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Theories of the information society Frank Webster 3
Fundamentals of information studies : understanding information and its environment June Lester 2
Critical information infrastructures : resilience and protection Maitland Hyslop 1
Libraries, human rights, and social justice : enabling access and promoting inclusion Paul T. Jaeger 1
The crime of reason : and the closing of the scientific mind Robert B. Laughlin 1
Regulating code : good governance and better regulation in the information age Ian Brown 1
Radical transparency and digital democracy : Wikileaks and beyond Luke Heemsbergen 1
Pandemic, governance and communication : the curious case of COVID-19 Dipankar Sinha 1
National information policies and strategies : an overview and bibliographic survey : a synthesis based on recent developments, particularly those concerning the United Kingdom, with selective review of the literature Michael Hill 1
National information policies : problems and progress John Gray 1
Missed information : better information for a wealthier, fairer, and more sustainable world David Sarokin 1
Leading innovation : building effective regional coalitions for innovation Paul Benneworth 1
Digital literacy and digital inclusion : information policy and the public library Kim M. Thompson 1
Introduction to the library and information professions Roger C. Greer 1
International transactions in services : the politics of transborder data flows Karl P. Sauvant 1
Interests, institutions, and information : domestic politics and international relations Helen V. Milner 1
Information policies and strategies Ian V. Cornelius 1
Holistic innovation policy : theoretical foundations, policy problems, and instrument choices Susana Borrás 1
Guidelines for national planning for the availability of publications Stephen Vickers 1
Global governance and NGO participation : shaping the information society in the United Nations Charlotte Dany 1
Foundations of information policy Paul T. Jaeger 1
Traversing digital Babel : information, e-government, and exchange Alon Peled 1


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