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Mencius, Hume and the foundations of ethics Xiusheng Liu 2
I'm a joke and so are you : a comedian's take on what makes us human Robin Ince 2
Human archipelago Teju Cole 2
Being, humanity, and understanding : studies in ancient and modern societies G. E. R. Lloyd 2
Reflections : ...the human dilemma M. L. Gelman 1
The empathy instinct : how to create a more civil society Peter Bazalgette 1
The death of humanity and the case for life Richard Weikart 1
Teaching, friendship and humanity Nuraan Davids 1
Taking care : an alternative to therapy D. J. Smail 1
Shocking the conscience of humanity : gravity and the legitimacy of international criminal law Margaret M. DeGuzman 1
Roots and wings : the human journey from speck of stardust to a spark of god Margaret Silf 1
Robert Antelme : humanity, community, testimony Martin Crowley 1
Revisiting Kant's universal law and humanity formulas Sven Nyholm 1
Presence and the political : performing human Farhang Rajāyī 1
The future of humanity Allan S. Ratcliffe 1
Preparing for life in humanity 2.0 Steve Fuller 1
Persons, humanity, and the definition of death John P. Lizza 1
Our Common Humanity : Reflections on the Reclamation of the Human Spirit Michael L. Penn 1
On being human : distinctiveness, dignity, disability & disposal Michael N. Marsh 1
Not-two is peace : the ordinary people's way of global cooperative order Adi Da Samraj 1
Not your average zombie : rehumanizing the undead from voodoo to zombie walks Chera Kee 1
Mother Earth : peace and harmony Brian Eric Goddard 1
More than matter? : what humans really are Keith Ward 1
Misanthropy : the critique of humanity Andrew Gibson 1
Messiah enigma Íranṣẹ Èlédùmarè 1
The fifth dimension : the missing link Joseph Donnelly 1
10 good questions about life and death Christopher Belshaw 1
Man of the new millennium : a search for us in an age of me Gregory Dark 1
The human and the humane : humanity as argument from Cicero to Erasmus Christian Høgel 1
Where to from here Andre M. Slade 1
When the dust settles : stories of love, loss and hope from an expert in disaster Lucy Catherine Easthope 1
What science offers the humanities : integrating body and culture Edward G. Slingerland 1
What in the world? : brief observations of the human condition Edwin Jay Sparkes 1
What does it mean to be human? Bryan Gould 1
We are one : a manifesto for humanity Simenon Honoré 1
Tractatus politico-philosophicus : new directions for the future development of humankind W. Julian Korab-Karpowicz 1
Towards the true kinship of faiths : how the world's religions can come together Dalai Lama XIV Bstan-ʾdzin-rgya-mtsho 1
The value of humanity in Kant's moral theory Richard Dean 1
The value of humanity L. Nandi Theunissen 1
The trouble with being born E. M. Cioran 1
The thing about life is that one day you'll be dead David Shields 1
The theoretical individual : imagination, ethics and the future of humanity Michael Charles Tobias 1
The storm before the calm Neale Donald Walsch 1
The practice of self-care Luigina Mortari 1
The pain of being human Eugene C. Kennedy 1
The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible Charles Eisenstein 1
The individual and utopia : a multidisciplinary study of humanity and perfection Clint Wesley Jones 1
The illusions of life: self enquiry Vijai S. Shankar 1
The idea of humanity in a global era Bruce Mazlish 1
The human image in Helmuth Plessner, Pierre Bourdieu, and psychocentric culture Isaac E. Catt 1
The good life : wellbeing and the new science of altruism, selfishness and immorality Graham Music 1
Little garden in Saint Johns Stacey B. Day 1
Living philosophy Stephen Rowe 1
Being human : a Christian anthropology José Comblin 1
Curing mad truths : medieval wisdom for the modern age Rémi Brague 1
Critical humanism : a manifesto for the twenty-first century Kenneth Plummer 1
Competence based education and training (CBET) and the end of human learning : the existential threat of competencythe existential threat of competency John Preston 1
Coleridge's writings. Vol.2, On humanity Samuel Taylor Coleridge 1
Clear bright future : a radical defence of the human being Paul Mason 1
Challenge of change : perspective for our twenty-first century Leonard Caum Moffitt 1
Capitalism and human values Tony Wilkinson 1
Being human : in conversation with Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Jane Craske 1
Being human : fulfilling genetic and spiritual potential Peter Vardy 1
Being born : birth and philosophy Alison Stone 1
Dumb beasts and dead philosophers : humanity and the humane in ancient philosophy and literature Catherine Rowett 1
Beauty will save the world : recovering the human in an ideological age Gregory Wolfe 1
Augmented humanity : being and remaining agentic in a digitalized world Peter T. Bryant 1
As bubbles in a mountain stream Sheila A. Webber 1
Are cyborgs persons? : an account of futurist ethics Aleksander Łukaszewicz 1
And I saw a new Earth : 2012 and beyond Candace Caddick 1
Against humanity : lessons from the Lord's Resistance Army Sam Dubal 1
A retreat with Henri Nouwen : reclaiming our humanity Henri J. M. Nouwen 1
A common humanity : thinking about love and truth and justice Raimond Gaita 1
A Christian's pocket guide to humanity W. D. J. McKay 1
Dix Harwood's Love for animals and how it developed in Great Britain, 1928 Dix Harwood 1
Eclipse of man : human extinction and the meaning of progress Charles T. Rubin 1
2012 : meeting the star beings : the healing of humanity Free Spirit 1
Humanity and the nature of man Ebsen W. Amarteifio 1
Justice, humanity, and social toleration Xunwu Chen 1
Jesus, the image of humanity : Luke's account Anselm Grün 1
Jesus, humanity and the Trinity : a brief systematic theology Kathryn Tanner 1
In defense of faith : the Judeo-Christian idea and the struggle for humanity David Brog 1
Im Vorhof der Menschlichkeit : Fünf Essays zu einem gescheiterten Experiment Detlef Zöllner 1
Humans and other animals : challenging the boundaries of humanity Sarah Chan 1
Humankind : solidarity with nonhuman people Timothy Morton 1
Humanizing distance learning : centering equity and humanity in times of crisis Paul Emerich France 1
Humanity's evolutionary destiny : a Darwinian perspective Seymour W. Itzkoff 1
Human happiness Blaise Pascal 1
Education for humanity Simenon Honoré 1
How to treat persons Samuel J. Kerstein 1
Herder on humanity and cultural difference : enlightened relativism Sonia Sikka 1
Harmonics of humanity : a journey into infinity Raymond Worthy 1
Fire and stone : where do we come from? what are we? where are we going? Priscilla Long 1
Falter : has the human game begun to play itself out? Bill McKibben 1
Face to face John Odd 1
Everyday prophets Margery Post Abbott 1
Eudaimonia : happiness is not enough M. J. Newby 1
Enlightenment in an age of destruction : intellectuals, world disorder, and the politics of empire Christopher Britt-Arredondo 1
Why man made God John van der Pas 1



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