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A practitioner's guide to the European Convention on Human Rights Karen Reid 3
European Union foreign policy in a changing world Karen Elizabeth Smith 3
EU law, fundamental rights and national democracy Eduardo Gill-Pedro 3
The accession of the European Union to the European convention on human rights Paul Gragl 2
Human rights and minority rights in the European Union Kirsten Shoraka 2
Great debates on the European Convention on Human Rights Fiona De Londras 2
A guide for people in mortgage distress in Ireland : your EU consumer and human rights Marguerite Angelari 1
Security versus freedom? : a challenge for Europe's future Thierry Balzacq 1
Salah Sheekh is a refugee : new insights into primary and subsidiary forms of protection Jean-François Durieux 1
Regional approaches to the Responsibility to Protect : lessons from Europe and West Africa Jochem Rietveld 1
Protection of natural persons with regard to automated individual decision-making in the GDPR Aleksandra Drożdż 1
Protection of fundamental rights in Europe : the challenge of integration Sonia Morano-Foadi 1
Taking a case to the European Court of Human Rights Philip Leach 1
Protecting victims of human trafficking from liability : the European approach Julia Maria Muraszkiewicz 1
Property and the Human Rights Act 1998 Tom Allen 1
Principles of European antitrust enforcement Wouter P. J. Wils 1
Peace and democracy in Europe, the role of the European Communities Emile Noël 1
NGOs and the struggle for human rights in Europe Loveday Hodson 1
Morally sensitive issues and cross-border movement in the EU : the cases of reproductive matters and legal recognition of same-sex relationships Nelleke Koffeman 1
States of injustice : a guide to human rights and civil liberties in the European Union Michael Spencer 1
The EU's approach to human rights conditionality in practice Elena Fierro 1
The EU accession to the ECHR : between Luxembourg's search for autonomy and Strasbourg's credibility on human rights protection Fisnik Korenica 1
Interpretation of fundamental rights in a multilevel legal system : an analysis of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union Hanneke Senden 1
The European Union and human rights : analysis, cases, and materials Jan Wouters 1
The European Union under transnational law : a pluralist appraisal Matej Avbelj 1
The REPLACE approach. A toolkit Hazel R. Barrett 1
The REPLACE approach. Community handbook Hazel R. Barrett 1
The birth of digital human rights : digitized data governance as a human rights issue in the EU Rebekah Dowd 1
The human rights of migrants in European law Cathryn Costello 1
The impact of EU law on minority rights Tawhida Ahmed 1
The impact of European rights on national legal cultures Miriam Aziz 1
The limits of fundamental rights protection by the EU : the scope for the development of positive obligations Malu Beijer 1
The right view Jonathan D. Robinson 1
The shape of things to come : the EU Future Group Tony Bunyan 1
The sovereignty of law : the European way Francis Geoffrey Jacobs 1
Menschenrechts- und Demokratieklauseln in den vertraglichen Aussenbeziehungen der Europäischen Gemeinschaft = Human rights and democracy clauses in EC agreements with third states Frank Hoffmeister 1
Human rights in the Council of Europe and the European Union : achievements, trends and challenges Steven Greer 1
Individual rights in EU law Bjarte Thorson 1
European human rights law : the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights Keir Starmer 1
Business and human rights : the obligations of the European home states Dalia Palombo 1
Children's rights, Eastern enlargement and the EU human rights regime Ingi Iusmen 1
Collected courses of the Academy of European law = Recueil des cours de l'Academie de droit européen. Vol. 5, 1994. Book 2, The protection of human rights in Europe Academy Of European Law 1
Complaint mechanisms in border management and expulsion operations in Europe : effective remedies for victims of human rights violations? Sergio Carrera 1
Cruelty : an analysis of Article 3 Jonathan Cooper 1
EU cartel Enforcement : reconciling effective public enforcement with fundamental rights Andreas Scordamaglia-Tousis 1
EU competition enforcement and human rights Arianna Andreangeli 1
EU consumer law and human rights Iris Benöhr 1
EU counter-terrorist policies and fundamental rights : the case of individual sanctions Christina Eckes 1
EU human rights policies : a study in irony Andrew Williams 1
EU human rights, international investment law and participation : operationalizing the EU foreign policy objective to global human rights protection Vivian Kube 1
European Union human rights law : the dynamics of interpretation and context Marton Varju 1
European consensus and the legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou 1
European law and national private law : effect of EU law and European human rights law on legal relationships between individuals A. S. Hartkamp 1
Human trafficking and slavery reconsidered : conceptual limits and states' positive obligations in European law Vladislava Stoyanova 1
Exporting the European convention on human rights Maria-Louiza Deftou 1
Frontex and human rights : responsibility in 'multi-actor situations' under the ECHR and EU public liability law Melanie Fink 1
Frontex and non-refoulement : the international responsibility of the EU Roberta Mungianu 1
Fundamental rights and private law in the European Union. Vol. 1, A comparative overview Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi 1
Fundamental rights and private law in the European Union. Vol. 2, Comparative analyses of selected case patterns Aurelia Colombi Ciacchi 1
Gender equality in law : uncovering the legacies of Czech state socialism Barbara Havelková 1
Human Rights Challenges to European Migration Policy : The REMAP Study Jürgen Bast 1
Human rights and European law : building new legal orders Mary Arden 1
Human rights and religion : the Islamic headscarf debate in Europe Dominic McGoldrick 1
Human rights and the future of the European Union Susie Alegre 1
Human rights conditionality in the EU's international agreements Lorand Bartels 1
Human rights in a positive state : rethinking the relationship between positive and negative obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights Laurens Lavrysen 1
A legal and political interpretation of Article 215(2) (new Article 288(2)) of the Treaty of Rome : the individual strikes back Constantine A. Stephanou 1
Whose responsibility? : a study of transnational defence rights and mutual recognition of judicial decisions within the EU Malin Thunberg Schunke 1



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