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Voices of Angel Island : inscriptions and immigrant poetry, 1910-1945 Charles Egan 2
Manuscript inscriptions in early English printed music David Greer 2
A catalogue of mediæval inscriptions in the Abbey Church of Dorchester Oxfordshire : preceded with an essay on mediæval epigraphy Jerome Bertram 1
Bookplates and inscriptions : sometimes found in old books Roger Jones 1
Voices in stone : the decipherment of ancient scripts and writings Ernst Doblhofer 1
Vernacular memorials : creativity in the graveyard George Thomson 1
The northern frontier in Britain from Hadrian to Honorius : literary and epigraphic sources J. C. Mann 1
The mark of theory : inscriptive figures, poststructuralist prehistories Andrea Bachner 1
The English language before England : an epigraphic account Bernard Mees 1
Reading the past : the story of deciphering ancient languages Leonard Cottrell 1
Rayment's notes on recording monumental inscriptions J. L. Rayment 1
Levantine epigraphy and history in the Achaemenid period (539-332 BCE) André Lemaire 1
Letters slate cut : workshop practice and the making of letters David Kindersley 1
Lettering on gravemarkers in Britain & Ireland George Thomson 1
Lettering on gravemarkers : a guide to recording and analysis George Thomson 1
Lapidaria John Sparrow 1
Inscription and modernity : from Wordsworth to Mandelstam John MacKay 1
Inscribed in remembrance : gravemarker lettering : form, function and recording George Thomson 1
I ask about the sky : David Kindersley 1936 - 1945 : apprentice into master Zosia Krasodomska-Jones 1
Grave concerns Alfred L. Wakeling 1
Carving letters in stone & wood Michael Harvey 1
Writing the dead : death and writing strategies in the Western tradition Armando Petrucci 1


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