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There are the 74 books on the Humanitarianism subject with a total 83 editions:

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Photography, humanitarianism, empire Jane Lydon 3
A bed for the night : humanitarianism in crisis David Rieff 2
Empathy in the global world : an intercultural perspective Carolyn Calloway-Thomas 2
Volunteer tourism : popular humanitarianism in neoliberal times Mary Mostafanezhad 2
The dark sides of virtue : reassessing international humanitarianism David Kennedy 2
Philanthrocapitalism : how giving can save the world Matthew Bishop 2
Humanitarians in hostile territory : expeditionary diplomacy and aid outside the Green Zone Peter W. Van Arsdale 2
Mercy under fire : war and the global humanitarian community Larry Minear 2
Creating philanthropic capital markets : the deliberate evolution Lucy Bernholz 1
Celebrity advocacy and international development Dan Brockington 1
Celebrity philanthropy and activism : mediated interventions in the global public sphere Hilde van den Bulck 1
Philanthrocapitalism : how the rich can save the world and why we should let them Matthew Bishop 1
Philanthropy : from Aristotle to Zuckerberg Paul Vallely 1
Philanthropy revolution : how to inspire donors, build relationships and make a difference Lisa Greer 1
Philanthropy, innovation and entrepreneurship : an introduction Mark Dodgson 1
Celebrity humanitarianism : the ideology of global charity Ilan Kapoor 1
Purpose mindset : how Microsoft inspires employees & alumni to change the world Akhtar Badshah 1
Putting wealth to work : philanthropy for today or investing for tomorrow? Joel L. Fleishman 1
Rediscover your heart : seven keys for personal and planetary transformation Fred Matser 1
Rediscover your heart : seven keys to personal and planetary transformation Fred Matser 1
Responding to global poverty : harm, responsibility, and agency Christian Barry 1
Social rights and human welfare Hartley Dean 1
Staying the course : reflections on 40 years of grantmaking at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund William S. Moody 1
The consequences of chaos : Syria's humanitarian crisis and the failure to protect Elizabeth G. Ferris 1
The disaster gypsies : humanitarian workers in the world's deadliest conflicts John Norris 1
Creating success from the inside out : develop the focus and strategy to uncover the life you want Ephren W. Taylor 1
The humanitarian development paradigm : search for global justice Wilfred L. David 1
The ironic spectator : solidarity in the age of post-humanitarianism Lilie Chouliaraki 1
The life you can save : acting now to end world poverty Peter Singer 1
The life you can save : how to play your part in ending world poverty Peter Singer 1
The news media, civil war, and humanitarian action Larry Minear 1
The philanthropy reader Michael Moody 1
The wind at my back Victor Echevarri Waldron 1
The world we want : new dimensions in philanthropy and social change H. Peter Karoff 1
This whispering in our hearts revisited Henry Reynolds 1
Understanding humanitarian protection Noële Crossley 1
Understanding philanthropy : its meaning and mission Robert L. Payton 1
Bringing progress to paradise : what I got from giving to a mountain village in Nepal Jeffrey Rasley 1
Western spectacle of governance and the emergence of humanitarian world politics Mika Aaltola 1
Where am I giving? : a global adventure exploring how to use your gifts and talents to make a difference Kelsey Timmerman 1
Outside the asylum : a memoir of war, disaster and humanitarian psychiatry Lynne Jones 1
Organizing disaster : the construction of humanitarianism Adam Rostis 1
Online philanthropy in the global north and south : connecting, microfinancing, and gaming for change Radhika Gajjala 1
On Impact : A Guide To The Impact Revolution Ronald Cohen 1
Creative faith : religion as a way of worldmaking Don Cupitt 1
Decolonizing solidarity : dilemmas and directions for supporters of indigenous struggles Clare Land 1
Delusional altruism : why philanthropists fail to achieve change and what they can do to transform giving Kris Putnam-Walkerly 1
Disquieting gifts : humanitarianism in New Delhi Erica Bornstein 1
Distant suffering : morality, media and politics Luc Boltanski 1
Compassionate careers : making a living by making a difference Jeffrey W. Pryor 1
Famine, affluence, and morality Peter Singer 1
Feeding people Leon Aarts 1
Fitness philanthropy : sport, charity and everyday giving Catherine Palmer 1
Giving 2.0 : transform your giving and our world Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen 1
Global capital, human needs and social policies Ian Gough 1
Global humanitarianism : NGOs and the crafting of community D. Robert DeChaine 1
Heartreach : the ongoing project Dengke story Mel Richardson 1
How to be an everyday philanthropist : 289 no cost ways to live a generous life Nicole Bouchard Boles 1
Humanitarian aid and the impoverished rhetoric of celebrity advocacy Marouf Arif Hasian 1
Humanitarian performance : from disaster tragedies to spectacles of war James Thompson 1
Humanitarianism and the quantification of human needs : minimal humanity Joël Glasman 1
Humanitarianism contested : where angels fear to tread Michael N. Barnett 1
Humanitarianism, identity, and nation : migration laws of Australia and Canada Catherine Dauvergne 1
Humanitarianism, war, and politics : Solferino to Syria and beyond Peter J. Hoffman 1
Change the world, change your life : discover your life purpose through service Angela Perkey 1
Immediations : the humanitarian impulse in documentary Pooja Rangan 1
Individualism, decadence and globalization : on the relationship of part to whole, 1859-1920 Regenia Gagnier 1
JRD Tata and the ethics of philanthropy Sundar Sarukkai 1
Just change : strategies for increasing philanthropic impact Diana Leat 1
Making human : world order and the global governance of human dignity Matthew S. Weinert 1
Marmalade and machine guns : 16 countries, three continents, 12 years and one suitcase ; one woman's quest to help disaster stricken communities back on their feet Linda Cruse 1
Aid policy and post-modern conflict : a critcal [sic] review Mark R. Duffield 1
New media and international development : representation and affect in microfinance Anke Fleur Schwittay 1
Who's in charge here? : a literature review on approaches to leadership in humanitarian operations Paul Knox Clarke 1


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