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There are the 40 books on the Information services management subject with a total 44 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Change management in information services Lyndon Pugh 3
Managing user-centred libraries and information services K. G. B. Bakewell 2
Effective library and information centre management Jo Bryson 2
Anatomy of innovation : an analysis of innovation in the information services sector Mairi Gudim 1
SSADM in an IS strategy environment Alun David 1
Managing the economics of owning, leasing and contracting out information services Anne Woodsworth 1
Profit from information : a guide to the establishment, operation and use of an information consultancy Martin S. White 1
Prototyping in an SSADM environment Janet Blowers O'Neill 1
Quality management for PRINCE and SSADM projects Ian Drummond 1
Research data management and data literacies Koltay Tibor 1
SSADM and capacity planning Alun David 1
Soft systems analysis and the management of libraries, information services and resource centres Peter G. Underwood 1
SSADM version 4 roles Michael Hill 1
Managing information services Sue Roberts 1
Solving management problems in information services Christine Urquhart 1
Strategic management of information services : a planning handbook Sheila Corrall 1
Supervisory and middle managers in libraries Martha J. Bailey 1
The countryside on view : a handbook on countryside centres, field museums and historic buildings open to the public Elisabeth Beazley 1
The management of the information department Denis V. Arnold 1
The new professional's handbook : your guide to information services management Sheila Corrall 1
Managing information services : a sustainable approach Jo Bryson 1
Managing information services Henry C. Lucas 1
Being an information innovator J. E. Rowley 1
Managing change in libraries and information services : a systems approach Peter G. Underwood 1
Beyond the basics : the management guide for library and information professionals G. Edward Evans 1
Change management for information services Sharon L. Penfold 1
Creating a successful e-information service Sheila Pantry 1
Entrepreneurial librarianship : the key to effective information services management Guy St. Clair 1
Establishing an information center : a practical guide Karen Kreizman 1
Exploring research data management Andrew Cox 1
Guide to library and information agency management Charles Curran 1
How to manage the I.T. helpdesk Noel Bruton 1
How to organise information : a manager's guide to techniques and sources, with a checklist for secretaries and assistants K. G. B. Bakewell 1
Information and productivity Mairi Gudim 1
Interfacing and adopting ITIL® and COBIT® Gary Hardy 1
Leadership basics for librarians and information professionals G. Edward Evans 1
Library and information center management Robert D. Stueart 1
Library leadership your way Jason Martin 1
Making project management work for you Liz MacLachlan 1
Total quality management in information services Guy St. Clair 1


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Guy St. Clair 1
Kenneth A. Megill 1

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