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Selling the Splat Pack : the DVD revolution and the American horror film Mark Bernard 2
Tales from the cult film trenches : interviews with 36 actors from horror, science fiction and exploitation cinema Louis Paul 2
Post-9/11 heartland horror : rural horror films in an era of urban terrorism Victoria McCollum 2
The American horror film : an introduction Reynold Humphries 2
Hearths of darkness : the family in the American horror film Tony Williams 2
Shock value : how a few eccentric outsiders gave us nightmares, conquered Hollywood, and invented modern horror Jason Zinoman 2
Hollywood horror from the director's chair : six filmmakers in the franchise of fear Simon A. Wilkinson 2
100 American horror films Barry Keith Grant 1
Remaking horror : Hollywood's new reliance on scares of old James Francis 1
Screams & nightmares : the films of Wes Craven Brian J. Robb 1
Science fiction confidential : interviews with 23 monster stars and filmmakers Tom Weaver 1
Rhetoric of modern death in American living dead films Outi Hakola 1
Reanimated : the contemporary american horror remake Laura Mee 1
Puppet master complete : a franchise history Nat Brehmer 1
Projected fears : horror films and American culture Kendall R. Phillips 1
Poverty row horrors! : Monogram, PRC, and Republic horror films of the forties Tom Weaver 1
Post-9/11 horror in American cinema Kevin J. Wetmore 1
Phantom ladies : Hollywood horror and the home front Tim Snelson 1
Nightmares in red, white and blue : the evolution of the American horror film Joseph Maddrey 1
Nightmare on Main Street : angels, sadomasochism, and the culture of Gothic Mark Edmundson 1
Set visits : interviews with 32 horror and science fiction filmmakers Bill Warren 1
Songs of love and death : the classical American horror film of the 1930s Michael Sevastakis 1
Karloff and Lugosi : the story of a haunting collaboration, with acomplete filmography of their films together Gregory William Mank 1
Stephen King on the big screen Mark Browning 1
Universal horrors : the studio's classic films, 1931-1946 Tom Weaver 1
Universal Studios monsters : a legacy of horror Michael Mallory 1
Uncanny bodies : the coming of sound film and the origins of the horror genre Robert Spadoni 1
Torture porn in the wake of 9/11 : horror, exploitation, and the cinema of sensation Aaron Kerner 1
Tobe Hooper : tapestry of terror Christopher T. Koetting 1
The turn to gruesomeness in American horror films, 1931-1936 Jon Towlson 1
The suspense of horror and the horror of suspense Maria Anastasova 1
The style of sleaze : the American exploitation film, 1959-1977 Calum Waddell 1
The rural gothic in American popular culture : backwoods horror and terror in the wilderness Bernice M. Murphy 1
The monster always returns : American horror films and their remakes Christian Knöppler 1
The highway horror film Bernice M. Murphy 1
The birth of the American horror film Gary Don Rhodes 1
The Hollywood horror film, 1931-1941 : madness in a social landscape Reynold Humphries 1
The California gothic in fiction and film Bernice M. Murphy 1
Television fright films of the 1970s David Deal 1
Modern mythmakers : interviews with horror, science fiction and fantasy writers and filmmakers Michael McCarty 1
Japanese horror films and their American remakes Valerie Wee 1
Japanese horror films and their American remakes : translating fear, adapting culture Valerie Wee 1
Classics of the horror film William K. Everson 1
Fear itself : horror on screen and in reality during the Depression and World War II Melvin E. Matthews 1
Fangoria's 101 best horror movies you've never seen : a celebration of the world's most unheralded fright flicks Adam Lukeman 1
Directorial self-fashioning in American horror cinema : George A. Romero, Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, Eli Roth and the masters of horror Steffen Hantke 1
Director Wes Craven : the bloody best Dev Shanker 1
Dining with madmen : fat, food, and the environment in 1980s horror Thomas Richard Fahy 1
Dark humor in films of the 1960s Wheeler W. Dixon 1
Dark directions : Romero, Craven, Carpenter, and the modern horror film Kendall R. Phillips 1
Children beware! : childhood, horror and the PG-13 rating Filipa Antunes 1
American gothic : six decades of classic horror cinema Jonathan Rigby 1
Character actors in horror and science fiction films, 1930-1960 Laurence Raw 1
Burning down the house : the Poe films of Roger Corman David Del Valle 1
Baroque aesthetics in contemporary American horror Gabriel Andrés Eljaiek Rodríguez 1
Apocalyptic dread : American film at the turn of the millennium Kirsten Moana Thompson 1
American horror from 1951 to the present Mark Jancovich 1
American hauntings : the true stories behind Hollywood's scariest movies - from The exorcist to The conjuring Robert E. Bartholomew 1
American gothic : sixty years of horror cinema Jonathan Rigby 1
Fearing the dark : the Val Lewton career Edmund G. Bansak 1
Gender and the nuclear family in twenty-first century horror Kimberly Jackson 1
Geography of horror : spaces, hauntings and the American imagination Marko Lukic 1
Ghouls, gimmicks, and gold : horror films and the American movie business, 1953-1968 Kevin Heffernan 1
Japanese and American horror : a comparative study of film, fiction, graphic novels and video games Katarzyna Marak 1
It came from 1957 : a critical guide to the year's science fiction, fantasy and horror films Rob Craig 1
Horror noire : blacks in American horror, 1890s to present Robin R. Means Coleman 1
Horror noire : a history of Black American horror from the 1890s to the present Robin R. Means Coleman 1
Horror films of the 1990s John Kenneth Muir 1
Horror films of the 1980s John Kenneth Muir 1
Horror films of the 1970s John Kenneth Muir 1
Horror films for children : fear and pleasure in American cinema Catherine Lester 1
Hollywood's Stephen King Tony Magistrale 1
Hollywood horror : from gothic to cosmic Mark A. Vieira 1
Hollywood heroines : women in film noir and the female gothic film Helen Hanson 1
Hollywood cauldron : thirteen horror films from the genre's golden age Gregory William Mank 1
Halloween : youth cinema and the horrors of growing up Mark Bernard 1
Grimm pictures : fairy tale archetypes in eight horror and suspense films Walter Rankin 1
Going to pieces : the rise and fall of the slasher film, 1978-1986 Adam Rockoff 1
Universal terrors, 1951-1955 : eight classic horror and science fiction films Tom Weaver 1



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