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Title Author Editions
Creating Web pages for dummies Bud E. Smith 3
Sams teach yourself to create Web pages in 24 hours Ned Snell 2
Othermindedness : the emergence of network culture Michael Joyce 2
HTML for dummies Ed Tittel 2
HTML for dummies quick reference Deborah S. Ray 2
More HTML for dummies Ed Tittel 2
HTML 4 for dummies Ed Tittel 2
Instant HTML Web pages Wayne Ause 1
New directions in digital poetry Chris Funkhouser 1
Practical HTML 4 Lee Anne Phillips 1
PLINTH, HTML and the World Wide Web Andrew Casson 1
PLINTH : integrating hypertext, semantic nets and rule-based systems in an expert shell for authors and readers of regulatory documents Andrew Casson 1
Hypertext handbook : the straight story Andreas Kitzmann 1
Nostalgic angels : rearticulating hypertext writing Johndan Johnson-Eilola 1
Hypertext hands-on! : an introduction to a new way of organizing and accessing information Ben Shneiderman 1
Hypertext in context Cliff McKnight 1
Multimedia and hypertext : the Internet and beyond Jakob Nielsen 1
Integrating hypertextual subjects : computers, composition, and academic labor Robert Samuels 1
IBM Linkway : hypermedia for the PC Richard Harrington 1
Models for legal documentation : using formal methods for quality assurance in hypertext systems Nick Rossiter 1
Radiant textuality : literature after the World Wide Web Jerome J. McGann 1
Microsoft FrontPage 97 for Windows Bob Conway 1
Mastering HTML5 Forms Gaurav Gupta 1
Macworld creating cool HTML 3.2 Web pages Dave Taylor 1
Learn HTML 3.0 on the Macintosh David Lawrence 1
Mining the Web : discovering knowledge from hypertext data Soumen Chakrabarti 1
10 minute guide to HTML Tim Evans 1
Hypertext and hypermedia : theory and applications Nigel Woodhead 1
Schaum's outline of HTML Dave Mercer 1
World wide web : how to design and construct home pages Phil Bradley 1
Working with jQTouch to build websites on top of jQuery Matthew David 1
WebStorm essentials : build efficient HTML, CSS, and JavaScript applications using the powerful WebStorm IDE Stefan Rosca 1
Web site construction kit for Windows 95 S. Scott Zimmerman 1
Web publishing with Word for Windows Ron Person 1
Web page wizardry : wiring your site for sound and action Dick Oliver 1
VRML 2.0 sourcebook Andrea L. Ames 1
Understanding IT: a review of hypermedia authoring packages Fred Riley 1
Traversals : the use of preservation for early electronic writing Stuart Moulthrop 1
The world-wide web, Mosaic, and more Jason J. Manger 1
The web page recipe book Barrie Sosinsky 1
The use of object oriented database in PLINTH Andrew Casson 1
The underground guide to Microsoft Internet Assistant : slightly askew advice on mastering the Web with WinWord John Ross 1
The multimediated rhetoric of the Internet : digital fusion Carolyn Handa 1
The end of books_or books without end? : reading interactive narratives J. Yellowlees Douglas 1
The end of books or books without end? : reading interactive narratives J. Yellowlees Douglas 1
The elements of hypertext style Bryan Pfaffenberger 1
The creation of hypertext linkages in full-text documents David Ellis 1
The Webmaster's guide to HTML : for advanced Web developers Nathan J. Muller 1
The VRML sourcebook Andrea L. Ames 1
The HTML sourcebook Ian S. Graham 1
Hypertext and the technology of conversation : orderly situational choice Susan H. Gray 1
Hypertext : from text to expertext R. Rada 1
Hypertext and hypermedia Jakob Nielsen 1
Developing SGML DTDs : from text to model to markup Eve Maler 1
HTML & Web artistry 2 : more than code Natalie Zee 1
Go Web! : dynamic Web publishing on the PC platform David Harvey-George 1
Geometric theory of machine awareness for legal information retrieval and reasoning M. A. Heather 1
From papyrus to hypertext : toward the universal digital library Christian Vandendorpe 1
From paper to online publishing : a guide for planners and decision makers Larry Bielawski 1
Essential PHP fast : building dynamic Web sites with MySQL Simon Stobart 1
Electronic document handling using SGML : hypertext interchange and SGML Brian Robinson 1
Document management for hypermedia design Piet A. M. Kommers 1
Digital creativity Owen Kelly 1
Designing and writing online documentation : hypermedia for self-supporting products William K. Horton 1
HTML 3 : electronic publishing on the World Wide Web Dave Raggett 1
Designing and writing online documentation : help files to hypertext William K. Horton 1
Creating interactive multimedia : a practical guide Carol J. Anderson 1
Creating cool interactive Web sites Paul M. Summitt 1
Creating cool HTML 3.2 Web pages Dave Taylor 1
Create great web pages Neil Elkins 1
Cinematic hypertext : investigating a new paradigm Clara Mancini 1
Canonizing hypertext : explorations and constructions Astrid Ensslin 1
Building websites with HTML5 to work with mobile phones Matthew David 1
Beyond HTML Richard Karpinski 1
HTML & XHTML demystified Lee Cottrell 1
HTML 3 how-to : the definative HTML 3 problem-solver David Kerven 1
Hypertext : the convergence of contemporary critical theory and technology George P. Landow 1
HTML5 and CSS3 : visual quickstart guide Elizabeth Castro 1
10 minute guide to HTML 3.2 Tim Evans 1
Hypertext 3.0 : critical theory and new media in an Era of Globalization George P. Landow 1
Hypertext 2.0 George P. Landow 1
Hyperdocuments and how to create them James Martin 1
HyperTalk & HyperText A. E. Stanley 1
Hand-on Mosaic : a tutorial for Windows users David Sachs 1
HTTP developer's handbook Chris Shiflett 1
HTTP : the definitive guide David Gourley 1
HTML5 and CSS3 responsive web design cookbook : learn the secrets of developing responsive websites capable of interfacing with today's mobile Internet devices Benjamin LaGrone 1
HTML, XHTML & CSS : visual quickstart guide Elizabeth Castro 1
HTML 3 interactive course Kent Cearley 1
HTML user's interactive workbook Alayna Cohn 1
HTML publishing on the Internet Kenny Chu 1
HTML manual of style : a clear, concise reference for hypertext markup language (including HTML5) Larry Aronson 1
HTML manual Larry Aronson 1
HTML artistry : more than code Ardith Ibañez 1
HTML and the art of authoring for the World Wide Web Bebo White 1
HTML CD : an internet publishing toolkit for windows Vivian Neou 1
HTML 4 for the World Wide Web Elizabeth Castro 1
HTML 4 for dummies : quick reference Deborah S. Ray 1
Writing machines Katherine Hayles 1



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