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There are the 18 books on the Hospitals subject with a total 18 editions:

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Title Author Editions
Code blue Keith Wilson 1
Evaluating new hospital buildings : a report containing a review of the major hospital building evaluations so far carried out, an analysis of the methods used and recommendations for a future programme of studies related to the growing complexity of hospital planning and design problems Ken Baynes 1
Surgical departments in hospitals : the surgeon's view Donald Macleod Douglas 1
Social media f?ur das erfolgreiche krankenhaus Marc D?aumler 1
Say little, do much : nurses, nuns, and hospitals in the nineteenth century Sioban Nelson 1
Patients and their hospitals : a survey of patients' views of life in hospital which demonstrates a method of obtaining such views, of survey method that can be applied and interpreted by any hospital wishing to do so Winifred Spielman Raphael 1
Notes on hospitals Florence Nightingale 1
Music as care : artistry in the hospital environment Sarah Adams Hoover 1
Major incident medical management and support : the practical approach in the hospital Simon Carley 1
Lighting and colour for hospital design : a report on an NHS Estates funded research project Hilary Dalke 1
Hospitals and primary health care : a practical guide A. K. Khokar 1
Hospitals : what they are and how they work Don Griffin 1
Health care and implicit religion Roger Grainger 1
Having an operation Robert Molloy 1
Guide to house physicians in the medical unit J. G. Lewis 1
General Hospital : a model John Mills Champion 1
Fundamentals of infection prevention and control : theory and practice Debbie Weston 1
The hospital Peter Sloan 1

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