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Coming through : true stories of hope and courage Pam Rhodes 3
The Dedalus book of the occult : a dark muse Gary Lachman 2
365 gentle reminders Natalie Dormady 2
How to be inspired Nick Williams 2
Lies and epiphanies : composers and their inspiration from Wagner to Berg Chris Walton 2
Inspirational teachers, inspirational learners : a book of hope for creativity and the curriculum in the twenty first century Will Ryan 2
Big magic : creative living beyond fear Elizabeth Gilbert 2
Invisible giants : changing the world one step at a time Lindsay Levin 2
Small, broke, and kind of dirty : affirmations for the real world Hana Shafi 1
Ten sticks of dynamite : to blow up your boredom, to blast your mediocrity, or just to boot you out of bed tomorrow morning Andrew Sercombe 1
Taking flight : inspiration and techniques to give your creative spirit wings Kelly Rae Roberts 1
Sudden genius? : the gradual path to creative breakthroughs Andrew Robinson 1
Step into nature : nurturing imagination and spirit in everyday life Patrice Vecchione 1
Standing at water's edge : moving past fears, blocks, and pitfalls to discover the power of creative immersion Anne Paris 1
Snap : seizing your aha! moments Katherine M. Ramsland 1
"Choose to climb" reaching your personal summit : a reference manual for life's challenges with 100 inspirational passages of clarity, strategy and direction Geraldine Mair 1
The Map of Meaningful Work : A Practical Guide to Sustaining our Humanity Marjolein Lips-Wiersma 1
Role of a lifetime James Brown 1
Rise and shine : a daily ritual of yoga, meditation & inspiration Georgia Perry 1
Readers choice : the Chicken Soup for the Soul Stories that changed your lives Jack Canfield 1
Perspectives on synchronicity, inspiration, and the soul Rico Sneller 1
Passion to purpose : a seven-step journey to shed self-doubt, find inspiration, and change your life (and the world) for the better Amy McLaren 1
Painter's wild workshop : expand your creativity : inspiration from 4 master artists Lynn Leon Loscutoff 1
Out of my mind Richard Bach 1
Nothing is impossible : build a new life in seven stages Geraldine Appel 1
Saying goodbye : a personal story of baby loss and 90 days of support to walk you through grief Zoë Clark-Coates 1
The description writing map : an inspirational workout for writers Shaun Levin 1
The Omano oracle Jack Joseph 1
Music and inspiration Jonathan Harvey 1
You will leave a trail of stars : words of inspiration for blazing your own path Lisa Congdon 1
Writing with light. part four, The muses : creative inspirations Vittorio Storaro 1
Wonder, value and God : the philosophy and theology of creation, inspiration, and creativity Robin Attfield 1
What She Said : The Art of Inspiring Action Through Speech Monica Lunin 1
We all wish for peace because... : inspirational talk Trish Booth 1
Unleashing your hero : rise above any challenge, expand your impact, and be the hero the world needs Kevin D. Brown 1
Tradition in creative writing : finding inspiration through your roots Adrian May 1
The wish book 2007 Barbel Mohr 1
The way of Awen : journey of a bard Kevan Manwaring 1
The seed : finding purpose and happiness in life and work Jon Gordon 1
The pursuit of nobility : living a life that matters Tim Daniel 1
The power of your words Affirmation Angel (Fictitious character) 1
The magic-weaving business : finding the heart of learning and teaching John Jones 1
The little spark : 30 ways to ignite your creativity Carrie Bloomston 1
The little book of awe & wonder : a cabinet of curiosities Matthew McFall 1
The inspire book Jerome Newton 1
The inspiratorium : a space for the curious Anthony Tasgal 1
The inspiration code : how the best leaders energize people every day Kristi Hedges 1
The eureka effect : the art and logic of breakthrough thinking David N. Perkins 1
My A to Z of life Jill Ladd 1
May the thoughts be with you Charlotte Reed 1
Muse : uncovering the hidden figures behind art history's masterpieces Ruth Millington 1
Black-eyed peas for the soul : tales to strengthen the spirit and encourage the heart Donna Williams 1
Creative sparks Jim Krause 1
Confessions Jan Kaplicky 1
Coleridge and the inspired word Anthony John Harding 1
Build your own idea factory : 68 ways to overcome creative blocks, generate new ideas, and get inspired David Norrington 1
Build your own idea factory : 68 ways to overcome creative blocks, generate new ideas & get inspired David Norrington 1
Brighten your diamond Marionne Ernst 1
Breathing spaces : for relaxation, meditation, and inspiration Graham Burnett 1
Bookmarked : reading my way from Hollywood to Brooklyn Wendy W. Fairey 1
Believe : a pop-up book to inspire you Robert Sabuda 1
Moments of insight : the emergence of great ideas in the lives of creative men Maria Shrady 1
Be inspired : you can fulfil your dream Simon Owoade 1
Badass Black girl : quotes, questions, and affirmations for teens M. J. Fièvre 1
Awaken your genius : a seven-step path to freeing your creativity and manifesting your dreams Carolyn Elliott 1
Art journal art journey : words, color, collage Nichole Snyder 1
Amsterdam mind scenario : TCOTPE Milan Papić 1
Adventure in everything : how the five elements of adventure create a life of authenticity, purpose, and inspiration Matthew Walker 1
A history of inspiration through metaphors of learning : the height of teaching Robert Nelson 1
A book for people who want to become stinking rich but aren't quite sure how Benrik 1
Devocionales para una mujer de gran valor : 52 devocionales para ayudarte a ser la mujer que Dios quiere que seas Karen Moore 1
Drawing closer to nature : making art in dialogue with the natural world Peter London 1
Find the fire : ignite your inspiration-and make work exciting again Scott Mautz 1
Follow your bliss : wisdom from inspiring women to help you find purpose and joy Alyssa Kuchta 1
Message to myself Diana Bell 1
"Pick yourself up" : encouraging words of inspiration and motivation Gertrude Lawler 1
Live life to the full : what I have learned from paddling the Mekong to skiing to the South Pole ; an inspirational guide for living life to the full Paula Reid 1
Lift : an inspirational letter of love from a mother to her children Kelly Corrigan 1
Leuchtendes Vorbild! : Wie Sie mit Strahlkraft Ihr Unternehmen und die Welt verändern Andreas Dudas 1
Lemon. : how the advertising brain turned sour Orlando Wood 1
Learning to dance with the angels Lynn Morris 1
Klassische Mythologie f?ur Manager : Eine Inspiration f?ur den Business- und Managementalltag Roland Leonhardt 1
Joy, inspiration, and hope Verena Kast 1
Inspired people produce results : how great leaders use passion, purpose, and principles to unlock incredible growth Jeremy Kingsley 1
Inspired : understanding creativity : a journey through art, science, and the soul Matt Richtel 1
Inspired Neo Kalungu-Banda 1
Inspiration deficit disorder : the no-pill prescription to end high stress, low energy and bad habits Jonathan H. Ellerby 1
InCitations : discovering a world of inspiration through quotes, words and expressions Anthony Tasgal 1
If you tell me, I can fly! : [(for girls)] Sharon Thayer 1
How to achieve incredible results by inspiration Vatsala 1
Gentle peace inspirations Inge Persyn 1
Your ultimate calling : 365 ways to bring inspiration into your life Wayne W. Dyer 1


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The 3 books in this series in our database:

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