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Human rights law Merris Amos 4
Textbook on civil liberties and human rights Richard Stone 3
Constitutional law, administrative law, and human rights : a critical introduction Ian Loveland 3
The law of human rights Richard Clayton 3
The handbook of human rights law : an accessible approach to the issues and principles M. T. W. Arnheim 2
Principles of human rights adjudication C. A. Gearty 2
Support for asylum-seekers : a guide to legal and welfare rights Sue Willman 2
Text, cases, and materials on public law and human rights Helen Fenwick 2
Parliamentary sovereignty and the Human Rights Act Alison L. Young 2
Media law & human rights Andrew G. L. Nicol 2
The Human Rights Act and the assault on liberty : rights and asylum in the UK Parnesh Sharma 2
Making rights real : the human rights act in its first decade I. Leigh 2
Public law after the Human Rights Act Tom Hickman 2
Human Rights Act toolkit Jenny Watson 2
Racism, governance, and public policy : beyond human rights Katy P. Sian 2
Human rights law in a nutshell Maureen Spencer 2
This side of silence : human rights, torture, and the recognition of cruelty Tobias Kelly 2
International human rights monitoring mechanisms : a study of their impact in the UK Brice Dickson 1
Overcoming the Legacy of the 20th century : Protecting Minorities in Modern Democracies Vernon Bogdanor 1
Protecting rights in Britain Duncan Watts 1
Property law and human rights Deborah Rook 1
Privacy and freedom of expression Richard Clayton 1
Preventing racist violence : work with actual and potential perpetrators - learning from practice to policy change Sarah Isal 1
Policing, ethics and human rights Peter Neyroud 1
Human rights law in the UK Edwin Shorts 1
Human rights, constitutional law and the development of the English legal system : selected essays Alexander Andrew Mackay Irvine Irvine of Lairg 1
Human rights, human wrongs : the alternative report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee Conor Foley 1
Human trafficking - human rights : law and practice Sandhya Drew 1
Nursing and human rights Jean V. McHale 1
Judicial review and the Human Rights Act R. J. F. Gordon 1
Neither just nor secure : the Justice and Security Bill Anthony Peto 1
Mediating human rights : media, culture and human rights law Lieve Gies 1
Human wrongs : British social policy and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights T. J. Coles 1
In from the cold : national security and parliamentary democracy Laurence Lustgarten 1
In the dock : examining the UK's criminal justice response to trafficking Rachel Annison 1
Insolvency practice and the Human Rights Act 1998 : a special bulletin C. A. Gearty 1
Liberty intact : human rights in English law Michael Tugendhat 1
International human rights law and domestic violence : the effectiveness of international human rights law Ronagh J. A. McQuigg 1
Judicial review, socio-economic rights and the Human Rights Act Ellie Palmer 1
Local authorities and the Human Rights Act 1998 Michael Supperstone 1
Security, citizenship and human rights : shared values in uncertain times Derek McGhee 1
Public law and human rights Claire De Than 1
The democratic audit of the United Kingdom : British democracy in the balance : how Britain compares with five other democratic nations Stuart Weir 1
Whitehall and the Human Rights Act 1998 Jeremy Croft 1
Using human rights law in English courts Murray Hunt 1
Unlocking human rights Peter Halstead 1
Unequal Britain : human rights as a route to social justice Stuart Weir 1
Torturing terrorists : exploring the limits of law, human rights and academic inquiry Philip Rumney 1
The protection of human rights in the United Kingdom Leslie Scarman Scarman 1
The problem with human rights law : Is it out of control? Who is responsible? What is the solution? M. T. W. Arnheim 1
The law of human rights : first annual updating supplement Richard Clayton 1
The judiciary, civil liberties and human rights Steven Foster 1
The impact of counter-terrorism measures on Muslim communities Tufyal Choudhury 1
The future of human rights in the United Kingdom : essays on law and practice Rabinder Singh 1
The future of equalities Trevor Phillips 1
The future of counter-terrorism and human rights Eric Metcalfe 1
The cultural politics of human rights : comparing the US and UK Kate Nash 1
Rebalancing the British Constitution : the future for human rights law Jim McConalogue 1
The civil practitioner's guide to the Human Rights Act Wendy Outhwaite 1
The abuse of power : civil liberties in the United Kingdom Patricia Hewitt 1
The Human Rights Act 1998 : the essentials Sam Makkan 1
The Human Rights Act 1998 : enforcing the European Convention in the domestic courts Jason Coppel 1
The Human Rights Act 1998 : a special bulletin for family lawyers Michael Horowitz 1
The European Convention on Human Rights : compliance without incorporation David Kinley 1
The Equality Act 2006 : a guide to the constitution and functions of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights Sam Makkan 1
The 1998 Human Rights Act explained David Leckie 1
Still neither just nor secure Anthony Peto 1
Social justice, human rights and public policy Hugh V. McLachlan 1
Small corroding words : the slighting of Great Britain by the EHRC Jon Davies 1
Human rights law : text, cases & materials Nicholas Bamforth 1
Rights and wrongs : the European Convention on Human Rights and its application in the United Kingdom Malcolm Rifkind 1
Human rights law and personal identity Jill Marshall 1
'Common sense' or confusion? : the Human Rights Act and the Conservative Party Stephen Dimelow 1
'What right have you got?' : your rights and responsibilities as a citizen Francesca Greenoak 1
Core statutes on public law & civil liberties 2015-16 Rhona K. M. Smith 1
Business and the Human Rights Act 1998 Michael Smyth 1
Civil liberties & human rights Helen Fenwick 1
Civil liberties & human rights Ruth Costigan 1
Clorian cyfiawnder : y sialens gyfoes = The scales of justice : the modern challenge Elfyn Llwyd 1
Constitutional review under the UK Human Rights Act Aileen Kavanagh 1
Core statutes on public law & civil liberties Rhona K. M. Smith 1
Core statutes on public law & civil liberties 2016-17 Rhona K. M. Smith 1
Democracy and the Human Rights Act : republican analysis of citizen power Dennis Dixon 1
Core statutes on public law & civil liberties 2018-19 Rhona K. M. Smith 1
Core statutes on public law and civil liberties 2014-15 Rhona K. M. Smith 1
Criminal injustice : an evaluation of the criminal justice process in Britain Frank P. Belloni 1
Criminal justice, police powers and human rights Keir Starmer 1
Cruelty : an analysis of Article 3 Jonathan Cooper 1
Democracy and human rights Tony Benn 1
British justice, war crimes and human rights violations : the age of accountability Susan L. Kemp 1
Bringing rights back home : making human rights compatible with parliamentary democracy in the UK Michael Pinto-Duschinsky 1
Blackstone's human rights digest Keir Starmer 1
Blackstone's guide to the Human Rights Act 1998 John Wadham 1
Black deaths in police custody and human rights : the failure of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry David Mayberry 1
Balancing liberty and security : human rights, human wrongs Kate Moss 1
Asylum and human rights appeals handbook Anna Kotzeva 1
Article 8 ECHR, family reunification, and the UK's Supreme Court : family matters? Helena Wray 1
Amnesty International and trade unions in Britain : thirty years of solidarity for human rights Edmund Heery 1
Advocacy and human rights : using the convention in courts and tribunals Philip Plowden 1
A new inquisition : religious persecution in Britain today Jon Davies 1



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