,373
China Taiping Insurance Holdings Company actual 40,274
Zurich Insurance estimate 40,243
AXA estimate 39,494
Travelers actual 35,761
Msad actual 35,535
Marsh.Com/Us/Home.Html estimate 33,796
Aegon actual 31,971
New China Life Insurance actual 30,751
Cathay Financial actual 30,227
AXA estimate 29,988
GEICO estimate 29,951
Groupama Gan Recrute estimate 29,359
Sompo actual 28,898
Hannover Re actual 28,636
AIG estimate 28,062
Phoenix Group actual 26,812
Prudential actual 26,500
Cathay Life Insurance estimate 26,278
Farmers Insurance estimate 25,957
FairfaxHome actual 24,971
Japan Post Insurance actual 24,485
BNP Paribas Cardif estimate 23,902
Swiss Life actual 22,929
Samsung Life Insurance actual 22,492
AAA estimate 22,251
Aflac actual 21,509
Marsh McLennan actual 20,648
Allianz estimate 19,840
Allianz estimate 19,840
AXA estimate 19,840
Taikang Insurance Group estimate 19,816
Anthem estimate 19,813
Lincoln Financial actual 19,635
MAPFRE estimate 19,533
Aviva actual 19,240
NN Group actual 19,141
SCOR actual 18,745
Hanwha Life Insurance actual 17,776
MAPFRE estimate 17,423
Allianz.Fr estimate 16,928
Reinsurance Group Of America actual 16,469
Intact actual 16,236
Equitable actual 16,144
AIG estimate 15,882
Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance actual 15,804
Fidelity National FinancialHome actual 15,714
Sentry estimate 15,253
UnipolSai actual 14,638
Unipol Gruppo actual 14,615
Great Eastern Life actual 14,193
Principal actual 14,164
Old Mutual actual 14,142
Liberty Mutual Jobs estimate 13,996
Loews actual 13,822
Royle Insurance estimate 13,738
QBE actual 13,530
Aetna estimate 13,199
Helvetia actual 13,016
Sampo actual 12,721
CTBC Financial Holding actual 12,574
Markel actual 12,552
Sanlam actual 12,498
Aon.Com/Home/Index actual 12,435
Ageas actual 12,306
T&Dホールディングス actual 12,136
Alleghany actual 12,069
Unum actual 11,924


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